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Sony MDR-V700DJ Headband Headphones - Me...
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These Studio Monitor Series headphones incorporate high-end materials and advanced engineering to produce critically clean, exceptionally clear sound for professional and high...Read more

Sony MDR-V700DJ Headband Headphones - Metallic Silver

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Product description

Product Information
These Studio Monitor Series headphones incorporate high-end materials and advanced engineering to produce critically clean, exceptionally clear sound for professional and high fidelity applications. Swivel earcups enable single-sided monitoring for DJ and remix applications. Listen to house sound with one ear while you cue up the next track with the other. An auto return swivel mechanism brings the earcups back to the standard listening position, giving you one less thing to worry about. The 50 mm diameter drive units deliver reference-grade sound and enable superior power handling with deeper bass, lower distortion and wider dynamic range. The frequency response extends down to an extraordinary 5 Hz. 3000 mW power handling means these headphones can handle the most stringent professional applications, standing up to day-in, day-out use at very high output levels.

Product Identifiers
UPC027242545458, 0840356507903, 27242545458, 4901780526949

Fit DesignHeadband
Sensitivity107 dB
Frequency Response5 Hz - 30 kHz
Impedance24 ohms
ColourMetallic Silver
Connectivity TypeWired
Cable Length3.05 m
Driver Unit Size50 mm
Plug Type3.5 mm, 6.35 mm
UseDJ, Home Audio & Hi-Fi, Studio & Musician

Weight300.51 gr

eBay product ID: EPID57350236
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Sony MDR-V700DJ Headband Headphones - Metallic Silver
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Sony MDR-V700DJ Top sound and good price!

Created: 05/02/08
Well anyone who mixes knows that they need a good pair of headphones. I just purchased a pair of Sony MDR-V700DJ direct from China. I was a little worried would I get them would they be cheap knockoffs but NO! They are the REAL DEAL.
The tech specs sound good but come on real people haven't a clue what this all means..
Automatic position recover swivel mechanism for easy monitoring when headphones are worn on shoulder
Reversible ear cups for easy single-sided DJ monitoring
50 mm driver unit for high-quality sound
Resists high power input up to 3,000 mW
Neodymium magnet for powerful bass and clear treble sound
Newly designed screw-type gold-plated stereo UniMatch plug with a secure connection, for use with various types of audio equipment
Compact folding design for easy carrying and storage
Gold-plated plugs to provide reliable transmission of audio signals
LC-OFC litz wire for better conductivity
Coiled lead for convenience

No we want to know the real easy bits in English please?
These headphones rock clear loud bass but be careful if you turn it up to loud the power of the earpiece speakers will rip your eardrums out and make your nose bleed!! You have been warned!
The top end of the sound range is crisp whilst keeping a nice clean and soft mid tone. This makes a really enjoyable sound all round and with the great clarity and loudness they are great dj monitoring headphones as well.
For the dj they are foldable so can easily be placed in a record bag or flight case.
The headphone cups twist to aid monitoring or just so you can chat whilst listening.
One nice little feature is the screw on gold plated quarter inch adaptor no accidental slip outs here.
The cord is heavy and solid all in all a good solid piece of kit. One slight downside I have read about is that the springs in the ear cups breaks after a serious bit of use but all in all a five star product and recommended. Direct in the UK they cost £70 but here on eBay I picked them up direct from China for £25 delivered what a bargain thanks hope this helps Loz
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Superior Grade Headphones - Fantastic Value

Created: 09/05/08

These headphones retail at £72.79 on the very competitive DABS website.
You can get these sets on eBay from less than £30 If you search however
PLEASE BE WARY OF FAKES alot of eBayers seem to have lucked out trying to get these. The genuine sets have gold plated jacks which adjust to fit both standard plug sizes.

I acquired mine from china and buy most of my electronic consumables from there. I have never had any issues just great deals and happy smiles. :)

As always I find them cheaper with lower standard packaging but if it saves money and material waste then thats even better.


The Sony MDR-V700DJ studio monitor and DJ headphones feature swivel ear cups for DJ and remix applications.

The ear cups are reversible for added flexibility, and the swivel mechanism has auto return.

The supra-aural design brings excellent listening comfort, 50 mm diameter driver ensures high fidelity sound.

It has a wide molded headband for long lasting comfort and is folding for adjustments.


Audio Input :-

Type None

Audio Output :-

Connectivity Technology Wired

Diaphragm Diameter 50 mm

Diaphragm Type PET

Headphones Form Factor Ear-cup

Headphones Technology Dynamic

Headphones Type Binaural

Impedance 24 Ohm

Magnet Material Neodymium

Product Type Headphones

Response Bandwidth 5 - 30000 Hz

Sensitivity 107 dB

Sound Output Mode Stereo

Audio System:-

Gold-plated plug

Recommended Use
Home audio system
Portable audio system
Professional audio system


Dimensions & Weight :-

300 g

Header :-




Packaged Quantity

Product Line
Sony MDR


Metallic grey

Included Accessories
6.3 mm (1/4") stereo adapter


If you want these for DJ they are top grade. If you want headphones for anything else I still recommend these the output is amazing.

You will be hard pressed to find better value for money.

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great for the general user, or the professional DJ!

Created: 23/03/11
I first bought these around a year ago after finding that the standard in-ear phones that came with my Sony Ericsson phone were irritating to use. I tried the Sennheiser MX75's, but just couldn't get on with them, so I tried another standard-type Sennheiser in-ear phone, and didn't like those either. My friend (a semi-professional DJ) suggested I try over-ear headphones instead. I tried his Technics DH1200E-S and Sennheiser HD 25-C II headphones, and they were really comfortable, but a little out of my price range. Then, the MDR-V700's dropped into my lap (well, I saw them in HMV and then checked them online).

They are so comfy, I now wear them everywhere (even 4hour+ train journeys). I really abuse these - movies on trains, punk, metal, dubstep and niche, and they always come though, giving me the rich, booming base I need from my dubstep one minute, to faithfully reproducing every drumbeat and cymbal crash of my punk the next. They are lightweight and portable whilst still feeling secure, so I feel happy to wear them walking around town. They fit really snugly, ensuring that all the sound produced goes into my ear and not my surroundings, making people around me happier, and also allowing me to turn the music down a notch, saving battery life on my new Sony Ericsson phone.

A comparison with my DJ friend's Sennheiser's shows the Sony's in a good light, especially for a product half the price! Both provide excellent base response with clear treble and a rich mid-range. In fact, when the Sennheiser's go, he's buying the V700's!

A must-have product.
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Sony MDR-V700 Professional Headphones

Created: 15/07/08
I had been using the Sony MDR-V500 for the best part of 18 month's untill the neck on the hanger just simply snapped,after reading some forum's on the V500's it seem's that this is a regular occurance with Sony's DJ Style Headphones.butanyway,I was very satisfied with their sound reproduction so decided to upgrade to the Sony MDR-V700,these must surely be even better I thought.First thing,I liked the appearance of the MDR-V700 and they sit on the head very comfortably but the material used to make these cans feel's like cheap plastic,besides this the bass you get from these is nice and solid but I found they where lacking in the middles and high's when compared to the bass.This said,I found the reproduction of music through the MDR-V700 to be very unnatural,what you feed into these headphones is not what you get out of these headphone's if you know what i mean.Sony seem's to have added some kind of stereo widening effect to the reproduction of the sound being processed.For instance no sound is dead center,not even a mono signal,the Sony MDR-V700 just simply refuses to have this,I also found that when I panned a signal full left it could still be heard (though alot lower)coming through the right ear.All in all,the Sony MDR-V700 are fine for simple everyday listening,but for those who want to hear their music like how it is supposed to sound,or for any music producer,keep a wide birth,you cannot mix on these period.
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Amazing Quality Headphones Solid and Bass galore

Created: 08/10/09
If you DJ at home or do anything that involves headphone use you should be looking at getting these. They give an amazing sound which is rich, clear and basey. The full size ear cups enclose your ears comfortably and block out surround disturbance. The ear cups can rotate one way so you can just hold one ear cup up to your ear to listen quickly and still have yr other ear free to listen to the surrounding music. The cord is coiled and stretches to nearly 3metres which is more than enough but when working at a mixer stays coiled as to not get in the way. It comes with a 3.5mm jack with a screw fitting 6.5mm jack adapter so perfect for any mixing equipment. Look out for the fakes and buy original - you dont want to get ripped off. The included carry pouch is nice and helps keep them clean if you have to transport them. I will be recomending these to anyone I know who doesnt already have them!
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