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    Published by239498797@deleted
    World of Warcraft- warning, this is not just a game

    As some of you gamers out there may know, World of Warcraft, the most amazingly creative and time consuming MMORPG is more than just a game to many people across the globe. I wanted to share with you the...

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    Published bydeanodaddy

    Hello there i thought id write a guide about the world of warcraft figures you can buy, these figures are fantastic and well worth the money, the detail is amazing if you are a world of warcraft fan then...

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    Published bytriggz2006
    Buy a World of Warcraft Account on eBay Without Losing£

    Anyone playing World of Warcraft knows that in comparison to other MMOs the leveling time is vastly reduced. While getting a character to 60 is not nearly as hard, getting the high-end gear can be just...