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Nikon D70 6.1 MP Digital SLR Camera - Bl...
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Take excellent shots with crisp details and pleasing color accuracy using the Nikon D70 digital SLR camera. This Nikon 6.1 MP camera features a 1.8-inch TFT LCD display that a...Read more
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Nikon D70 Digital Camera
The Nikon D70 is a 6.1mp digital SLR camera. First of all, lets get all this frequently spouted guff about megapixels out of the way. A 6.1mp SLR is adequate for prints of up ...Read more
Great route into Nikon Digital SLR ownership!
Photography has been a hobby of mine for a number of years now and i've always 'made do' with my point 'n' shoot that has various manual options. It became clear thought that ...Read more
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Nikon D70 6.1 MP Digital SLR Camera - Black (Body only)
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Product description

Product Information
Take excellent shots with crisp details and pleasing color accuracy using the Nikon D70 digital SLR camera. This Nikon 6.1 MP camera features a 1.8-inch TFT LCD display that allows you to view the captured pictures. Furthermore, you can even capture fast-moving objects clearly, thanks to a shutter speed of 1/8000 seconds. You can shoot clear photos in dimly lit environments, thanks to this Nikon 6.1 MP camera’s built-in flash. And the red eye effect that is generally caused due to the use of flash is no more a problem, as the Nikon D70 digital SLR Camera has the red-eye reduction feature. Moreover, even novices can take good quality pictures with this black Nikon 6.1 MP camera, as it features several pre-programmed scene modes.

Product Identifiers
EAN0001828901791, 0018208252121, 0018208901791, 018208901791

Key Features
Camera TypeDigital SLR
Sensor Resolution6.1 MP
Screen Size1.8"

Optical Sensor
Sensor Size15.6 x 23.7mm
Sensor TypeCCD

Lens System
Lens For SDBody only
Auto Focus typeTTL phase detection

Max Shutter Speed1/8000 sec
Min Shutter Speed30 sec
Exposure compensation±5 EV range, in 1/2 or 1/3 EV steps
Exposure RangeEV 0-20 ( ISO 100 )
Exposure ModesAutomatic, Programme, aperture-priority, bulb, manual, shutter-priority
Light SensitivityISO 1600, ISO 200, ISO 320, ISO 400, ISO 600, ISO 800
Light Sensitivity Max1600

Camera Flash
Flash TypePop-up Flash
Red Eye ReductionYes
Camera Flash FeaturesAF illuminator, Flash +/- compensation
Flash ModesAuto Mode, Fill-in mode, flash OFF mode, rear curtain sync, red-eye reduction, slow synchro

Memory / Storage
Supported Flash MemoryCompactFlash, Microdrive

Viewfinder TypeOptical
Optical Viewfinder TypeFixed eye-level pentaprism
Viewfinder - Field Coverage95%
Viewfinder Magnification0.75x
Dioptric Correction Range-1.6 to +0.5

Depth7.8 cm
Height11.1 cm
Width14 cm
Weight595 gr

Display TypeLCD
Display RotationBuilt-in
Screen DetailsLCD display - TFT active matrix - 1.8" - colour
Display Size1.8"

Connector Types1 x USB, 1 x composite video output
Expansion Slot1 x CompactFlash Card - type I/II

System Requirements for PC Connection
Operating System SupportedMS Windows 2000, MS Windows ME, MS Windows XP

Battery Description1 x Li-ion rechargeable battery ( included )

File Format
Still Image FormatJPEG, RAW, RAW + JPEG

Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature0 °C
Max Operating Temperature40 °C

Other Features
FeaturesAE lock, AF Lock, Auto Power Save, DPOF Support, Date/Time Stamp, Direct Print, Histogram Display, PictBridge Support, depth-of-field preview button, display brightness control

Shooting ProgramsClose-up, Landscape, Night landscape, Night portrait, Portrait mode, Sports mode
Continuous Shooting Speed3 frames per second

eBay product ID: EPID100243537
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Nikon D70 6.1 MP Digital SLR Camera - Black (Body only)
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Nikon D70 Digital Camera

Created: 10/04/09
Review for: Nikon D70 6.1 MP Digital SLR Camera - Black (Body only)
The Nikon D70 is a 6.1mp digital SLR camera. First of all, lets get all this frequently spouted guff about megapixels out of the way. A 6.1mp SLR is adequate for prints of up to 12x18".
This is not so with compacts, as the actual physical size of the sensor is smaller, making the (more common) imperfections in the lenses and manufacturing errors in the smaller sensors much more apparent. For this reason, a larger sensor is desirable.

I used to use a nikon D40, and I was very happy with the quality of pictures produced. My first thought on upgrading was to go for a D60, which is basically the D40 with a higher resolution sensor. However, as mentioned above, the megapixel issue was not a concern to me, as i doubt whether i will ever print anything bigger than 12x18". The D60 does have a couple of features which the 70 does not. The first is an ultrasonic sensor 'shaking' system to try and dislodge any loose dust on the sensor on startup. These systems rarely, however, tend to work as well as a simple air blower. The d60 does have a higher megapixel count, but this is at the expense of low light performance, noise and colour reproduction. The D60 also has a larger, clearer screen, but this is not an issue for me as i would never depend on the screen on the camera to judge the results of a shot, I would wait until viewing them on a monitor afterwards to judge (with the obvious exceptions of checking whether a subject was in focus, which can be done with a smaller screen)

The main reason i chose a D70 over the D60 was the D70s ability to use any of the many AF compatible lens range. The D60/D40 cameras are very limited as to which lenses they can use and be fully compatible with regards to auto focus and metering.

Another point was the very useful exposure bracketing function, which enables up to 3 exposures to be taken in quick succession, with the camera changing the exposure time/EV in between. This effectively gives you one metered photo, one up to 2 stops above and one up to 2 stops below the metered value, ideal for creating HDR pictures.

D70 over D60 -
- Cheaper
- Feels more 'solid'
- Much wider compatibility with existing lenses and accessories
- Exposure bracketing
- Secondary backlit shoulder LCD, never need to use rear screen while shooting.
- Many more advanced shooting features
- Much better low light performance
- Minimal noise, even when shooting at iso 1600
- Better shutter sound :P

D60 over D70
- Megapixel Myth
- Larger Screen
- Smaller Body (may be an advantage to some, i prefer something to hang on to though, i found the d40/d60 body size a little small for my big paws)
- SD cards are cheaper than CF

All in all I am very happy with the choice I made, by choosing the d70 I saved a significant amount of money, have many more creative options, better pictures, and a wider choice of accessories to choose from.

Remember though, always buy from someone who seems to know what they are talking about, you don't want to recieve a second hand camera full of dust because someone didnt know that you have to put a body cap on it before putting it in a bag! This didnt happen to me, but I saw a lot of these out there without body caps.
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Great route into Nikon Digital SLR ownership!

Created: 17/08/10
Review for: Nikon D70 6.1 MP Digital SLR Camera - Black (Body only)
Photography has been a hobby of mine for a number of years now and i've always 'made do' with my point 'n' shoot that has various manual options. It became clear thought that if I wanted to become a little more serious I would have to delve into the intimidating world of the digital SLR. I didn'twant having a limited budget to mean that I had to settle with a budget camera and I wanted to have a few of the features found in the cameras geared more towards professional useage. So after reading what felt like hundreds of online reviews I decided upon a Nikon D70. This 6.24 mega pixel DSLR appears to be universally loved and having now used it I can whole-heartedly agree with most of what I read before. The camera was released in 2005 where the body retailed on it's own for $999 (Not sure of the 2005 USD/GBP exchange rate!) I picked my used example up for £110, body only.

I picked up a 28-80mm Nikkor lens from ebay for a mere £40, so for £150 i've got myself a truly excellent DSLR setup. Ok, so it doesn't have headline grabbing mega-pixel figures to shout about - 6.24 compare to something like the EOS 550D that has 18! However looking at the quality of the pictures makes you realise you simply don't need them. They're sharp, colourful, vivid, noise free and produce excellent A4 prints. I'm sure you could go a little bigger if required! The features seem endless on this DSLR, the only thing i'm slightly dissapointed about is the lack of port for plugging in a cable release - something the D70s does have. But there is the wireless remote that can provide the same function if you need one. The auto-focus is fast and precise, the startup time is under a second! The menu is easy to navigate and understand and the camera feels great in the hand. It can shoot 3.5 frames per second and will continue to shoot at this speed for as long as there is space on the memory card (I use a Lexar 200x Platinum II). It takes wonderful macro shots as well as sports/action photos too. It really does everything asked of it.

I love using the D70 so much that i'll pretty much find any excuse to fire it up now. I'll no doubt stick with the Nikon family, I certainly don't want to build up a collection of lenses only to have to do it all over again, but with results so good from a 5 year old D70 I have to reason to look at other brands when I do decide to upgrade.

Overall opinion - buy one. There is nothing of comparable quality that you can get at this price. Nikkor lenses may not be the cheapest out there, but look for Sigma and Tamron Nikon fit lenses as an alternative.
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So good I bought one twice!

Created: 09/01/11
Review for: Nikon D70 6.1 MP Digital SLR Camera - Black (Body only)
I originally bought a D70 brand new when they first came out, then sold it on when I upgraded to a D200 with several lenses and accessories. I then sold that and the rest of my kit when finances I have some cash again I decided a camera was something I wanted to have, and a second hand D70 in good condition would probably be ideal. I'm delighted with my purchase, married to the normal 18-70 lens its a wonderful peice of kit.
Pros: cheap compared to buying equivalent spec brand new;
easy to use for a DSLR - can stick it in "P" or one of the modes and shoot all day, or go to Aperture or Shutter priority; good matrix metering system; autofocus (with the designed lens like the 18-70) is good; battery life is fantastic - so much better that the D200; well built in spite of plastic body; light and relatively easy to carry; fast shooter; great quality pictures - don't be put off by "only" 6 MP's it's a top perfomer; only a professional or serious amateur is likely to find it wanting.
Cons: White Balance in auto can be caught out; built in flash is of limited use (the Nikon SB600 is highly recommended if you can run to it); it uses compact flash cards which are not used by many equivalent spec cameras and can be more expensive (though on the positive side are perhaps more robust); no built in dust removal/deterrent facility, which is a feature becoming more popular on lower range cameras.

Note- this is "only" a stills camera, no movie/video.

Summary - I can't recommend it enough - for the price I paid second hand you simply cannot hope to get anything equivalent new.
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Nikon D70 Digital SLR Camera, Pros and Cons

Created: 13/05/08
Review for: Nikon D70 6.1 MP Digital SLR Camera - Black (Body only)
- Six Megapixels is enough for an A3 size print.
- It will takes most of the AF, AFD and AFS lens. On some newer Nikon DSLR (D40, D40x, D60), autofocus will only work on an AFS lens (not AF/AFD. The option to use Nikon AF/AFD lenses will save you lots of money for buying lenses. AFS lenses are more expensive compared to its AF/AFD equivalent. The advantage of an AFS lens are: a) quicker autofocus, b) more silent (less noise), c) there are some VR (vibration reduction) variant of this lens.
- It has a remote flash commander mode, you can use the SB-600/SB-800 as a remote flash.
- It supports Nikon CLS (creative lighting system) using i-TTL mode, fully compatible with SB-600/SB-800 flash.
- It has 2 command dials (one at the front, one at the back, compared to D50 which only has 1 command dial), gives you quicker access to change apperture/shutter speed.
- You can use an optional infrared remote shutter release ML-L3, or you can get the cheaper 3rd party (china copy) for only a fiver. (Fuji S2-pro or Nikon D100 use a cable release, not infrared)
- It has a DOF (depth of field) preview button (D50 doesn't have).
- It has a backlight on its top LCD, usefull for viewing the top LCD menu at dark environment (D50 doesn't have).
- The price is quite cheap compared to its capability. The price range is approximatelly equal to Nikon D50, Nikon D100 and Fuji S2 Pro.

- Will not meter if used with the old Nikon manual focus lens or non-CPU lens. You have to do the metering manually using a handheld lightmeter.
- It doesn't have dedicated battery grip/vertical shutter release (compared to D100 which has an optional MB-D100)

Standard accessories:
- Hotshoe cover BS-1, LCD cover BM-4, eyepiece cover DK-5 (usefull to prevent stray light affecting the image when using the remote shutter release or timer), rubber eyecup, video cable, USB connection cable, Nikon EN-EL3/EN-EL3a battery, Nikon MH-18a battery charger, Nikon Picture project CD, User manuals.
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Nikon D70 Enjoyment

Created: 15/04/09
Review for: Nikon D70 6.1 MP Digital SLR Camera - Black (Body only)
It's the first time that I have purchased a good camera since the 1970s once doing semi professional work, for weddings etc and using 2 1/4" format on a twin lens camera,but at that time the darkroom was in use,with hours spent getting the prints right,and costly chemicals to purchase etc.
Film was expensive so one had to watch what you took with you,and mix in a few diferent ISO Ratings,just in case the weather turned, now it's digital and what a god send that is, one would be hard pushed to know the difference looking at the normal sizes of prints up to 20x16, another great idea being able to set the ISO to a higher one for bad lighting conditions etc.
Well the D70 has it all, some what harder to learn as it has so many features in it, and the hand book is in the usual style that the Japanese are famous for, making you flit from one page, to about 30 pages on, just to tell you what should have been on the same page, so therefor making it difficult to follow at times.
But if you just want to start taking photos set it on P or Auto and fire away,I took a photo from the back door of the garden at night, as we have very small solar lights down the side of the path, having set it on night Landscape I just fired the shutter, the photograph taken was amazing even showing slight detail in the pathway.
It never ceases to amaze me as to just how good the quality of photos are, one could go on all day about the many different settings that it has,and features that were not around in the old days,Nikon have thought of it all, just take it from me go buy one, preferably on e Bay like I did, and get yourself a truly great camera, that is well manufactured, and lenses and quality of photographs to die for.
I look forward to many years of once again enjoying photography, and then Photoshop,so instead of a dark room where the lights are off, I can now have them on, and I can have a cup of tea whilst enjoying altering my shots to suit the moods I wanted to show in them.
To be able to put in a Flash Card and take hundreds of photographs, then what ever you have taken just delete as you go, is a tremendous saving on ones pocket, unlike film where you had to develop it just to find out if it came up to your expectations, then at times having to return and try another shot to get the mood right, you can now look at it and make the judgement there and then, hooray for digital and all its good points.
The D70 has the usual settings on the Mode dial like, :- Auto for snapshots,:-Portrait,:-Landsca​pe,:-Close Up,:-Sports,:-Night Landscape,:- Night portrait:- S Shutter Priority,:-A Aperture Priority,:- M Manual,:- P Multi Programme.
ISO Settings of 200 to a fantastic 1600
Shutter Speeds of 30secs to 1/8000 sec
Built in Flash, Though if you are going to take large areas, you will need to buy another flash unit for it, but the built in one ok for normal photography and will do until you test its range.
Different TTL metering can be asked for through one of its many programmes, Spot Metering, Centre weighted,Etc.
I could go on and on about this camera, best to buy one and Enjoy the thrill yourself of finding out just how many programmes and features it has.
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