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Nokia N95 - Deep plum (Unlocked) Smartph...
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It's GPS. It's a photo studio. It's a mobile disco. It's the World Wide Web. It's anything you want it to be. Explore the Internet with 3.5G ease. Navigate the world with inte...Read more
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N95 - what a great mobile phone!!
I don't work for Nokia or sell Nokia items here on eBay or anywhere else.

This has go to be one of the best mobile phone buys on eBay. Unlocked phones are usually s...Read more
N95 8G and honnest review.
Ok, im not going to go through all the feature this phone has, as this info is easy to find. Im going to look at some pros and cons that may or may not effect you.

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Product description

Product Information
It's GPS. It's a photo studio. It's a mobile disco. It's the World Wide Web. It's anything you want it to be. Explore the Internet with 3.5G ease. Navigate the world with interactive maps and purchasable local city guides. Download your favorite music tracks. And capture it all with 5 megapixel clarity and Carl Zeiss optics. Experience the true power of multimedia computing with the Nokia N95 multimedia computer.The Nokia web browser with MiniMap allows you to view web pages as they were originally intended. You can browse the entire page and then zoom in to the content you need. Connect with the world instantly with the Nokia N95 multimedia computer. It's a 3.5G device featuring wireless LAN technology, quadband GSM (850/900/1800/1900) and WCDMA, keeping you connected on up to five continents. Send e-mails at speed. Play your music or screen your photos and videos straight from your device to your compatible home electronics.With a simple slide you unlock the power of multimedia computing. The Nokia N95 was designed for you to seamlessly shift between browsing the web, snapping great photos, grooving to your favorite tunes and watching videos. Slide to reveal the dedicated media keys and slide back to access the numeric keypad.Live in the moment. Then re-live it again and again. The Nokia N95 brings mobile photography to high art with a 5 megapixel camera, Carl Zeiss optics, auto focus and flash. Compose your images beautifully in the impressive 2.6" display and fire away. And post your collection straight from your device to Flickr so no memory goes unshared. For a more cinematic experience, shoot your most spontaneous stories in DVD-like quality video at up to 30 frames per second. You might never want to lug your home movie camera around again.Plan your route, find your way home and get to know places you've never visited with integrated GPS mapping. Fly over more than 100 countries, zoom to street level and get the low-down on more than 15 million locations around the world. Discover the secrets of cities around the world with purchasable city guides. The world is a big place, it's time to start exploring.

Product Identifiers
Family LineNokia N series
SIM LockUnlocked
MPN 0037160

Key Features
Storage Capacity160 MB
ColourDeep plum
Network TechnologyEDGE / GPRS, GSM/HSDPA
BandGSM 850/900/1800/1900 (Quadband) WCDMA (UMTS) 850/1900
Operating SystemSymbian OS
Camera5 Megapixel

Supported Flash Memory CardsMicro SD

Battery Capacity950 mAh
Battery Talk TimeUp to 390 min
Battery Standby TimeUp to 228 hr

Display TechnologyLCD
Diagonal Screen Size2.6 in.

Height99 mm
Depth21 mm
Width53 mm
Weight120 gr

eBay product ID: EPID100013391
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Nokia N95 - Deep plum (Unlocked) Smartphone
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N95 - what a great mobile phone!!

Created: 25/04/10
I don't work for Nokia or sell Nokia items here on eBay or anywhere else.

This has go to be one of the best mobile phone buys on eBay. Unlocked phones are usually selling for around £100 with box, leads (USB & TV), headset, earphones, hands free kit and sometimes the car charger, additional mini SD memory and even the mounting kit for your car as well.

If you can hang on for the right auction then you can get everything you might need if you can't and just get the standard kit the no worries as the cost of any replacement item for all parts of the phone are cheap and readily available including replacement screens (with fitting kit), cables, batteries and cases etc. This is a highly supported phone!

Available for many bands, G3, Quad Band, EDGE - with the Quad band being the best for maximum reception, regardless of your network provider.

The phone itself is feature rich so much so I will only cover the items I really like but there are many more:

- GPS system
The maps are sometimes included and working when you buy the phone and these can be Garmin or Google but you can download every Map for FREE for every country in the world via the OVI PC software, which you can download online from the Nokia website

For a £7 yearly subscription you can also have drive to navigation (including voice) which will replace your standard SatNav device. Worth every penny! A further £7 a year gives you traffic information - perhaps not so valuable as you will be charged for Data by your network provider. Depends on your package.

If set up correctly your Nokia 95 will pick up its position faster than your SatNav! There are websites which tell you how to do this but simply just use Assisted & Intergrated GPS.

- The 5Mpix camera and video outstanding quality and the TV lead allows you to play your captured items direct on your TV

- With an 8Gb memory card you can fit 1000 music tracks, all the OVI maps, your text's, images/movies etc easily with space to spare

- The music features of the phone are fabulous. Access music from the slider menu rather then the software menu is a great idea. The software can be set up to play randomly from all the tracks, an album or even a playlist you create. There are loud, wide and even equaliser functions!

- The PC Software as I have said can be downloaded from Nokia (OVI) free of charge and you can sync your contacts, music, texts and images/videos with ease. You can also update the firmware and backup your whole phone as needed.

- Many of the additional applications you might want are free from Nokia

- Wireless internet using your work, home or public free access points provides free data transfer keeping costs down

I've used mobiles since they became available on the market and this is the best I've seen. Some might complain about the size of the screen others because it is not a touch screen but these phones have their downsides as well.

Nokia really do know how to look after their phone users, even if you don't like the N95 it is worth every penny to buy a Nokia because of the facilities on their website.
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N95 8G and honnest review.

Created: 15/12/08
Ok, im not going to go through all the feature this phone has, as this info is easy to find. Im going to look at some pros and cons that may or may not effect you.


This phone is built well, has a good sliding action with some nice nifty lights behind the media control buttons. The UI is well layed out and can be customized to fit your needs.

The screen size is quite big, yet the battery life is very fair while playing movies. Dont beleave some reviews that say your get hours appon hours of movie playback, its not the case, but still prety good for a few hours on full charge.

The Camera buttons are located well with a nice real camera feel about it. The focus is very fast, and quite accurate. 5MP camera is prety good for a phone athough its not always about size, its the CCD quality and lence, that counts more than mega pixels. The Carl Zeiss lence is found on the N95, N95 8GB plus the N82. Indoor shots apear faily noisy regardless of settings used for ISO levels. Out door shots are good quality and sharp. I wouldnt replace either the Cannon A70 or A620 for this camera, or do I think they should be compared, only I do have these two cameras. The older Cannon A70 which is rather cheap now produces much better indoor shots due to its better flash output.

For the size of the Phone its not a bad camera. The video footage is nice and smooth at 30fps. Again indoor lighting will show up alot of noise, its no fully fledged mini DV recorder, but its quick, handy to have, and not bad results if your out and about.

I found the UI a bit slow in responce as to other phones. This could be due to the shear number of features that can be installed, and lags things a little. A core player is avalible and Divx stand alone player can be installed which both play all major formats. The screen is very sharp and clear for video playback.

The sound is very good, better than my laptop. The built in Radio requires the headphones supplied to be pluged in to get a signal. The headphones act as a arial. Very cool feature. Mp3 player has all the sorting features you would expect from a high end phone.

The software avalible for this phone is plenty, and makes this phone much more than justa smart phone, its more like a mini computer. Added to the fact that you can use a Bluetooth keyboard as well.

The GPS iv had issues with. I find that I have to re lock the GPS satalite every time to get any connection. You need open sky above you, or a window you can stand by to get a signal. The Nokia maps supplied are cool, but dont expect to have a free sat nav on a phone, you still have to pay for a licence which realy makes this a very expensive Sat nav. You will get a trial if brught from new, but as soon as that ends your be requested to perchase a licence. I think its £6 per month and about £59 per year, you can buy a stand alone sat nav for about £69.

The wireless internet works well, which is easy to setup.

Sat Nav is not free, the GPS function is, which dont include the unlimited software usage for voice navagation.

Camera pictures in doors are noisy, the flash could be better. There is no lence cover! why not add one, very odd?

This phone is not small, its quite chuncky, but feels comftable in pocket.

The UI feels slugish at times,make sure you close apps as they dont close when opening others. The sat nav has crashed and cause freezes which required the battery to be removed.
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Nokia N95 THE BEST PHONE EVER ( well probably)

Created: 12/08/08
I think from the title you might gather a bit...That I just love this phone
These phones are awesome
Camera is perfection you wont need to carry a camera & a phone if you go on hols trust me....I use mine now for all my ebay picture
The video quality is as good as a lot of cheap digital cameras if not better to be honest
The MP3/4 player is exceptional quality as well
Signal when it is in its dual mode setting especially is just mind blowing...BUT be warned it eats the battery so only use that toy in areas of BAD reception.. turn it on with no bars on your phone & watch it get a signal BRILL....The Life blog is a must it holds store & reviews what you have done every day...handy I tell you there are toys & gizmos galore including a ring tone swirly spready sorta sound thingy which you will find eventually hidden oh somewhere....wanna impress your mates in the pub..I got a Scottish pipe band marching around a parade ground on would think they were in the room its loud enough & it sorta stereo widens & throws the sound HOW such tiny speakers do that is mind blowin....Put it this way you will NEVER miss a phone call by saying you ain't heard the ring tone loudest phone in the world if you want it....
I could go on & on BUT just buy one....only tiny problem can be battery life BUT heck do what I have buy a couple of spare batteries takes two seconds to add another & my mates have got used to me saying S**T batteries gone I will ring you back
This is now added I have just upgraded the software from Nokia's site....heck this gets better. NOW it has added a whole host of NEW features.The camera will hold still more ...have thrown my digital in the bin this phone is now my camera having just looked @ our CRETE videos they are awesome best yet I am up to 867 full music tracks.... 2000 + PIX.... 245 videos & still loadsa memory left......JUST LUV IT
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Not just user-friendly, but PC-friendly — find the perfectionist in you

Overall rating:
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 | Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Created: 11/10/08
As a big Nokia fan, I can honestly say this is pure advancement — particularly with regards to battery life above the regular N95 (which I have also owned). The attention to detail and user-friendliness does it for me. Contact labels (e.g. fax, mobile, home...) are fully customizable so you can add your own label if a contact has several numbers (e.g. 2 business nos.). Everything is fully changeable and customizable on this phone (e.g. you can disable the prompt to upload your photo to Orange after looking at a preview of your photo — I found this annoying and was easily able to disable it). The camera and settings are so advanced, and the quality amazingly crisp (even better when viewed on PC) — so much so, that I don't have a separate digital camera anymore. The 8GB version also has the additional self-timer of 20secs. PC/Mobile synchronization is smoothly accurate and there are no software glitches, or additional alterations needed where words/numbers have been missed or mis-categorized. Standby screen options include being able to view upcoming calendar entries/to-dos, which I find handy. Although it is the same size as the original N95, the screen is slightly larger. No need for a MicroSD™ card; 8GB is ample. I rate having a normal button keypad highly above a touch screen — I made a brief disloyal switch to LG, and something I found irritable about the touch screen on the Viewty was having no alpha display on the keypad during a call, which made automated password prompts difficult to enter — by the time you have figured out which letter is on which number key, you have to start over again, as your password has been recognized as invalid. You must keep the software version up to date so the battery life does not fall short of its full potential. Ergonomically fashioned and considerably light, with easy dual slide action — for keypad/media controls — this stylish technology-packed little gem sits neatly in the palm of your hand. This truly is a handset for the gadget guru, photographer, and PERFECTIONIST.
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A fantastic mobile phone

Created: 06/01/09
I will not go into details about the feature list of this phone. I will just write about my personal experience. I am using this excellent phone for the following tasks (in decreasing order of importance):

1) Phone. This includes, calls, messaging, and alarm clock.

2) Satellite navigation. This is the feature, which made me buy this phone. Nokia's beautiful car charger DC-9 is now readily available for half price. Combine it with Garmin's excellent sat-nav software, and you have an extremely handy solution in your pocket. It is not only useful in the car, but also when you are on foot and looking for some place. Having a sat-nav device in your pocket is a big plus. I have to mention that the GPS reception of this phone is amazing. Using A-GPS it locks down the satellites very quickly, and the reception is quite robust. While travelling in my friend's car, who had TomTom sat-nav installed, this phone picked up the signals much faster than the dedicated navigator.

3) Internet via wifi or over the data network. At home, I really like browsing youtube using it. It is also quite good for checking emails, facebook and reading the news websites, if you like to do that kind of browsing.

4) Music.

5) Video recording. The quality of the clips is surprisingly good (640x480). I like recording shorter videos, of around 1 minute in length as they can be easily sent via email.

6) ScummVM. Playing old LucasArts adventures on this phone has some nostalgic value. Although without the touch screen, it is not ideal.

Overall, I am very pleased with this phone. It weighs very low, when you hold it in your hand. Buying on ebay was nice, as I could get the new phone for significantly less price. I would highly recommend it to anyone, who is looking for a single device for many tasks.
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