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Apple iPhone 3GS - 16 GB - Black (Unlock...
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With 3.5-inch display screen, the iPhone 3GS cell phone gives you a clear view of all the contents and applications. The Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g connectivity of this Apple smartp...Read more
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Apple iPhone 3G S Black (16GB)
The iPhone 3GS looks exactly like the previous model. It shares the shape and the same external controls, but the iPhone 3GS is unique in a handful of ways. You can get both m...Read more
Top of the crops!
If you already have an iPhone 3G then there isnt really a great deal to upgrade to with Apples Latest offering! Saying that I purchased a pay as you go one so when my contract...Read more
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Product description

Product Information
With 3.5-inch display screen, the iPhone 3GS cell phone gives you a clear view of all the contents and applications. The Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g connectivity of this Apple smartphone allows you to chat with friends, view your mails, and surf from almost anywhere. The 3 MP camera of this Apple cell phone lets you capture your favorite moments with amazing clarity. The iPhone 3GS cell phone features 600 MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor that lets you easily operate various applications at the same time. The 256 MB RAM of this Apple smartphone rapidly processes all your files and data. The Li-Ion Battery of this Apple cell phone offers 12 hours of talk time so that you can interact for hours together.

Product Identifiers
Family LineApple iPhone
SIM LockUnlocked
EAN0885909317769, 0885909318292, 0885909318483, 0885909362059, 5051495103030

Key Features
Storage Capacity16 GB
BandGSM / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 UMTS / HSDPA 850/1900/2100
Operating SystemApple iOS
Camera3 Megapixel

Supported Flash Memory CardsBuilt-In Memory

Battery TypeLithium Ion
Battery Capacity1219 mAh
Battery Talk TimeUp to 720 min
Battery Standby TimeUp to 300 hr

Display TechnologyLCD
Diagonal Screen Size3.5 in.

Other Features
Touch ScreenYes
Digital CameraYes
QWERTY Physical KeyboardNo
Email AccessYes
Internet BrowserYes

Height115.5 mm
Depth12.3 mm
Width62.1 mm
Weight135 gr

eBay product ID: EPID102540509
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Apple iPhone 3GS - 16 GB - Black (Unlocked) Smartphone
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Apple iPhone 3G S Black (16GB)

Created: 12/12/09
The iPhone 3GS looks exactly like the previous model. It shares the shape and the same external controls, but the iPhone 3GS is unique in a handful of ways. You can get both memory sizes in white or black, and the iPhone 3GS display sports a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating that is supposed to attract fewer fingerprints and smudges. The new model shares the same dimensions as its predecessor, but it's slightly heavier (4.76 ounces versus 4.7 ounces), a virtually unnoticeable difference.

The iPhone 3GS has the same external design as the iPhone 3G.
The menu interface is also the same, but in the past year, as we've added apps to the Home screen, something new has begun to bother us. As intuitive and simple as the interface is, it becomes unwieldy after you get above four menu pages. Swiping through multiple pages is tedious; and it's rather painful to drag applications from page to page if you're an organizational freak. We hate that there's no way to categorize related apps into folders, such as one for news, another for social networking, and so on. Not only would this cut down on menu pages, but you'd also be able to find your app faster. And while we're at it, how about letting us delete some of the native apps we never use?

Since the iPhone 3GS inherits many of the features from the previous model, we'll concentrate on what's different on this device. If you need a refresher on such elements as the clock, YouTube, weather, iPod player, calculator, and e-mail, please see our iPhone 3G review. We'll start off with the new features that only the iPhone 3GS will offer.

Until now, the iPhone's camera has been good, but far from great, with decent photo quality, but no editing features. Apple didn't include options such as white balance, a digital zoom, or a self-timer that come standard on many basic VGA camera phones. The minimalist shooter bothered us so much that we began to worry if Apple was leading a new trend of "dumbing down" cell phone cameras.

The iPhone 3GS' camera still lacks a flash.
The iPhone 3GS puts some of those fears to rest. Apple boosted the camera's resolution to 3 megapixels and added a new "Tap to Focus" feature. As you point the lens toward your subject, a small box appears on the center of the display. Tapping that square focuses the camera automatically on that point and adjusts the white balance, color, contrast, and exposure accordingly. If you'd rather focus on the edge of your shot, just tap the display at your chosen point and the square moves with you. If you don't tap anywhere, the camera will focus the entire frame.

Photo gallery:
iPhone 3GS camera photos

Tap to Focus performs well. For example, if we photographed a book cover sitting on a desk, we were able to get a clear reading on the book's title. If we shifted the focus away from the book, the title became somewhat blurry. Alternatively, if we focused on the brightest part of an image, the entire picture would appear brighter. But if we focused on the darkest part of any image, the photo would darken accordingly. The iPhone still doesn't come with a flash, though, so don't expect miracles.

On the other hand, the new automatic macro setting didn't appear to make much of a difference. Close-up shots looked slightly better on the iPhone 3GS than they did on the iPhone 3G, but we couldn't tell when the macro focus was working and when it wasn't. As with the autofocus feature,
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Top of the crops!

Created: 17/08/09
If you already have an iPhone 3G then there isnt really a great deal to upgrade to with Apples Latest offering! Saying that I purchased a pay as you go one so when my contract comes to an end (sometime in 2010) I can then take advantage of the fact another iPhone will be released in July. Its all about forward thinking :)

Im pleased to say with the iPhone 3GS (32GB) forward thinking it most certainly does! Compass, not a great addition and something you prob wont be using but handy nonetheless, especially in google maps as now itll not only show you where you are, but also where your facing.

Video recording, this is a feature most phones already have, but how many phones can boast the ease of use that the iPhone posesses? Simple to record, edit, trim and then picture message your video, this latest offering from Apple just goes from strength to strength.

Better camera. 3.2mp inc auto focus and actually touching the part of the screen where you wish to focus are great additions to the already usable & decent quality camera. No flash tho. Im sure this will be on the next iPhone they do like to keep us wanting more ;)

iPhone OS (or firmware) v3.0 - Cut Copy and Paste - A joy to use & simply ingenius! Other phones have been able to do this for years, but now its finally here its smooth, simple and like the whole iPhone experience a pleasure to use.

Thats the thing with the iPhone. Yeah there are a few phones on the market that are technically more powerful but imagine a child driving a ferrari and this really does sum up the way the iPhone operates. Its like a racing driver in formula 1!

Speaking of speed, yes you guessed it, thats just what the 'S' reportedly stands for. And i can confirm from my initial tests having had both devices, it does open up webpages, the app store and actually run, overall quicker than the previous model. With improved graphics to, this can be seen from searching the net eg Firemints excellent Real Racing which has 6 cars driving at once, on the 3GS they have managed to get more than double that, all running at the correct speed! Excellent stuff!

This also leads me onto one of the excellent benefits to having an iPhone, the App store. Most things that you want to do with your iphone, like editing documents, playing games etc can be done via the App Store. Browse on your phone from anywhere and the purchase and download and then your in! The apps on your phone ready to use. Its a very painless and simple process anyone can learn.

MMS now features out of the box and this is another simple and painless process from taking the photo to typing a message, its all very user friendly. No more getting frustrated because your phones "having a think" or "doing something else" the best thing about the iPhone is the fact that the phone only does what you tell it to do. It really is great (and i used to be a Windows Mobile fan boy so it takes alot for someone like me to admit there is something I like better out there) and the iPhone is it.

The whole experience is enjoyable, smooth and silky, the phone feels great in the hand (I would recommend purchasing a screen protector along with a hard case, you never know! Better to be safe than sorry!). Sending messages, setting up email, and even just using it as a phone, the iPhone seriously does shine in all respects. Now if they put in a better camera, with flash then id be happy to say ditch your digital camera as everything else about this device is brilliant.

Top marks
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iPhone 3GS

Created: 07/10/10
The iPhone 3GS (16gb), has sparked mixed opinions within me, however the verdict stays the same. It is a good phone.

It is simple to use, effective, fun, useful for all kind of people and tasks. For example I have a bass guitar tuning app and a cycling app (which measures distance, time, speeds etc). So the iPhone really is in a league of its own. However, it does have some issues which stopped this phone getting the five star rating.

1) It has bad signal problems. For some reason, the signal would go from full to no service for a few moments, and as you can imagine, it is very frustrating when you are trying to send a text, in the middle of a call or browsing the web.

2) After a period of time, the phone software will start to degrade and it will begin to 'lag'. At certain times my iPhone has become unresponsive to all touch screen and button commands for a period of time. Again, this can be very frustrating.

3) The screen cracks way too easily. It only takes a few knocks before you have an unattractive crack across your screen. Linked to this is the shape. The iPhone 3GS has a smooth and rounded finish, which doesn't help in the not letting it drop out of your hand department. So a rubber or leather cover would definitely be desirable if you are prone to the dreaded drop.

4) The battery life is pretty poor on such an expensive phone. Providing you don't crazy on apps or music, it will last through the day with you sending texts and making the odd phone call. A nifty trick i have learnt for anyone who has already got one is, if you double press the home key, you will see the applications which are running in the background, simply press and hold any icon and you will get the option to delete the ones you don't want running. This will save precious battery life.

5) This isn't so important, but I don't agree with the principle that you have to have iTunes to put music and other media onto your iPhone. Some people don't have iTunes and wouldn't find it more convenient to use the simple *Drag and drop* method on the pc. Plus, iTunes isn't the most of friendly of software, the syncing process can be quite complicated if you have never done it before, and a technophobe will definitely be put off.

Other than the five points listed above, this is a good phone and extremely useful in everyday life. If you are looking for a phone just to browse the internet, send texts and make and receive phone calls, this is not the phone for you. However, if you are after a phone that provides more than just a communication service, with the ability to assist, entertain and amuse, then this should definitely be your next phone.

Hope you enjoyed my review

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Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB

Created: 10/03/10
I have been after an iPhone for quite some time but never really could afford it. It was well worth the wait though there are a couple of things that could be improved or added. The quality of the camera is quite good even though its only 3 megapixel. My old phone was 8 megapixel but the quality of the iphone puts up a good fight. All the settings for the iPhone camera are auto, such as white balance and auto focus. There is no flash but gives good images in daylight conditions. The S in 3GS stands for speed and Apple kept their word... IT IS FAST. All the apps open quickly, so no lag waiting for games etc opening up. I live in a rural area but the reception is good and conversations are clear. I am really pleased with the phone my only real niggle is.... Bluetooth. Headsets connect really quick, but you cant send things to other phones unless you jailbreak your phone which I dont really want to do. I have lots of things on my phone that friends would like but cant send or receive from them. Battery consumption is quite high because I use it for more than just as a phone. The games are very addictive so spend lots of time playing them and find I have to charge the phone every other day. Remember its more than just a phone, more like a mini computer. The on screen keyboard is great to use plus it has spell correction as you type, so if you have chunky fingers and make a mistake it corrects it as you type. I have put a few films on my phone and the quality of the screen playback is crystal clear. The compass is good especially when you go into maps and search for places. A friend of mine said its only a glorified iPod.. As he found out when he tried it, how wrong he was and is envious and hopes to buy one when he has the funds. The ipod features are as good as ever. I also have an iPod Touch, but this is now left at home as the Iphone does everything I need. Music, films, camera, camcorder, internet and of course a phone. One of the best items I have bought on eBay. If it is your first Iphone then buy one if you can afford it, you wont be dissapointed. If you just upgrading from a previous iPhone then you may think its expensive for the few extra features it offers. There are plenty of video reviews on the net. Do what I did, check them out and decide for yourself. Good luck and happy bidding. wadermanuk
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A little bit of the future in your hand.

Created: 12/10/08
This is the first review i have ever wrote and probably the only single item i feel strongly enough about to write a review.
Ive had my iPhone since launch day and its the 16GB Black version though this review would be the same for every varient, the only differences are colour and storage capacity.
Where to start? this little device does so much its unreal!

The touch screen is light years better than some of the other phones i have used, the way the phone actually operates is so intuative that people of any age and technological proficiency can pick it up and be using it in minutes.
The screen is large enough to watch full movies without getting eye strain or anything like that (something that used to bother me on my N95).

You can also download all sorts of third party applications, games and useful little applications that do all sorts of things. Some are good and some are bad, some are free and some you have to pay for but not many are more than a couple of GBP. Ive downloaded a few games that make use of the accelerometer, this means you can tilt the phone to move things on the screen and it works just as well as every other espect of the phone, PERFECT! The accelerometer works so well inface there are applications that turn your phone into a spirit level!
Wanna know what on in any cinema in the country? no problem, download the Movies app and click on the one you want, and it comes up with every film and its showtimes, you can even book tickets all in the palm of your hand!!

The thing that most of you will buy it for is the iPod side of things and you wont be dissapointed there either, its actually a lot louder than my iPod and this suites me as i work in an airsrcaft factory and it often gets noisy. The sound is pretty much perfect to my ears anyway...

The internet: It will connect to a WiFi network if your near one, failing that it will use 3G and EDGE to connect to th internet. Some features require a WiFi connection but when your out and about you would be surprised how many places offer it free, McDonalds being a popular one, Starbucks too. The internet works exactly the same as on your PC or MAC at home and im actually writing this entire review from my iPhone!

SatNav: This is so good i left it until last. I dont use it to plot routes in my car though im sure you could, i have a built in one for that but this thing really shines when your in a new city or town you are not familiar with, you simply click on "Maps" and it will zoom in on your current location in seconds and you can type in anything! Type in "pizza" and it will pull up everywhere selling pizza in the region. Type in Taxi and you get the same treatment. But not just where these things are, it gives you their phone number and an address and often even an email address! You simply click the number and your ringing a restaurant to make a reservation, no yellow pages, no getting lost or printing a routeplanner on the AA site. It WILL make your life easier.

I have waffled on a fair bit about this phone and i hope it makes you feel like you want one because it really will change your life, not in any big an profound way but i promise if you get one you will know what i mean and hopfully share my enthusiasm...
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