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Apple iPhone 3G - 8 GB - Black (Unlocked...
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Combining the functionalities of a mobile phone, iPod and the internet, the iPhone 3G iOS phone promises to entertain you in style. Enjoy movies, videos and exciting games wit...Read more
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Apple iPhone 3G (Unlocked)
Apple has hit all the right buttons to make the iPhone 3G an instant hit. It's still sleek, it's still great to use and it's still the best touch screen phone by a country mil...Read more
Apple IPhone 3G 16GB White
One of the best phones I have ever used or tried. It has both good and bad points. I will try to explain both.

Good Points:

2G and 3G, GSM and HSDPA, Read more
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Apple iPhone 3G - 8GB - Black (FACTORY Unlocked) Smartphone-BEST PRICE!
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Product description

Product Information
Combining the functionalities of a mobile phone, iPod and the internet, the iPhone 3G iOS phone promises to entertain you in style. Enjoy movies, videos and exciting games with the 3.5-inch touchscreen of this Apple smartphone. With the built-in GPS capability that supports geotagging, the iPhone 3G ensures you never lose your way. What’s more? You can capture your cherished memories with the 2.0 MP camera of this Apple smartphone. Stay connected even on the go, thanks to the Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) support of this iOS phone.

Product Identifiers
Family LineApple iPhone
SIM LockUnlocked
EAN0088590925402, 0502574365566, 0885909268917

Key Features
Storage Capacity8 GB
Network TechnologyGSM / EDGE / UMTS / HSDPA
BandGSM / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 UMTS / HSDPA 850/1900/2100
Operating SystemApple iOS
Camera2 Megapixel

Battery TypeLithium Ion
Battery Capacity1150 mAh
Battery Talk TimeUp to 600 min
Battery Standby TimeUp to 300 hr

Display TechnologyLCD
Diagonal Screen Size3.5 in.

Other Features
Touch ScreenYes
Digital CameraYes
QWERTY Physical KeyboardNo
Email AccessYes
Internet BrowserYes

Height115.5 mm
Depth12.3 mm
Width62.1 mm
Weight133 gr

eBay product ID: EPID102978773
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Apple iPhone 3G - 8 GB - Black (Unlocked) Smartphone (MB046B/A)
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Apple iPhone 3G (Unlocked)

Created: 22/05/11
Review for: Apple iPhone 3G - 8 GB - Black (Unlocked) Smartphone (MB046B/A)
Apple has hit all the right buttons to make the iPhone 3G an instant hit. It's still sleek, it's still great to use and it's still the best touch screen phone by a country mile. Wed to this the excellent value it now represents and you can understand why people have been falling over themselves to get one. Unless you absolutely must have a better camera, MMS or any of the other missing features, there's no other touch screen phone that comes close.

There is, however, one obvious loser from the inclusion of 3G: battery life. Yet, the end product isn't anything near as bad as some might have feared. For starters, although on 3G battery life is obviously worse than on the original, at just over five hours 3G talk time it's still better than the majority of other 3G based smart phones. A further plus is the ability to turn off 3G whenever you like and with close to ten hours of 2G talk time, it makes a massive difference - it's a shame this can't be done automatically. Other quoted figures include seven hours video playback, 24 hours audio playback and 300 hours stand-by, all of which sound fine and given the talk time figures have proved more or less accurate are believable.

What's more revealing, however, is the real world experience. In medium to heavy mixed usage, including phone calls, 3G and EDGE data, Wi-Fi, GPS and music playback, you can expect one day of usage with around 20% of headroom to spare. If you restrict yourself to lighter usage, using only 2G and listening to music, two days of usage is easily attained.

Aesthetically there are a few other minor tweaks, but ones that enhance the overall look of the unit. To match the black back, all the hardware buttons around the sides are chrome coloured instead of black. There's no change to the composition of the buttons, though, with a volume rocker and silence switch on the left and a hold/power button on the top. Even more subtle is the bezel, which is ever so slightly thicker due to this model being 1.1mm wider than the original. Overall, the iPhone 3G is every bit the exemplary piece of design and engineering the original was and its slimmer looking exterior only enhances this

Ostensibly the basics haven't changed one iota. There's still the sliding bar to unlock and the grid based main menu is still navigated through effortless prods and flicks. Indeed, it's hard to underplay exactly how responsive the 3.5 inch, 480 x 320 multi-touch screen is. Every action is swiftly enacted and you're never left wondering whether a request has been registered: it just works.

It's a lovely screen to behold, too. Bright, bold, sharp and clean, it brings photos and video to life and is another facet few can match at this moment in time. If anything, though, its viewing angles aren't as wide as on the original iPhone. It's hardly a big problem, one generally looks at phones straight on whatever you're doing, but a difference exists.

Predictably, however, Mobile Safari is still the jewel in the iPhone 3G's crown and despite the recent beta launch of Opera Mobile 9.5, it's still by far and away the best mobile web browser on earth. It renders pages quickly and accurately and its excellent scaling makes them easy to read, too. Throw in the intuitive interface, multi-touch controls, Wi-Fi and now the faster 3G data access and browsing the web on the move has never been so good. Want a
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Apple IPhone 3G 16GB White

Created: 05/03/10
One of the best phones I have ever used or tried. It has both good and bad points. I will try to explain both.

Good Points:

2G and 3G, GSM and HSDPA,
Only 133 Grams, Scratch Resistance body,
16 GB Internal Memory,
Wifi 802.3b/g,
3.5" Display, Touch Screen,
Auto Rotate according to use, helps in gaming as well
Vibration, Mp3 Player (More like an Ipod),
HTML Browser and GPS, Fully Customizable,
SMS, MMS, Email,
Unlimited Applications Available

Bad Points:

Very Few buttons, Forced to use Apple Applications,
No Way to add memory, Locks itself again if connected to Itunes,
Changing the Battery requires opening it up fully,
Very Bad camera, Very difficult to change SIM Card,
No Video, No Radio, No Flash,

Overall it is good phone.
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Apple iPhone 3G 16gb unlocked by Apple

Created: 10/09/09
I reasoned that the improvements on the latest generation 3GS version being notably the capacity to shoot video clips, voice control and a natty compass application that doesn’t do much now but will do more eventually weren’t of much use to me as I had principally used my old iPod Touch for watching movies on the train, browsing the internet at home when I didn’t want to set up the laptop and listening to audiobooks when out walking or sitting by the pool on holiday and my mobile phone for a few short phone calls and SMS text messages. I had a phone with voice control some time ago and although a novelty and useful sometimes (if it worked!) I wasn’t that impressed. What I wanted was an unlocked iPhone so that I could stay with my existing carrier, Virgin Mobile with 300 minutes and 300 texts at £10 a month.

I had unlocked and debranded mobile phones before and had done a little online research about mobile phone locks generally from which I had gleaned that Apple somehow did it differently and that an unlocked UK iPhone could always revert to being locked to O2 again on a software update. So the fact that this one was advertised as “unlocked by Apple” was particularly appealing although I wasn’t sure of how that could be.

Although the phone was not running the latest 3.0 software it updated to it with no bother and then displayed an Apple screen saying “Congratulations Your iPhone is unlocked”. It runs fine with my Virgin SIM and I soon learnt to check my Virgin Account online and turn off things that were connecting it to the internet when I didn’t really want to – like Email Push in Settings. I also learnt to switch off 3G when I didn’t need it to conserve the battery as it runs down twice as quickly when 3G is permanently enabled. I don’t usually need to access the Internet when I am away from the home wi-fi broadband link so on a lot of days don’t incur Virgin's 30p a day charge for mobile internet.

The iPhone appeared in iTunes after going out of the congrats screen and seemed to think that it was my iPod Touch as all the settings and Application icons had transferred across and it appeared as my Touch in iTunes.

I did have some strange problems with iTunes Store purchases made before my upgrade which basically won’t run on the new iPhone but do run on my old iPod classic which I still have. So although the Application icons were all on screen none of them would run. It is quite easy to sort this out with Apps as you can delete them from your iTunes library and purchase them again. iTunes Store advises you that you seem to have bought the App before and asks if you want to download it again free of charge.

So in summary a great phone/iPod and a really worthwhile upgrade on my iPod Touch which holds more music and videos, has a brighter screen and works well as a mobile phone too with the touch screen being much better for typing out texts. Get one now – my son swears by O2 by the way and has one of their 3GS 32 gb models. The maps swivel with you which is cool!
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Used iPhones - a note to bidders - keep it real!

Created: 15/04/10
Review for: Apple iPhone 3G - 8 GB - Black (Unlocked) Smartphone (MB046B/A)
Apple; computing with a premium price tag, but they do know how to build equipment of highest quality and performance. All technology has its bad moments, but I think you'll have far less "Basil Fawlty rage", wanting to give it a "damned good thrashing" if it fails to co-operate!

I bought the iPhone 3G 8Gb because I wanted to test the applications I'd developed before releasing them - the simulator doesn't do everything the
real iPhone can. Choosing the base model allows you to test apps that work
on all upward 3G models.

Prices vary from reasonable to insane; beware of "Apple fever"! I strongly recommend sticking to your budget. Remember, an iPhone that's still in its shrink wrap isn't as valuable as a brand new one from a retail store because you won't necessarily get a warranty for your bid of £290+. A new iPhone is not that much more expensive. Be wise about over bidding.

I find the handset quite easy to use, though I think an improved battery life would be welcome for all iPhone products. Yes it isn't the latest version, but to be honest, you are not missing much functionality in the GS upgrade, and if you fill 8Gb, consider why you're storing so much stuff on your iPhone.

Wear and tear on used iPhones is typically scratches in the plastic casing and glass front, if it has been well looked after. But I'd encourage people to look more closely than that. Check the buttons and the condition of the electrical contacts in the docking connector. Also the headphone socket. Ask your seller how old the iPhone is so as to estimate the battery condition - note that you cannot replace it easily without technical skills.

The damage that iPhones may suffer if dropped includes cracking/scratching of the LCD and glass touchscreen. This is repairable at cost with technical skills and replacement parts. Avoid "faulty" iPhones that don't start up at all after some physical abuse.

Software upgrades can go wrong and render the iPhone unusable by locking you out. This includes failed unlocking. Be warned! Though probably fixable, again only with the right knowhow.

Finally, I find it prudent to check the iPhone serial number and IMEI number.
There are imitation iPhones to be aware of - ones with a removable battery are not genuine iPhones, according to a high street retailer.

You can get your serial and IMEI numbers under Settings->General->About​.

With the serial number (11 alphanumeric characters), you can check the warranty status of the handset here:


With the IMEI number (15 numeric digits), you can check if the handset is genuine and has ever been blocked/reported as stolen here:


Both checks are free of charge.
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Ease of use, good looking phone, light, very addictive and value for money.

 | Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Created: 31/07/11
Review for: Apple iPhone 3G - 8 GB - Black (Unlocked) Smartphone (MB046B/A)
Being a a Sony Ericsson user most of my time in my ownership of phones, i was hesitating or not to move over to Apple.. after hearing all the big deal about the iPhone 2g.. so when i was 18 i decided to get my first contract.. being iPhone 3gs.. then the 4.
But ever since i had lots of problems with the 4 and 2g.. i thought, lets drop these out and move to Samsung.
So after buying many 'user friendly' touch screen Samsung phones through out my 2 year contract (i get bored)i got slightly agitated with the lack of 'functions' all of the budget Samsung touch screen mobiles had to offer.. and yet again i had little use and big dissapointments in using these phones.. they was terrible with the lack of response the screen gave, and there was no such things as 'apps' it was all widgets back then..
So.. after not having any luck with the iphone 4 after my Samsung experiance.. i thought.. lets go back to iphone and give it another shot.. as i enjoyed the apple apps and responsive touch screen.
And after purchasing a 3g.. this.. believe it or not, has been the best iphone i have ever had. It's quick, functionable, easy to use, and user friendly.
So.. as you can pick these up pretty cheap now, and you want a responsive touch screen.. without getting ripped off by the cheapo terrible rip off touch screen version mobiles.. i highly advise budgeting for this phone.. as it is well worth the money as spending lots of money on all different cheap phones and not having no luck.
What with it being an iphone and an ipod in one.. you honestly cant grumble!!
Yes the 3g has no video, or facetime and no super lithium extra life battery.. etc.. but i dont need this, im no 'family away person' or businessman.. and the battery lasts me just over 2 days this is just for me :)

So... i hope my review has helped.
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