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Nokia N8 - 16 GB - Dark grey (Unlocked) ...
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The Nokia N8 is smartphone that gives you all - audio, video, storage, internet access and many more features. The 12 MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics of the Nokia N series sm...Read more
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An excellent alternative to the iPhone
This is the first Nokia I've used in a long while that I'm really very pleased with. The build quality is superb and the materials used have a quality feel to them. Since it i...Read more
Nokia N8 - Very Smooth and Snappy
After using the Nokia N8-00 for a several months I've come to the conclusion that this is the smartphone to lead Nokia forward. It isn't perfect - what is?

Fit and ...Read more

Nokia N8 - 16 GB - Dark grey (Unlocked) Smartphone

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Nokia N8 Black/Grey (Unlocked) - Pristine Condition
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Product description

Product Information
The Nokia N8 is smartphone that gives you all - audio, video, storage, internet access and many more features. The 12 MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics of the Nokia N series smartphone captures crisp images that can be shared immediately. The Xenon flash allows you to have perfect pictures in low-light areas. The Symbian 3 software in this Nokia cell phone provides 250 different features, like HD video playback, widescreen TV, multitasking between applications, etc. The Nokia N8 smartphone has an in-built social networking facility that lets you stay connected to your friends all the time. Download your favorite applications from the Ovi Store of this Nokia N series smartphone. Get on-demand web TV on your Nokia cell phone and watch your favorite channels from wherever you are. The Nokia N8 also assists you with navigations and destination search.

Product Identifiers
Family LineNokia N series
SIM LockUnlocked
EAN4043972123564, 6438158179844, 6438158181489

Key Features
Storage Capacity16 GB
ColourDark grey
Network TechnologyGSM / WCDMA (UMTS)
BandGSM 850/900/1800/1900 (Quadband) HSDPA 850/900/1700/1900/2100

eBay product ID: EPID101778570
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Nokia N8 - 16 GB - Dark grey (Unlocked) Smartphone
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An excellent alternative to the iPhone

Created: 12/11/10
This is the first Nokia I've used in a long while that I'm really very pleased with. The build quality is superb and the materials used have a quality feel to them. Since it is moulded, there aren't a bits and pieces to fall off or break, which only adds to the quality feel. I was also one of the people who thought it looked a bit ugly in the photographs, but in reality, it doesn't! The design that they've used distinguishes it from the iPhone, while still incorporating a screen almost the full size of the phone.

The touch screen is also very good, and I've only experienced the odd glitch with it where a touch would gain no response. Using the touch screen for messaging takes a little bit of getting used to as it's a slightly different layout to my previous Nokia 5800, and it's very easy to hit the wrong key. But after a bit of experience, these mistakes are eliminated. When turned into landscape mode, a full QWERTY keyboard automatically appears.

One of the main features of this phone is the availability of three separate home screens. Personally, I don't see the need for three, but I do find two quite useful - one for personal and one for business. There are very easily changed - a quick swipe of the finger is all it takes. The range of Apps available for the home screens isn't as of yet what I would call excellent, but I imagine this will come with time as this is just a brand new feature. With regards to normal phone Apps, there are certainly plenty of these, the majority of which are free.

Preinstalled on this phone is flash player lite, meaning flash videos can now be watched, which as of this date, is something that can't be done with the iPhone as it doesn't support flash. Quickoffice and Adobe Reader are also installed meaning it's no hassle to edit and create documents on the move. An added bonus on this is that a USB drive can be connected to this phone via a supplied lead, meaning that even documents created at home or in the office can be edited, even when you aren't near a computer. It's also near enough impossible to get lost due to the inclusion of a free sat nav.

E-mail also is no problem to the phone as these can be downloaded automatically - the frequency can be changed from the instant they arrive in your inbox to every 24 hours. Obviously, this decreases the battery life when it is constantly connected, so I have set mine to check daily. This means that I'm normally getting around 2-3 days out of one charge which I deem to be very good, considering the sheer range of applications and features which are included.

The 12MP camera is probably Nokia's most hyped up feature, and I would have to say that it really is an excellent camera. While it may not match up to some of the top of the range compacts, I'm sure it's not supposed to. But it comes pretty close! Colour and definition are really good, and certainly come out well on a computer screen. HD Video is also an option, and this can then be shown on your TV via the HDMI port.

So,overall, this is certainly a phone that is designed not to disappoint. In the couple of weeks that I've had it, I've only experienced a few minor freezes with the software, and it has recovered itself after a few seconds. While it may have taken them a long time to release it, I'm glad they held back in doing so, so that most, if not all of the bugs could be ironed out. Hence, if you are considering an iPhone, consider this as well! It hasn't disappointed me, and that comes from someon
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Nokia N8 - Very Smooth and Snappy

Created: 16/10/10
After using the Nokia N8-00 for a several months I've come to the conclusion that this is the smartphone to lead Nokia forward. It isn't perfect - what is?

Fit and Finish - This is probably the best put together and flawless looking mobile device I've ever purchased. The few buttons work well with good feedback. The phone is solid, an advantage of not having a traditional battery cover. The HDMI port cover is cheap; microUSB port is coverless.

Display - 3.5 inches of OLED richness. I was able to compare Angry Birds screens directly between the N8 and the Nokia N900. The colors are much more saturated in the N8's rendition.

Ease of Setup - Setup was a bit more complicated than I anticipated. Setting up the WiFi was a chore. Had to use Ovi Suite to transfer contacts, etc. because the switch phones application did not play well with my Nokia N900. Switching SIMs for different carriers proved to be seamless for web and MMS support.

How Does It Work? - The phone behaves very well picking my wireless network over my 3G connection whenever needed. The N8 doesn't even ask - it simply picks the right connection. By the way, that is a "wireless N" speed connection. Very fast. The user interface is very fast and reliably so. UI saometimes hangs for several seconds about once a day. Annoying but not an issue.

The Touch screen - The capacitive screen is responsive but not as precise as a resistive screen. I like the subtle but distinct vibration feedback. This is a much sweeter and tuned vibration than on previous Nokia touch screen devices and much nicer than the Samsung touch feedback. Multi-touch works well.

The Display - OLED and very bright, smooth and saturated. 3.5 is as big as I'd want to carry around regularly. The resolution is typical Symbian (360 x 640), which is to say not nearly enough pixels on that just right sized screen.

Using It - This is an incredibly snappy device. It does what you want when you want it to. It multitasks, it is easy to switch to or close open applications. Application installs are simple. The on-screen keypad and on-screen full QWERTY keyboard work well. I use the optional Swype keyboard which makes a good trhing better. Enjoyed playing a movie, complete with surround sound, via the HDMI port directly into my TV and home sound system. This is the "convergence" we've been hearing about for 15 years. This is a smooth operator. E-mail, SMS, MMS all work well with no problems. The SMS and MMS interfaces are easy to use and produce the desired results.

Camera- I see very few artifacts in my well lit photos. Xenon flash is bright and even. Images look fabulous on the device. Video is quite good. None of the choppiness or hesitation I've seen in other cell phone (N900) video shooters. It all looks great on a big screen TV in native 720p resolution.

Summary- Apart from the occasional ten second hang I've not seen any weird or unwanted behavior. It works like you want it to. Fast, concise, intuitive at times. Sometimes you have to wonder "what were they thinking?" but for the most part this is closer to ideal than any other smartphone.
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Nokia N8 - Must Have

Created: 02/02/11
After having a HTC Legend, which was a phone i liked, but hated the poor camera quality on it and trying to do things on the web was soooo slow, i started to review others as i use the camera facility a lot with my children. I discovered the N8 with its 12 megapixels and decided that was the one.

Trawling through reviews on various sites i became a bit hesitant as many people were complaining about poor battery life, crashing, freezing, being slow, and the charging plug not fitting into a home socket properly!!! I slowly began to regret my buying one, so quickly, on ebay.

But i was worrying over nothing, I LOVE IT!!

The camera facility is fantastic, the pictures are so crisp and the HDMI is a dream to use. It has never 'crashed' or 'frozen' and the battery life obviously depends on what you are using and for how long, but for me, i'm never having to charge it the same day as my husband does with his iphone, and i have no idea what the whole plug thing was about!?.

Its a sturdy but sleek, good looking phone available in various colours. 3 home screens which you can fill with lots of different application widgets. Ok so OVI doesn't have as many apps as the iphone or android yet, but when i've been looking for something, its usually appeared the next week and its increasing all the time.

The touch screen is really responsive, email is easy to set up and use as are social networking sites, the Options button on the main home screen which allows you to see what applications you've left open, is a really good idea as you can easily close things and help conserve your battery. Using the web is quick and simple. The music player is great, i could go on and on its just a joy to use.

If you're thinking about getting one, but haven't made your mind up yet, just DO IT!! I did and i've not looked back.
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Everything on one handset, impressive phone

Created: 06/01/11
My wife had one and I felt I needed an upgrade to my beloved N95 and N95 8gb which over 5 years I'd held a few, it was hard to part with them as they seemed to have everything I needed and the TV playback

The N8 is a great touch phone with an amazing HD camera / video recorder, menu has all the simplicity on Nokia and everything is easily laid out and accessible, the phone speak and hearing is faultless and very crystal, speakerphone is also very clear as we use it alot when the kids hear people calling and chat to them.

The phone has wireless although I am directed onto 02 when I try to connect, bit of a rip off as I don't use the net much on it and 02 can be extorionate on their prices, so not sure how to get wireless use without 02 butting in, the phone has lots of tones and themes and they look good on wallpaper and a I love the large clock screensaver which is visible without having to touch the phone to light it up.

Not a very slim phone like the X6 which my son has, so it is only just the size of a shirt pocket which I use for work, wouldn't like to damage it in the pocket as it isn't as robust as the old N95 or the like, but it does have the neck strap attachment unlike some phones now, address book is great but at first I found it hard to scroll without touching it as it was sensitive and kept bringing up a name I didn't want, so use the end to scroll.

Comes with the HD lead which will playback through TV and it is very impressive, HD quality video recordings and again I can record them all on a DVD recorder with all the pictures.

I give it 9/10 just for the fact it has everything and more than you could want and minus 1 due to the size and not a pocket storing phone
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Nokia N8

Created: 13/11/10
To start with the product review, this Nokia is offering a touch screen, 12MP camera with HD recording. So far this phone has been the best in photo capturing and editing compared to any phone out there. The touch screen is really easy to use and programmes open on immediate respond. Like every other smart phone you get wifi, fast internet connection and to offer customers more they have also provided users a HDMI connection to TV and the ability to watch movies on your phone at a high quality and reasonable speed.
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