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Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a vintage watch handed down from generations that holds great sentimental value, but these age-old timepieces are often still valuable. Collectors and first-time buyers appreciate brands such as Elgin, Tissot and Wittnauer.

You can choose wrist and pocket watches for men and women in a variety of metals, often with precious gems incorporated into their design. Find the option that’s best for you when you want a quality vintage watch for yourself or to pass on to your family.

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About Vintage Watches

A vintage watch is a wonderful way to own a small part of the past which is also useful, practical, distinctly stylish and a fascinating conversation piece. Vintage watches have become increasingly collectable and have risen in price steadily over the years. In the 15th and 16th centuries developments such as spring technology allowed for the miniaturisation that made watches possible. Many early watches were of the pendant variety. These were superseded by the pocket watch, and then the wristwatch, which became popular following World War I. The latter two varieties are more frequently available to collectors today. Mechanical movement watches are valued for the astonishing level of painstaking craftsmanship which goes into their manufacture. Many enthusiasts feel that modern watches are not as well designed or made as those of the past. More efficient timekeeping technology is available today, but vintage watches have a particular appeal which is, pardon the pun, timeless. Offered are vintage pocket watches and wristwatches from various eras of the past and from all over the world, bearing the names of many well known manufacturers and also those who are more obscure. Some are in non-working condition but may be capable of being restored or if this is not possible, simply admired for their craft and visual appeal. Some may have light wear and soiling which a little loving care can address. Pocket watches utilising brass, silver and even gold casings are offered. Many of these watches can be dated quite easily by checking the manufacturer's serial number against a reliable reference guide. All provide a wonderful means of connecting with the style and elegance of yesteryear.