About Wayne Rooney

'Wayne Rooney is leaving Manchester United'. 'Wayne Rooney will never leave Manchester United'. The rumour mill has been going back and forth about the England football star's next step. In England's qualifying match for Euro 2012, the famous Wayne Rooney managed to get himself a red card and to be sent off the field. Maybe he was just trying to defend the title that he and David Beckham hold: both of them are the two most red-carded players on the football national team. Even though Rooney is known for his red cards, it does not deter his fan base because the football star has set other records that are equally, or even far more, impressive. For instance, Wayne Rooney was not only the youngest player on the England national football team, but he was also the youngest team player to score a goal for them in a national match. Those facts and his 79 accumulated international caps may have also contributed to him being named 'England Player of the Year' for two consecutive years. Rooney's career may be tinged with criticism and rumours of his on-field behaviour and performance, but there must still be something attractive about the guy, noted by his numerous endorsements including a 12-year book deal with HarperCollins. The book contract, which requires him to produce no less than five books within the specified time frame, is one of the most profitable book deals ever made in publishing. At the end of 2012, he had already completed three.

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