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Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play - Black (Unloc...
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The Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play with slide out game controls making gaming easy. Powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread, this Sony Ericsson Play mobile phone lets you access all Goo...Read more
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Good First Attempt at a Playstation Phone
I’ve had this phone for about a two months now so hopefully I can give a reasonable review.

First off the design is very good, phone is quite heavy but I like that ...Read more
A good entertainment system, oh and you can make calls with it.
The system is pretty good, Everything you expect from a phone is there and the gaming side is also above average.
This is my first android phone and I am pleased.
<...Read more

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play - Black (Unlocked) Smartphone

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play R800i  Black (Unlocked) Smartphone Gaming Device
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Product description

Product Information
The Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play with slide out game controls making gaming easy. Powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread, this Sony Ericsson Play mobile phone lets you access all Google applications with ease. The battery of this Sony Ericsson cell phone allows long hours of work and play. The screen of this Sony Ericsson mobile phone displays graphics crisply. The 5 MP camera of this Sony Ericsson cell phone enables you to capture your moments. On the whole, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play is a multifunctional smart phone with a phenomenal gaming experience.

Product Identifiers
BrandSony Ericsson
Family LineSony Ericsson XPERIA
SIM LockUnlocked
MPN 1247-2959
EAN7311271317579, 7311271317784

Key Features
Storage Capacity512 MB
BandWCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900
Operating SystemAndroid
Camera5.1 Megapixel

Supported Flash Memory CardsBuilt-In Memory, Micro SD

Battery Talk TimeUp to 505.2 min
Battery Standby TimeUp to 425 hr

Display TechnologyFWVGA
Diagonal Screen Size4 in.

Other Features

Height119.38 mm
Depth60.96 mm
Width60.96 mm
Weight11.06 gr

eBay product ID: EPID101862270
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Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play - Black (Unlocked) Smartphone
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Good First Attempt at a Playstation Phone

 | Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Created: 06/07/11
I’ve had this phone for about a two months now so hopefully I can give a reasonable review.

First off the design is very good, phone is quite heavy but I like that only thing I would change is the L and R shoulder buttons are positioned awkwardly, They look nice when the phone is closed but when using them in a game can sometimes be hard to access.

I would also tilt the screen slightly when sliding the phone open, even if only by 20◦ it would make a big difference.

The volume switch is backwards when playing a game. As you turn the phone sideways upwards becomes left but on the screen the volume bar goes right, not a big problem just something I noticed.

As the phone is still new I can’t report any operating problems but I do feel the phone will seem slow and out-dated in a year or so I’m not sure why they developed a gaming phone and put a single core processor in it when the Galaxy S II is already using dual-core. Also the internal memory is only 400mb, a lot of the apps require being stored on internal memory I’ve not installed many and I only have 100mb left internal.

With the interface I think 2.3 is great, because it being android if you do not like something about the phone there are many different apps to change the features, such as desktop, keyboards and message centre etc...

Only hardware feature that is lacking (other than the processor) is the poor 5M camera, there is an HD camera mod for the phone but I’m still not impressed with the results. But if you have decided to buy this phone you are probably like me and will never use the camera anyway.

The control pad is great there are many optimised games for it already, most the official games for it are either exact ports of old PSone games or android games that have already been mapped to the controller for you. It can be confusing because there are two different app stores for games then there is the android market for everything else. It’s good for running emulators of old consoles not just the PSone but N64, SNES, Megadrive etc all work well, this could be a reason why the phone is so popular.

It’s a shame it’s a step behind the PSP, the phone does not currently support the Playstation network and I don’t think it’s powerful enough to support the majority of PSP games, but I could be wrong.

Apart from those small improvements that will hopefully be in the Xperia play v2.0 the phone is great, I am happy with it. Battery life is good as long as you have Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and Data roaming off and just turn them on as and when you need them battery can last up to two-three days (realistically) as long as you are not constantly browsing all the time. But if you do use the phone constantly e.g. for gaming expect it to last no more than 6-8 hours.

Overall I think this phone is great if you would like to use it to play games and music it will do both of these very well whilst still being a very practical phone.

If you’re satisfied with occasionally playing angry birds (which I’ll add all versions are free on android market) then there are more powerful Android phones out there already which you should consider.

I believe the only difference between the play and the arc is the control pad and arc has an 8M camera, other than that they use the same chipset and software.
Also Android>Windows>Apple>​;Blackberry is my advice on mobile phones but the decision is yours.
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A good entertainment system, oh and you can make calls with it.

Overall rating:
Feature ratings
Ease of use
Battery life
Value for money
 | Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Created: 07/04/12
The system is pretty good, Everything you expect from a phone is there and the gaming side is also above average.
This is my first android phone and I am pleased.

First off about it being the PlayStation phone.
I am a bit disappointing that it doesn't play the games as well as I have hoped. So far I have converted two of my favorite PS1 titles. SoulBlade and G-Darious.

Both play very slow with sound enabled no matter what emulator I use. One emulator I tried cant even emulate the sound so there is none however the game play, the fps is normal as expected. however its also the sweet epic sounds and BGM of the titles that blew me away many years ago.

It could be that I'm doing it wrong as I have not yet researched enough so don't let it put you off.

-The Screen-
I found the screen to be highly sensitive, comparing it to my Ipod and my sisters android. A single tiny tap does the job so really pleased. On the other hand I find typing really difficult. I spend more time correcting the typos etc than actually writing the words. I have a small hand/thumb too. Again I am new to these android phones so its going to take a lot of getting used to. The back light is pretty good and I only need to keep mine at 50% its bright enough.

As far as an android phone goes there are plenty of better android phones out there, as expecting though since the Xperia Play is a couple of years old now.
However for the price, I got mine for £160, you cant go wrong.

The phone is quite heavy and it takes some getting used to. The phone does look like a phone meant for gaming however and is easily distinguished between other phones. The L and R buttons I find are fine, I do have small hands, its the sound buttons that annoy me slightly. I bought an armour cover case to bulk up my phone and at times the covering does not sit properly. The little sound buttons get covered at times, or worse the cover presses the buttons down resulting in maxed volume or no volume. Easily fixed through adjusting slightly but does get annoying.

The camera is 5 mega pixels but I find it a bit weak, pictures are not clear enough especially the videos. However im not much of a camera person so it doesnt bother me much.

-Battery Life-
I find the battery life to be poor. Comparing it to my old k800i and C510, however I may be wrong comparing a powerful android phone to these old usual phone models. I have to charge the phone daily and I only play the normal android games on it for a few minutes here and there.

-The package-
The box comes with everything you would need as usual with a nice 16gb memory card to go with it. However if you plan on having a few games on there you would definitely need an upgrade. I'm already thinking of getting a 32mb card or so. The earphones I find an odd design but I guess I'm just used to the usual ones.

All in all I'm very pleased with my upgrade. The phone is a powerful handheld entertainment system, its bulk and weight is a constant reminder that it is a powerful and necessary addition to my life, which I feel naked without.

If your into gaming and are looking for an upgrade to you average phones, then look no further. For its price and value, it will not disappoint.
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One of the best phones iv used in a long time ..

 | Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Created: 23/08/11
Xperia PLAY delivers the smartphone functionality that the most serious power users could need, teamed with the immersive gaming experience that any gamer would want.

In portrait mode, the Android smartphone offers all the benefits that users have come to expect from Sony Ericsson's existing range of Xperia smartphones with best-in-class entertainment experiences, a great 5 megapixel camera, a brilliant 4" multi-touch screen and great social networking features.

However, slide out the gaming control and users enter a new world of immersive mobile gaming. The slide out game pad reveals a digital D pad, two analogue touch pads, two shoulder buttons and the four PlayStation icons: circle, cross, square and triangle. Qualcomm's optimized Snapdragon processor with a 1GHz CPU and embedded Adreno GPU graphics processor deliver silky smooth 60fps play-back 3D mobile gaming and Web browsing with minimal power consumption so Xperia PLAY users can enjoy long hours of battery life and game time.

In the Box
Xperia PLAY
Stereo portable handsfree
16GB microSD memory card
Micro USB cable for charging, synchronisation and file transfer
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if you want games on your phone, then look no further.

Overall rating:
Feature ratings
Ease of use
Battery life
Value for money
 | Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Created: 14/10/11
if your a gaming fan then this phone is a must. although, there is a lot more to the phone than just gaming. Android market has a great selection of apps and games (a lot of them free)but also there is an xperia play dedicated games store. A 5.1mp camara with flash and many other modes lets you take pics and shoot video anytime, anywhere. but the best feature (for me) is the slide out playstation style controller, complete with shoulder buttons and touch pad joystick controls in the centre. the only downside is the battery life isn't the greatest (when gaming anyway) but xperia play comes with 2 spare batteries so you can always have a fully charged battery at hand. the surround sound is great, and even better with the supplied headphones. clear, crisp and large touchscreen gives you excellent control over your device. xperia play is also wi-fi enabled, bluetooth and also has a sat-nav feature. there is also a lot of small features and touches that are too numerous to mention, but add to the quality of this fantastic bit of kit. all in all the xperia play is a awesome phone packed with excellent features.
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A gamers phone that will please but not astound.

 | Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Created: 03/07/11
The games available are excellent and better than DS games. The phone is good overall and all the Gingerbread faults have been fixed. I prefer the android operating system to Iphones and the phone is just as good if not better. There are 1000's of fantastic free games and apps and you can play all your MP3's. Generally an excellent phone apart from the brightness of the screen, to save battery life this is a bit duller than my previous ZTE Blade phone. Hopefully an update will correct this and let me set the brightness higher. 4/5
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