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About Vatican Stamps

Vatican City is the smallest recognised state in the world with only 840 residents, yet it also contains one of the most famous post offices in the world with a plethora of beautiful Vatican stamps. The city has continually designed and produced stamps since 1933, which usually have a Roman Catholic theme due to the religious nature of the Vatican. No stamp collection is complete without a few of these historical stamps. The complete stamp sets in mint condition are typically the most valuable, but single stamps from the early 1900s are certainly worth collecting as well. Look for sets that appeal to you, such as the Vatican Prisoners of War Relief Fund stamps if you support the cause or the Holy Year set. You can shop for individual stamps or sets or purchase used envelopes with the stamps still on them. Shop on eBay to find the perfect Vatican stamps for your collection. Add an attractive frame to the order and keep your collection permanently on display.