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With two body styles including a 4-door sedan and a roomy, 5-door estate model, the Volvo 850 made an impression from 1991-1997, while enjoying being the first front-wheel drive car exported to North America. Made as an executive car, its compact style includes independent suspension and a 5-cylinder engine for a smooth, powerful ride.

The Volvo 850 boasts fuel efficiency among its many features, which also include anti-lock brakes, power windows, and a glass sunroof. Enjoy affordable luxury with the Volvo 850.

About Volvo 850

Make every drive feel as though it is taking place in the '90s with a Volvo 850. As a saloon that comes with plenty of space, the Volvo 850 is a great choice for those needing a family car. Alternatively, you can use its impressive back space for accommodating family pets. Available in used condition, this car comes in a variety of colours. Try a Volvo 850 T5R sold through one of eBay's top sellers or a Volvo 850 TDI. Some sellers are kind enough to include postage in the price of the sale. Once your Volvo arrives safely, take some time to investigate your road tax options and get it running smoothly.