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Nokia 6230i - Black (Unlocked) Mobile Ph...
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Flexible, efficient, and powerful: the Nokia 6230i phone shares the same classic design as the popular Nokia 6230, but with revved up features inside.Read more
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Nokia 6230 review: Rich experience
I have been longing for a phone like Nokia 6230 for a long time. All existing models have been made with a lot of compromises: one model was lacking in one thing, another one ...Read more
Nokia 6230i Mobile Phone
The Nokia 6230i, released in the first quarter of 2005, is a few years old now and definitely not at the cutting edge, but is a design classic and still a good phone. The fact...Read more
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Product description

Product Information
Flexible, efficient, and powerful: the Nokia 6230i phone shares the same classic design as the popular Nokia 6230, but with revved up features inside.

Product Identifiers
Family LineNokia
SIM LockUnlocked
MPN 0042714
EAN6417182395482, 6417182395543
TypeMobile Phone

Key Features
Storage Capacity32 MB
Network TechnologyEDGE, GPRS, GSM
BandEGSM 900 GSM 1800/1900
Camera1.3 Megapixel

Supported Flash Memory CardsMultimedia (MMC)

Battery TypeLithium Ion
Battery Talk TimeUp to 300 min
Battery Standby TimeUp to 300 hr

Display TechnologyLCD

Height103 mm
Depth20 mm
Width44 mm
Weight99 gr

eBay product ID: EPID100046800
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Nokia 6230i - Black (Unlocked) Mobile Phone
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Nokia 6230 review: Rich experience

Created: 15/03/11
I have been longing for a phone like Nokia 6230 for a long time. All existing models have been made with a lot of compromises: one model was lacking in one thing, another one was lacking in something else. But Nokia 6230 has everything. This article is meant to inform you about my experience over a few weeks.

You may ask why I did not choose Nokia with Symbian OS. The answer is very simple: it's too big, has insufficient control options, lacks an MP3 player and hasn't got enough power. I also did not like the Nokia 3650 because of its unnatural keys, nor the Nokia 6600 because of its size, nor the N-Gage because of the impossibility to use it with one hand. Nokia 6230 does not feature Symbian, but it does feature everything necessary for a mobile phone.


The Nokia 6230 belongs to the group of mobile phones, called Series 40, which are very similar to one another. Just one platform was designed, and it was given to dozens of Nokia models. The main differences are in the design, whereas the functions are almost the same. In some models something is added; in others something is removed. It is no wonder how mobile phone producers can manage to offer different kinds of phones, each designed for a separate group of users. With its conservative look, Nokia 6230 will not fit in the hand of a teenager, but it will definitely fit in the jacket of a manager or an exacting user, who needs advanced functions. However, I was unpleasantly surprised by the weight - over 100g, but keeping in mind the great number of functions, I could overlook this.

Click on the thumbnails for full resolution pictures.

Conservative form • Size in accordance with the latest tendencies
• Camera on the back panel

Volume control buttons • Power button, also used to switch the profiles • Pop-port

The Nokia 6230 is offered in two colors - light and dark. The form is totally square which is in accordance with the modern tendencies. What lends some color to the modest look is the unique design of the rear panel where the infraport and lens are located. The keys are in a block and there is no space between them. For the sake of change, the middle column is a little bit wider.

Nokia 6230 is offered in two colors

Dark wallpapers? Forget it

The display is pretty small, 128 x 128 pixels, as it is on the other Series 40 models. The small size of the display looks embarrassing at first glance, but fortunately, Nokia interface designers have used the space effectively. There is more information on the display than on other competitive models with bigger displays. The Nokia 6230's colors are bright and clear, thanks to the active display (TFT), a lot better than the STN displays Nokia uses in other Series 40 phones.

The TFT display looks good

The display, as the telephone itself, is very responsive. I haven't experienced such speed in a mobile phone in a long time. Any kind of wallpaper can be set on the display, but if it's too dark the information on it (date, hour, battery) cannot be clearly seen. The letters' color cannot be changed and the only possibility for the customer is to use a brighter image for the wallpaper.

Black wallpaper? Bad idea

Message for everyone

I consider the keys unbeatable. They are not just suitable for writing; they have excellent feedback and print mistakes are pretty much impossible. I was surprised by the lack of the classic red and green symbols on the keys. On the other hand it seems logical, because the key is not
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Nokia 6230i Mobile Phone

Created: 29/06/10
The Nokia 6230i, released in the first quarter of 2005, is a few years old now and definitely not at the cutting edge, but is a design classic and still a good phone. The fact that it's still in the shops more than two years after launch proves that it's got a lot going for it!

The 6230i has a decent 65k screen with a bright active matrix display and a good resolution, although it lags behind newer phones. The 1.3 megapixel camera is acceptable, and the video recorder can record for up to 1 hour.

A welcome feature is the memory card that can be expanded up to 512 Mbytes. This provides plenty of capacity for storing videos and MP3 tracks.

In terms of connectivity, the 6230i has it all: wireless Bluetooth™ capability, plus USB cable and infrared options. Internet access is fast with EDGE high-speed data transfer, and the phone is equipped with an XHTML browser for viewing websites. Email is also available.

There are a range of voice features including voice dialling, voice commands and an integrated handsfree speaker.

All things considered, the 6230i is still a nice phone. There are no real shortcomings with this phone, apart from its age, so if you're looking for a bargain, this could be a good buy (if you can still find it in the shops!)

Features of the Nokia 6230i include:

* Active TFT display with 65k colours, 208 x 208 pixels
* 1.3 megapixel digital camera (image size 1280 x 1024 pixels)
* Video recorder with sound (up to 1 hour recording, format: 3GPP QCIF)
* Video player & music player (MP3, AAC, MPEG4)
* Voice memo recorder ( up to 1 hour)
* MP3 polyphonic ringtones & alerts
* Integrated FM stereo radio
* 5-way navigation key with configurable soft keys
* Animated 3D menu graphics
* Speed dialling, voice dialling, voice commands
* Integrated handsfree speaker
* Caller identification with image
* Messaging: SMS, MMS, email (SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4), instant messaging
* Predictive text
* Push to Talk (PTT)
* Games: 3D Golf and Street Racer, plus Backgammon
* Downloadable Java™ games
* XHTML web browser
* Connectivity: Bluetooth™, USB, Infra-Red
* GPRS class 10, HSCSD, EDGE (speed up to 236.8 Kbit/s)
* Memory: 32 Mbytes internal memory plus MMC card (up to 512 Mbytes)
* Mobile Wallet 2.0
* Vibration alert
* Triband
* Size: 103 x 44 x 20 mm
* Weight: 99g
* Talktime: 3 - 5 hours
* Battery standby: 150 - 300 hours
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A brilliant phone to fit my car

Created: 05/12/07
Want to benefit from a modern cell-phone with many up-to-date features? I bought a used Nokia 6230i on eBay, to do just that.

For the paranoid, my old year-2000 Motorola triband cell-phone may be good for avoiding government surveillance, not having the "benefit" of the modern microchip which instantly tells where it is when asked, it can only be tracked to a single cell instead of to a few metres.

However, it was hard to read with its dull small screen and my fading eyesight, difficult to text with no predictive assistance, unintuitive with its menus, and far too bulky even to attach to my jogging shorts, I have to carry it with me. Did I mention, that it is desperately UGLY, too? Oh, and that it just went "brrr, brrr" when called, the best of its sad choice of ringtones, with no personal option?

My SIM contract is "Pay as you Went", no monthly fee whatever, and they bill me in arrears only for calls actually made, which is not many - my average monthly bill is trivial unless I go overseas and text furiously! I needed a phone which could be unlocked if it was on the "wrong" network.

So you can guess what I liked about this Nokia 6230i replacement! Small, cute, easy-to-read bright screen, easy texting, obvious menus with picture assistance. it works well here and abroad, triband for USA as well as Europe of course. There is a nice bit of Beethoven to alert me to callers, or any downloaded ring-tone I care for. Being Nokia, of course you can unlock it easily. Just a code number to enter, easily found free on the web. Of course it also has a camera, a memory for digital files, connection to the web via GPRS -

- and : Bluetooth.

Why did I choose the Nokia 6230i? Herein lies a story: I had bought a car with Bluetooth!

Like many cars these days, my December 2004 vehicle came fitted with Bluetooth to allow instant wirefree connection to a cellphone inside the saloon, with a switch or two already fitted with which to operate it. The Nokia 6230i is clearly one of the mainstream phones that BMW (and I think Mercedes and other car-makers too) have provisioned-for, they obviously can't do cradles for every phone ever built. They provide an electronic cradle for the 6230i to easily slip into and be directly connected, both to my car's charging electricity and the car's external phone antenna.

Get in the car, slip the phone in its cradle, click it down, drive off. That's all there is to it, the phone is fully functional immediately. Actually, it is fully functional the moment it is inside the saloon, even in your pocket still without being in its cradle, as the bluetooth connection is wirefree - just that you are stuck with the phone's aerial inside the metal car, which is not as good as the external antenna, and the battery doesn't charge.

Get to the carpark, one push-to-release button lifts the phone from its cradle, battery fully charged, and it even slips inside my jogging shorts being so light and small.

I bought the used phone on eBay, there are several Nokia 6230i phones - and others - for sale at any one time.

I bought the BMW cradle on eBay too, the makers charge £60 for a new one, my new one cost £15 on eBay

So: a nice cell-phone with loads of modern features, fits my car - I'm a very satisfied Nokia 6230i user. If necessary, I'll remember the only disadvantage of modern cell-phones, and I'll turn it off to avoid surveillance of my exact location by the government!
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Nokia 6230i Mobile Phone

Created: 08/06/07
This phone is basically an excellent phone and has a lot of great features, but nothing Nokia have made is perfect and this phone is no exception. The biggest grumble for me is the appaling battery life. If you play around with the features such as the camera, video recorder and MP3 player, the battery will die on you in a day, and if you mearly use it for calls and texting, it'll still be dead in two days. One of the negative points I have about the MP3 player is the fact you can't add or remove songs from the playlist on the phone itself. This has to be done on a PC. Another poor point is that while the camera is excellent for a mobile, let alone one this size, I have seen better quality video recording on phones much older than this. I've also had a few occations when the phone has "crashed", usually while in the middle of making a text message, to the point where only removing the battery will turn it off. There are a few very, very minor niggles I have too such as no "Delete all messages" option on the text messaging options (You have to delete the folders one by one) and no "Over right old messages" option either, which means a lot more tiresome manual message deleting. However. Putting these points aside, I love the fact it has an MP3 player, the screen is amazingly sharp, as good as a mini PC monitor, you can use removable data storage in it, which for me is a real bonus as I like to move around files that I can use on a portable device, it (so far) has been able to display any web page I've been to since it has XHTML, the internal speaker is excellent quality considering the size, Nokia have finally got the polyphonic ringtones sounding nice. (Anyone with an earlier polyphonic model such as the 7210, 7250 will know what I mean). And on a silly note, you can finally put seconds into the countdown timer, not just minutes and hours.. :-P
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Nokia 6230 Mobile Phone

Created: 28/10/08
Additional Information about Nokia 6230 Mobile Phone

Key Features
Network Type EGSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, HSCSD
Form Factor Candy Bar
Design Mobile
Digital Camera 0.3 Megapixels Digital Camera

Display Size 128 x 128
Screen Type 65K Colors (TFT)

Installed Memory 6 MB
Expansion Slot Multimedia Card

Technical Features
Antenna Type Integrated
Connectivity Bluetooth, Sync ML
Input Method 5-Way Navigation Pad, Keypad
Talk Time 5 Hours
Standby Time 300 Hours
Digital Camera Resolution 0.3 Megapixels

Other Features
Messaging Formats MMS, SMS
Data Formats MIDP2, WAP 2.0, XHTML
Phone Features Automatic Redial, Caller group profiling, Integrated speakerphone, Photo caller ID, Predictive text input, Speed dial, Voice dialing
Organizer Features Alarm clock, Calendar
Other Features PC synchronization, Screensaver
Applications Calculator, Countdown timer, Currency converter, Games, JAVA Applications, JAVA games, Stopwatch
Multimedia Features Integrated Digital Camera, MP3 player, MPEG4 video playback, Monophonic ringtones, Picture editor, Polyphonic ringtones, Video Player, Video Recorder, Voice recorder
Address Book Capacity 1000 Contacts

Height 10.3 cm
Width 4.4 cm
Depth 2 cm
Weight 97 g
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