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The Earth is 70 per cent water, and the body contains more than 60 per cent water. It’s the single most important substance on the planet, so don’t get caught without it. You will have plenty available for a variety of uses with portable and fixed water storage solutions.

Fixed tanks work in conjunction with launderettes, livestock, filtration systems, and more. Portable options are ideal for hiking, camping, and festivals. Some are even collapsible. Never run out of water again.

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About Water Storage

Until now, most computers were cooled with fans. But as processors have improved and gamers have demanded better performance, computers have simply started to generate more heat. This is especially true with 'overclocked' processors. To keep the system cooler and running at maximum speed for longer, PC users have started to adopt liquid cooling systems. Liquid cooling is more efficient than fan cooling and it also helps keep the noise down. You can cool individual components, too, and the most popular are the processor, motherboard and graphics card. These are generally the hottest running parts of the system. If you want the best possible performance, you can also cool the hard drives and RAM. This keeps the entire computer at its optimum working temperature, which helps it maintain speed even in the most demanding situation. The liquid cooling system works in the same was as a car's, in that cool water passes by the hot components and absorbs the heat, carrying it to a radiator in a less sensitive part of the case that can then disperse the heat. A reservoir of water and a pump keeps cool water pumping through the system and the computer can run at its best for long periods of time. A number of different brands supply water cooling components and they come in a variety of sizes to fit most cases. As an interesting spin-off, some companies have even started to make speakers with a water feature that both cools the equipment and provides a visual display to go with your music.