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About Vintage Bird Cage

Beautifully crafted vintage bird cages are popular items with those who favour the shabby chic effect. Generally used for decorative purposes, they can be crafted from wood or metal and come in a variety of sizes. They can be the perfect accessory for any room around the house. Available in a number of colours they can be chosen to ensure that they fully compliment their surroundings. The sizes available range too, with the smaller ones being a great addition to any room by adding a small tea-light candle. Vintage bird cages are an up and coming décor item particularly as table centre pieces at weddings, they can be accessorised and dressed up with plants, candles or flowers. Some are delicately adorned with small birds sitting atop them, and intricate patterns woven within the structure. Often they are simply left free standing, but you can attach to a hook or purchase a hanging stand to give that swinging bird cage effect. They are perfect for dressing up a room or drawing attention to a particular area. As they open from the top they are easy to access and adorn with the required accessory. You can match the vintage bird cage to your requirements even down to the shape be it round, square or even hexagonal, although most of them have a dome shaped top. So whether you are dressing the main table for a wedding or business function, or decorating and accessorising a room at home, there are plenty of varieties to choose the vintage bird cage that is perfect for your requirements.