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Daft Punk - Discovery (2001)
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Daft Punk: Thomas Bangalter, Guy-Manuel De Homem Christo.Additional personnel includes: Todd Edwards, Romananthony."Short Circuit" was nominated for the 2002 Grammy Award for ...Read more
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Disco, very
Whilst a far cry (?) from the house-infused persuasions of 'Homework', 'Discovery' is a confident stride in a new direction, marking a change in both visual and musical style,...Read more
Daft Punks finest hits.
Track listing
1. "One More Time" – 5:20
2. "Aerodynamic" – 3:27
3. "Digital Love" – 4:58
4. "Harder, Better,...Read more

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Number of CDs:1
Recording Type:Studio
Recording Mode:Stereo

Album Notes
Daft Punk: Thomas Bangalter, Guy-Manuel De Homem Christo.Additional personnel includes: Todd Edwards, Romananthony."Short Circuit" was nominated for the 2002 Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance. "One More Time" was nominated for the 2002 Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording.In 1997, this French electro-dance duo made a huge intercontinental splash with its debut album HOMEWORK, mixing disco, house, funk, techno, and more. While Daft Punk's second recording still focuses on the maximum accessibility that earned its debut such high marks, there's less of an obvious focus on pop hooks. Irony and house beats are the order of the day, and an eclectic thread runs throughout DISCOVERY. "Digital Love" sounds like the theme to a '70s sitcom as realized by the Buggles. "Nightvision" is a mellow, wordless, quiet storm-meets-Eno soundscape, while in an interpolation sure to gain plenty of attention, "Superheroes" marries a Barry Manilow sample to an unrelenting house beat. Ultimately, DISCOVERY is less of a mission statement than its predecessor, but no less danceable or listenable.

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Daft Punk - Discovery (2001)
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Disco, very

Created: 03/06/09
Whilst a far cry (?) from the house-infused persuasions of 'Homework', 'Discovery' is a confident stride in a new direction, marking a change in both visual and musical style, the liquid metal embellishment of Daft Punk's both pervasive and influential early work (those unfamiliar will doubtless turn nostalgic attentions towards 'Da Funk' and 'Around the World'), and not much has changed .. The facade, the album art, is very much attentive to the clarity found on the front sleeve of 'Homework'. Both albums share an at-a-glance eponymy. 'Discovery' breaches the at-once house music constraints of former efforts and instead attaches itself to what people would call a 'synth-pop' or 'disco' style. 'Discovery', the girl's choice of the Daft Punk discography. 'Discovery', Paving way for the more overt zest and gusto of 'Human After All'. Most people will take a shine to this album. It is only after you have broken the seal and overcome the initial turbulence found within its opening tracks, that you will find solace within simple, enjoyable, musical production. No more a champion than its predecessor (or successor), 'Discovery' is a wonderful, though painful, album. It will leave you at once submissive to Guy-man and Bangalter, and ashamed at the fact that you didn't get there first.
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Daft Punks finest hits.

Created: 03/08/08
Track listing
1. "One More Time" – 5:20
2. "Aerodynamic" – 3:27
3. "Digital Love" – 4:58
4. "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" – 3:45
5. "Crescendolls" – 3:31
6. "Nightvision" – 1:44
7. "Superheroes" – 3:57
8. "High Life" – 3:22
9. "Something About Us" – 3:51
10. "Voyager" – 3:47
11. "Veridis Quo" – 5:44
12. "Short Circuit" – 3:26
13. "Face to Face" – 3:58
14. "Too Long" – 10:00

Discovery is an album which was released in 2001 by French duo 'Daft Punk' features 14 superb songs all of which played the soundtrack to the movie "Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem"

This is one of my favourite albums I've ever owned. I love all of the songs on it which is unusual for me.
I will now comment on the my main favourite songs of the album.
"One more time" is an excellent party/clubbing track just to get a general good vibe going. If someone has heard a daft punk song it's almost definitely gonna be this one.
"Aerodynamic" features no actual lyrics or words whatsover, but is still a great listen, with a very exciting beat mid song and an interesting rhythem throughout.
"Digital Love" is my personal favourite of the album, with great lyrics at the beginning and the perfect song whether you're on your own, with that special someone or enjoying or to set a calmer mood at a party.
"Harder Better Faster Stronger" has a long intro (51 seconds until the lyrics start) but that doesn't hinder it's impact. The lyrics can be repetitive but it works very effectively in creating a simple but interesting song for any situation.
"something about us" sets a moodier love-story tone with only a few lines in the song but it's a powerful song none-the-less.
"Face to face" Feels sort of like a cross between the more cheerful beats of earlier songs combined with a slightly less cheerful tone of 'something about us' creating a unique song that can lift the listeners spirits or calm them if stressed.

Discovery is a masterpeice of alternate music you won't be likely to hear in clubs, at parties or played on the radio (Apart from 'one more time' when it first came out, it was a hit and played often in clubs etc!) which genuinely relieve me on the more stressful days and lift my spirits on the sadder ones.
I also love listening to some of the earlier tracks in the album along to games on the xbox 360 (Crackdown, call of duty 4, geometry wars etc) as I find the exciting beats often suit the gameplay of such games.

You could look on youtube for these songs if you're unsure if you're going to like them, but the album itself is usually really cheap as it is, yet worth every penny imo :)

I hope you find this review helpful
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Daft Punk, Discovery.

Created: 05/12/09
Discover a new taste in music with Daft Punks Discovery CD. High quality music has always been produced by Daft Punk.
All tracks are recommended, all tracks are uniquely produced and give you a buzz. Most recommended tracks on my behalf are, tracks 1, 2, 4, 7, 9 and 11 [One More Time, Aerodynamic, [Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger], Superheroes, Something About Us and Veridis Quo].

The CD is so good that I keep listening to it over and over again.
The music in a way is very calming, but there's some tracks in which you have to get up and dance to, it's impossible not to!

The music will not give you a headache and all of the tracks unlike other albums have their own beat and style, no track sounds like another track which is what Daft Punk fans want, hearing the same beat in a tune can get quite borig at times.

I give this album 5/5 because like I stated in my other reviwes, Daft Punks music has always been excellent, and will always be excellent.

Thankyou for reading!
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Quality all the way!

Created: 08/04/10
It's hard to describe this album in few words, especially given Daft Punk's change in style over the course of their three LPs to date. What I will say is that what everyone says is right - this album is definitely at least worth a listen, and for fans of all music, not just techno. This is highly accessible stuff, and worthy of being played in anyone's player. I'll also add that the album is probably worth it for the first four tracks alone, easily one of the best opening runs ever recorded. However, it has to also be said that most people aren't going to like every single song on the album. For every person that worships Aerodynamic, there'll be another one who thinks 'Too Long' is boring and repetitive; someone who likes the quieter 'Voyager' might dislike the upbeat classic 'One More Time'. The point is, the phrase 'try before you buy' has never been more prudently used than on this album, because it won't be to everyone's tastes, despite the fact that it's hooked in many people who'd never even heard of electronica, techno, acid or house before.

As for the tracks, they tend to fall into the category of either stunning, or reasonable. Newcomers to Daft Punk should be aware that the duo are primarily electronic-synth merchants, but also have a penchant for slinging in catchy choruses and insane guitar solos to sweeten the deal for those who aren't fans of a droning beat. As I mentioned earlier, the first four tracks are stupidly brilliant, and put together comprise perhaps the finest opening to an album that I've heard in a long time. More or less everyone knows 'One More Time' and 'Digital Love', even if they don't know it's by Daft Punk. 'Aerodynamic' is my favourite, the entire song flows well together and as everyone always raves, the solo is genius. The rest are either very quiet, murky ambient affairs or massively upbeat (almost to the point of being comical) blast-fests. The mood change is often swift and brutal, and can catch the casual listener off-guard when going through the entire album. Overall, brilliant stuff and well worth a listen; you won't be disappointed!
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A Masterpiece

Created: 20/02/08
This, the french duo's second and easily best album has the pair evolving their french techno disco sound to the mainstream.

Where the first album contained a couple of stand out singles, Discovery had every single song released due to the amazing quality of each track.

From the number 1 opener "One More Time", through to the piano grooved final track, Discovery will have you dancing, playing air guitar and working harder, better, faster, stronger.
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