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King Kong (DVD, 2006, 2-Disc Set)
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Despite his origins as a low-budget filmmaker with a taste for the unsavoury side of life, Peter Jackson has turned into an event filmmaker someone who can conjure up a movie ...Read more
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Modern, exciting & poignant interpretation of a timeless classic
This isn't IMDB so I'll try to keep it simple here, though I love writing about films!

It's a fact to be appreciated that KING KONG goes so cheap on eBay, because ...Read more
Good - but need not have been so long.
I saw this film a week after it came out at my local cinema. Gosh! compared to King Kong 1 & 2, 1 was better than 2 and both better than 3.

Get ready to sit th...Read more
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Product description

Despite his origins as a low-budget filmmaker with a taste for the unsavoury side of life, Peter Jackson has turned into an event filmmaker someone who can conjure up a movie on a scale unlike anything we've seen before. KING KONG is his sprawling, epic remake of Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack's 1933 movie of the same name, and it is as big as the gorilla that runs riot through Jackson's rendering of Depression-era New York. Keeping the simple yet effective plot intact a film crew travels to the mysterious Skull Island, picks up Kong, and brings him back to New York City Jackson expands on this basic premise by drawing on the jaw-dropping talents of his special effects team to satisfy his thirst for the grand spectacle. The movie posits Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow, the starry-eyed blonde beauty whom Kong falls for; Jack Black as Carl Denham, a low-rent Orson Welles look-alike who drags the crew to the island to make his movie; and Adrian Brody as Jack Driscoll, a hack playwright who battles Kong both physically and for Darrow's heart. As the men struggle against Kong and the lumbering dinosaurs of Skull Island, Andy Serkis, who made the character of Gollum so believable in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, steps in to form the facial features of the mighty gorilla, lending a real emotional sucker-punch to the scenes between Darrow and Kong. But it's the final third of the movie where Jackson really delivers; his 1930s New York is stunning, and when Kong breaks free from his shackles and stampedes on a lovelorn trek through the city, then iconically climbs the Empire State Building with his sweetheart, it's impossible to not be swept away by the sheer beauty and sadness of the moment. While its three-hour length may prove daunting to some, the payoff in Jackson's KING KONG is ultimately worth it, proving once again that he is a director of breathtaking vision.

Leading Role 1Naomi Watts
Leading Role 2Adrien Brody
Leading Role 3Jack Black
Additional Roles byKyle Chandler, Thomas Kretschmann, Colin Hanks, Andy Serkis
Director 1Peter Jackson
ProducerPeter Jackson, Ernest B. Schoedsack, Fran Walsh
ScreenwriterPeter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens

Release FormatDVD
Release Year2006
Additional GenreGeneral
Subtitle LanguagesArabic, Icelandic
Running Time179 minutes

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King Kong (DVD, 2006, 2-Disc Set)
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Modern, exciting & poignant interpretation of a timeless classic

 | Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Created: 01/07/11
This isn't IMDB so I'll try to keep it simple here, though I love writing about films!

It's a fact to be appreciated that KING KONG goes so cheap on eBay, because this film is everything a modern masterpiece ought to be and more people should be able to see it for a small price.

While it manages to maintain a thrilling chase across the terrifying, prehistoric utopia Skull Island (which will definitely entertain fans of action or monster movies) the film also balances out its mainly computer animated landscape with it's primary focus: the rather sweet and disastrous relationship between Kong and Ann Darrow, the films deep and lonely heroine.

Truth be told I wouldn't usually go for a film whose star is a giant, CGI gorilla-but its impossible not to fall for Kong.

It's needless to say that allegory abounds in KING KONG, as man and the machine blanket the planet in sky-scraping metropolis's and enter into a love-affair with capturing and recording everything around them. Skull Island and it's prehistoric fauna represent the last of a raw, unprocessed and free world. Kong's death atop the Empire State isn't only an iconic image-it's more than a tad symbolic. Or at least that's my personal interpretation.

Also, in a century where most mainstream film heroines are bland and irritating, Naomi Harris' Ann Darrow genuinely earned my respect. I identify with her frustration at becoming unemployed, which tears her life apart (I bet a lot of us sympathize with that in these times!). She's an actress, whose sole ambition is to share her creativity and her art with other people. And she's also very lonely, all but an orphan. We don't really get to know her all that well as the story unfurls and the location switches fron New York to Skull Island, but I thought Harris was convincingly emotional and I liked her sensitivity.

Back to the DVD: my only complaint is that there aren't enough special features. Jackson & his team put together a fascinating little mock-umentary about Skull Island, and there are a few more interesting things too, like production diaries. But after the plethora of special features provided for LOTR, I was hoping there might be more for KING KONG. I would have loved to have seen the concept art and designs for the film for example! Oh well...

How does the product compare to others? I'm not sure this film can be compared to anything else. It's really quite unique, not only in terms of the experience of watching it (I cried several times!), but also in Jackson's resolve to make it in the first place. I enjoyed LOTR, but KING KONG really made me like Jackson as a director.

Highly recommended!
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Good - but need not have been so long.

Created: 20/05/06
I saw this film a week after it came out at my local cinema. Gosh! compared to King Kong 1 & 2, 1 was better than 2 and both better than 3.

Get ready to sit through 3 long hours. I am sure it was well over 2 hours before they found Kong. zzzzzzzzzzzz

Don't get me wrong the Special FX was bril. But, I am sure everyone said the same thing I did. When are they going to find this Kong, gosh it took them a long time.

I spotted a few errors in the film. The one I thought was so obvious was where Kong's bride to be was tied to the posts waiting for hubby to come and get her. There she was waiting and struggling to get free. She sees Kong, she screams, kicks, (you name it - she done it). Kong comes along and pulls her away form the posts she was tied too. I was waiting for her arms to come off - hehehehehe, but they did not - how dissapointed I was?

Lots od blood, creepy crawlies (yuk), you name it it was there. So if like me you don't like creepy crawlies, make sure to take someone with you or ear plugs then you can close your eyes. I had my coat over my eyes and fingers in ears.

How did they get Kong on the ship, a ship smaller than Kong? Your guess is as good as mine? It would have being nice to have seen Kong in the hull of the ship banging around and trying to break out.
You guessed it - his girlfriend comes along and tries to keep him silent. She then falls in the hull all stary eyed and they then go off to sleep? How sweet!Where is the romance between 'Beauty and the Beast' spoil sports.

If you are a fan of FX - worth going to see it.
No tissues needed at the end, only sorry Kong had to die. It would have being easier to have taken the rich folks to see him in his own surroundings on Skull Island. Well worth the holiday.
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King Kong (DVD)

Created: 06/04/08
A desperate filmmaker and his crew journey to an unmapped island and its jungle hellhole, where they encounter a land riddled with monsters and ruled over by a giant ape. The Lord Of The Rings filmmakers Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh remake the touchstone film of fantasy cinema with the faithfulness of adoring fans
A giant simian hand grabs for Ann Darrow, as famously played by Fay Wray. She opens her mouth and lets out an ear-splitting scream. Welcome to the birth of fantasy cinema.

Starring in the original King Kong (1933), Fay Wray was the damsel who bewitched the enormous gorilla Kong, brought to life by the special effects wizardry of Willis O'Brien, who had earlier created the dinosaurs for The Lost World (1925). A young Ray Harryhausen stumbled out of a screening of Kong, inspired to spend his life crafting stop-motion monsters, most notably the skeleton army of Jason And The Argonauts. These days, Harryhausen lives in West London in a grand, gloomy house with his Oscar, long retired in the age of computer special effects, an age inaugurated by Jurassic Park and its astonishingly lifelike dinosaurs. Its sequel would be titled The Lost World - Jurassic Park, an acknowledgement of Willis O'Brien's epoch-making work all those decades earlier.

King Kong is the Citizen Kane of fantasy cinema. All roads lead from it. In remaking the definitive B-Movie, director Peter Jackson and his writing partner (and wife) Fran Walsh approach it with the care and love of true fans, retaining screeds of dialogue, here and there matching it scene for scene, shot for shot, including the moment when the giant ape reaches for Ann Darrow, here played by Naomi Watts, and she lets out a suitably terrified, histrionic scream.

King Kong has been remade before, by Dino De Laurentiis in the 1970s heyday of the Disaster Movie; the plot was updated for contemporary sensibilities and climaxed not with the giant ape scaling the Empire State Building but with it swinging between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre. From its opening titles, set in Futurist type, Peter Jackson's King Kong winds the clock back to the 1930s, setting his remake in the same period as the original. Mercifully we are to be spared another "reimagining" - as Hollywood calls it when it strips out the guts of an intellectual property and replaces them with a set of mechanical, mass-produced moving parts.

An opening montage introduces us to New York in The Great Depression, a time when former stockbrokers foraged in bins for half-eaten apples and a vaudeville actress like Ann Darrow might have to work as a painted lady in a burlesque if she is not to starve. She is spotted on the doorstep of her damnation by film producer Carl Denham, played by Jack Black. "I am someone you can trust, Ann. I am a movie producer," he assures her. A corrupt cherubim sucking on bottles of whisky for comfort, Denham has a devouring ambition that chows down on talent and money alike, and it is this drive to get his film made that lands him, Darrow and writer Jack Driscoll, played by Adrien Brody, on a boat to remote Skull Island, the last unmapped spot on the face of the Earth.

As it is a remake, it doesn't have the shock Lord Of The Rings possessed upon its release, but this is a beautiful beast of a B-movie, thrilling and touching.
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Amazing film, great value for money, 100% recommend

 | Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Created: 18/01/13
King Kong is one of my favourite movies, it has pretty much everything in it, action, adventure, romance, has a range of sceneries, has alternating scenarios as well as a range of effects used but without overpowering the film. There is nothing that I dislike about this film, every time I watch this film I am always intrigued throughout. Obviously, opinions vary but I will recommend you give this film a watch if you already haven't.

I purchased this product as I have already stated above its one of my favourite films and never owned it on DVD, the price of this product brand new and sealed is really good value especially for a 2 Disc Special Edition.
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Thoroughly tedious

Created: 21/07/07
I do enjoy a good monster movie. Unfortunately, this isn't a good monster movie.

Enter King Kong himself, a giant ape who, to be brutally honest, looks more like something from a Chewits advert than the product of our latest state-of-the-art special effects techniques.

Then enter the characters, who are somewhat over the top and consequently not very believable (and not exactly portrayed by the world's finest actors either), and you have something which will leave most action adventure fans disappointed.

The film is slow to get going, and then once the explorers reach the monster monkey's homeland the action continues at an equally mind-numbing pace. There seems to be little in the way of plot development - the story just lurches from one scene to another and can easily tend to leave you wondering why you bothered.

I feel like one of those grumpy old men you see on TV now, so I'll call a halt to this review, except to say - if you're going to watch it, wait til it's in the cheap rentals section, that way you haven't wasted too much of your hard-earned money on it!
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