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Victoria's Secret lingerie and accessories embody seductive elegance. Wear the designs for yourself, or to give your significant other a treat.

Turn heads on the beach wearing a two-piece bikini and use a sensual body spray or item of make up to add the perfect finishing touch. After you have had enough sun, cover up with an oversized cotton T-shirt featuring the famous "Love Pink" slogan. Give yourself a treat with a selection of Victoria's Secret swimwear and clothing.

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About Victoria s Secret

Victoria's Secret has revolutionised the lingerie industry. With some of the world's biggest models promoting its lines, the company has taken lingerie out of the backstreet shop and on to centre stage. Roy Raymond was embarrassed when he went out to buy underwear for his wife at a department store. He also did not like the selection of towelling basics he was faced with. Eight years later, in 1977, Victoria's Secret was born with a£25,000 loan from his parents and a similar amount from the bank. It was a wise investment, by 2012 Victoria's Secret boasted a turnover of more than£4 billion. The company's first store was opened in California, now there are more than 1000 worldwide and the company also does exceptionally well with mail orders. Victoria's Secret has built its reputation on stylish, glamorous underwear for women of any age and has successfully removed the stigma of going shopping for 'naughty' items that pervaded Britain in the '70s and early '80s. Raymond's ability to enlist the world's top models has undoubtedly helped his cause. Now referred to as the Victoria Secret Angels, these have included Claudia Schiffer, Adriana Lima, Tyra Banks, Helena Christensen, Karen Mulder, Candice Swanepoel and many more. Victoria's Secret also produce spectacular catwalk-style fashion shows that draw the great and the good and are broadcast around the world, distancing itself further from the old way of thinking when it comes to underwear shopping. Now Victoria's Secret is a respectable household name. It's a place where husbands can shop for their wives and women can go alone without fear of judgement. It sounds small, but this is a social revolution within one brand.