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HTC HD2 - Black (Unlocked) Smartphone
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HTC HD2 delivers an experience your senses have been waiting for. The unprecedented 4.3-inch pixel-packed display is stunning. The world's first capacitive touch technology on...Read more
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a gorgeous cousin of the renowned Nexus One. We can trace our drool all the
Following the Legend, HTC continues its Android 2.1 lineup with the Desire -- a gorgeous cousin of the renowned Nexus One. We can trace our drool all the way back to the Desir...Read more
I had been going the buy a new mobile for some time now, a number of my friends have iPhones which I really liked and were envious of all the apps that are available, but of c...Read more
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Product description

Product Information
HTC HD2 delivers an experience your senses have been waiting for. The unprecedented 4.3-inch pixel-packed display is stunning. The world's first capacitive touch technology on a Windows phone along with 1 GHz processing power ensure a smooth and lightning-fast response to the lightest touch of your finger.Most importantly, it is the first Windows phone to embody HTC Sense - a holistic experience that focuses on making phones work in the most intuitive way. HTC Sense is based on three core principles - make it mine, stay close, and discover the unexpected.HTC HD2's expansive display is like a canvas on which you create a phone that is just right for you. Customize the phone by prioritizing essential features like mail, calendar, messaging, browser and more. Next, with just a tap, put shortcuts to the most important people, favorite websites, or most used application right on the home screen. Your phone doesn't only reflect your personality; it also tunes into your location. The clock automatically updates to the local time wherever you are. You can see the outside temperature and weather at a glance. And, if you choose the weather wallpaper, you'll get a brilliantly lifelike animation that lets you virtually feel the sun's rays or the chill of the breeze without setting a foot outside.

Product Identifiers
Family LineHTC
SIM LockUnlocked
MPN 99HJY002-00
EAN4710937334050, 4710937334111, 4710937334463, 4710937335651, 899794006998

Key Features
Storage Capacity512 MB
Network TechnologyGSM/WCDMA/HSDPA, HSDPA
BandGSM 850/900/1800/1900 (Quadband) HSPA/WCDMA (UMTS) 1700/2100
Operating SystemWindows Mobile
Camera5 Megapixel

Supported Flash Memory CardsMicro SD

Battery Capacity1230 mAh
Battery Talk TimeUp to 380 min
Battery Standby TimeUp to 490 hr

Display TechnologyLCD
Diagonal Screen Size4.3 in.

Height121,000 mm
Depth11,000 mm
Width67,000 mm
Weight157 gr

eBay product ID: EPID100022986
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HTC HD2 - Black (Unlocked) Smartphone
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a gorgeous cousin of the renowned Nexus One. We can trace our drool all the

 | Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Created: 09/06/11
Following the Legend, HTC continues its Android 2.1 lineup with the Desire -- a gorgeous cousin of the renowned Nexus One. We can trace our drool all the way back to the Desire's leak in December, but there have been some changes since then that made it slightly less desirable -- DivX support and 720p video capture never made it to the final build, but it's not like the company laid down any official promise on them, right? Anyhow, there's still plenty to be loved here, namely the speedy 1GHz Snapdragon, the large AMOLED screen, and HTC's latest revision of Sense UI that we've already seen on the Legend. Now, there are probably two questions floating in the minds of our readers: is the Desire worth the extra moola over the Legend? And is it any better than the Nexus One? Let's all find out together.

Update: commenter NigelL pointed out that HTC will push out DivX support in a future update. Thanks!
HTC Desire review


The Desire has so much in common with the Nexus One that it feels like we've seen it all before. Spec-wise these two Android 2.1 phones have the same processor, 1,400mAh battery, 3.7-inch 800 x 480 AMOLED screen, 5-megapixel autofocus camera and 512MB of ROM, while externally they have very similar CMF (industrial shorthand for "color, material and finish") and weight (4.76 ounces). As for differences, the Desire packs 64MB more RAM than the Nexus One (512MB), lacks a second mic on the back for noise cancellation (more on this later), and dons physical buttons plus a clickable optical trackpad below the screen. We certainly prefer these real buttons since the Nexus One's touch-sensitive keys do sometimes miss our inputs; on the other hand the Nexus One may offer a better single-hand operation with its keys closer to the screen. Funnily enough, it looks like the Legend has the best of both worlds.

A closer look will also reveal the general structural differences between the Desire and the Nexus One -- in theory, the latter's unibody frame should be stronger than the Desire's old-fashioned assembly, but we haven't dared to apply more force on either solid devices to prove this (unless our good friend Peter Chou gives us his blessing). That said, if you're into hardcore tight jeans, then the stone-cold Legend should probably outlast the other two phones with its greater unibody coverage on the back.

To get to the battery, SIM card slot and the spring-loaded microSD slot, you need to rip open the back cover using the top slit, just like on the Hero. It's not a pleasant experience, as you'll see in the video below -- in the early days it felt like either our fingernail or the cover could break, and we'd kill for a slide-and-pop mechanism like on the Nexus One's smaller cover. Leaving this annoyance aside, both covers have similar "soft touch" suede-like textures -- certainly a warm welcome in the cold mornings, and it gives a comfortable grip as well.

Underneath the cover you'll see that the camera, LED flash and loud speaker are at the same positions on both devices, except for the missing noise-canceling secondary mic on the Nexus One. Are we missing much with just one mic? Not really -- in our comparison test, we noticed that calls made on the Desire (using the same O2 SIM card) are muddled only ever so slightly, and the phone certainly doesn't peeve your ears with distorted background noise as produced by the Nexus One. Have a listen yourself:

While we're on the topic of audio quality: both speakers on the D
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Created: 11/02/11
I had been going the buy a new mobile for some time now, a number of my friends have iPhones which I really liked and were envious of all the apps that are available, but of course that big price tag! So I looked at alternatives and the HTC HD2 looked fantastic and left the iPhone in it's wake. However it is not fair to compare the two mobiles as the HTC is in a different league.
When you first pick up the HD2 you know you have a solid piece of 'kit' in your hand from the nice weight to the size and matals/plastic used in it's construction, then of course there's the screen, how can anyone not be impressed with the size of that screen? Yes I am sorry to say from a personal point of view size does matter, just watch a movie on it and you'll know what I am talking about, of course it also aids very well in navigating through the lovely looking HTC Sence OS and of course WinMo, even with stubby fingers! While we are on the subject of Windows Mobile 6.5 comming from a Palm devise I honestly like WinMo and contrary to what some iPhone and Android owners may tell you there are 1000's of apps out there to download on the more that roomy built in memory, however if you really yearn for Android then there are plenty of stable free and easy installation downloads on the web, which I must admit was my original intention but having now used WinMo I think I'll pass for the time being.
The camera takes very nice and sharp, clear pictures and of course displays them beautifully on that big screen and there are plenty of editing apps to use even before you download them to your PC.
Syncing with my Windows 7 laptop was a breeze as was setting up my WiFi connection and email, well I say setting up the HTC HD2 did most of it for me! The GPS has worked faultlessly evertime I have used it wether for satnav or orienteering, compass work is first class and Google Earth is very impressive.
I do like the way it downloads profile pictures from FaceBook and the social neworking and youTube apps are fantastic and as for browsing the web it's like having a smaller tablet pc and very fast thanks to the 1 Ghz processor.
Sorry to mention the iPhone again, but the one thing that used to annoy me with my iPhone totting friends was every second they were 'fidling' around with the damned things, now I am sorry to say I do exactly the same with my HTC, especially if I am in their presence!
I hope you have enjoyed my little review, I do love this mobile and would happily recomend owning one I was very very lucky with my purchase, thank you p3eps (eBay i.d.) it was like new.
Richard (dousetheflames)
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The iPhone Slayer

Created: 19/10/10
This is my third HTC phone having previously used both the Touch Diamond and later the Touch Diamond 2. But this phone is what I call the "iPhone Slayer". It is jam-packed with every conceivable function that you could reasonably need. Short of making your morning coffee it can pretty much run your daily schedule from it's active calendar and task management systems to birthday reminders. On the communication front, its in-built GPS receiver, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity could easily convince you that the HD2 is anything but a phone until you begin to experience the ultra rich features of its telephony functionality - simply too many to list here.

The MS Office Suite including Word, Excel, and Outlook together with Internet Browsers from MS and Opera as well as Adobe's PDF reader means that you truly have a "mobile office" on the go. Entertainment/recreation - The camera is that good that you might question whether you really do need a separate device. And the camcorder, video and audio (MP3, wav etc.) media players, together with the FM radio mean that you will always find something to keep yourself entertained.

Apps - There are gazillions of Apps that you can buy/and download including all the popular ones that are used on other platforms. But by far the best and most important App of all is the "Microsoft My Phone" (included). Although it does require you to sign-up for a Microsoft Live account (if you don't already have a MSN/hotmail account), you will wonder how you ever lived without it. In simple terms, it automatically synchronises the Contact, Calendar, SMS, email etc data on your phone with your web account so that if ever your phone is lost, damaged or stolen you can have your data restored to your new phone in a matter of minutes to an hour or so without losing anything - absolutely brilliant! In the case of it being lost or stolen you can even send a command from your web account to lock the phone or erase all your private data remotely. It can even give you the location of your phone on a map! Can you beat that?

My only bug-bear is that it could be a little smaller but then they probably would not fit all the functionality into the device and then get it to work so responsively and smoothly - and I must admit that viewing pictures and video on the large screen is a whole new experience from my smaller Touch Diamond 2 and it does make a big difference.

All-in-all a brilliant bit of kit!
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Don't think twice, just buy it!

Created: 14/10/10
Before purchasing, I was debating between an iPhone 3GS and a HTC HD2, I've never heard of anyone having problems with the HTC HD2 whereas you see faulty iPhones all over eBay so I decided on this phone.

Best decision I've made in a while! Best phone I've ever had. The touch screen is responsive and the screen is massive and bright for a phone! When I first got the phone, the software was outdated and there were a few bugs, after downloading and installing the latest software upgrade via USB cable all the creases were ironed out, namely a text messaging issue where my texts weren't being sent a lot of the time and just a general speed-up of the phones software

The build quality is superb, it has a real brushed metal back cover and it feels durable. I may be right in saying this has a glass touch screen too however I could be wrong, either way it's really strong and so far I have had no scratches on it.

It comes with a Micro USB cable and a USB wall charger so you use the same cable to charge and connect to your Macbook/PC and also it has a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can use your favourite headphones in it (I'm so happy I can use my Sennheisers with it! And also I can play music in my car though an Auxiliary Cable to my stereo!)

My best advice is to buy a case when you get this phone, not just to keep it protected but because the phone is so thin, having that extra bit of bulk on the back makes it easier to hold and gives you a better grip on it. I got a white back cover for mine and it's doing a good job so far.

As for the software, it's easy to use and very aesthetically pleasing, with the interactive weather updates and the HTC Sense user interface it takes away the chore of going through hundreds of menus every time you want to access a program.

One of my favourite features on this phone is the fact I can use it as a wifi hotspot (router) to get onto the internet. I just set a network name and password, it connects to the internet with 3G speed and I can connect to it wirelessly using my Macbook (Or any other hardware with wireless capabilities!) Which is very handy when I'm at my college as we don't have a wireless network in our area yet, so my mates just use my phone to connect up their ipod touches, laptops etc :)

The only thing I can say is that the battery that comes with the phone only lasts around a day or so with regular use every few minutes, so you need to keep it charged up however you can buy a higher capacity battery from eBay for cheap

Nothing more to say, just get it, don't think twice!
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Created: 19/01/10
Really big display screen,touchscreen is verfy responsive,processor seems a lot faster than its predecesors,expect this to rival Iphone,been told the Safari browser is better on the Iphone but so far I have found no problems with the HTC browser,the camera is a lot better than the diamond(perhaps not as good as the Ericsson cybershot) but is a lot better than the older Diamond phone.Did read a review somewhere that you sometimes get a bounce when texting but I haven't encountered this so far.Haven't used Facebook or Utube so far.PC synch was smooth and synchronised my contacts first tiome but not sure yet how to read the details copied over from Notes in Outlook,need to look at this.As usual the abilty to check your weather for different locations around the world is very handy.Haven't checked what apps are available yet for this model but from what I've read the Iphone Apps you have to pay for but unsure about this.Unsure if I like the mini USB as per usual the older usb connections do'nt work and you only get one cable with no car charger so thats an extra charge you will need to outlay.Cannot comment on the battery life but do not expect it to be too good as there is a lot of apps on it to run.

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