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TomTom GO 520 Automotive GPS Receiver
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Product description:Full product description
Find your way around unknown routes with the TomTom GO 520 automotive GPS navigator that helps you save time and travel conveniently. A huge POI database in this TomTom GPS re...Read more
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I payed for a Go 520 & received a Go 720 much better than the TomTom One, that said now for the review.
Although TomTom is the clear leader in the UK sat nav market, ...Read more
Free map updates and FM transmitter built in
This is the replacement for the old 510, improvements include a much slimmer design, a 2GB internal memory as well as an SD card for extra maps, built in FM transmitter so you...Read more

Product description

Find your way around unknown routes with the TomTom GO 520 automotive GPS navigator that helps you save time and travel conveniently. A huge POI database in this TomTom GPS receiver lets you search for gas stations, ATMs, and other destinations easily. Be it hospital details or roadside assistance, the Help Me! menu of this automotive GPS navigator brings all emergency information to your fingertips. With TomTom Map Share, the TomTom GO 520 lets you add maps corrected by the community of TomTom users and verified by TomTom. Thanks to the high sensitivity feature, this TomTom GPS receiver locks onto satellites even under tree cover or when near tall buildings. The TomTom GPS receiver is amazing for information on your fingertips.

Product Identifiers
ModelGO 520

Key Features
System TypeFixed, Portable
Map CapabilitiesMap cartridges / Data cards
Screen Size4.3 in.
User InterfaceTouch Screen, Voice Command
Number of Channels16 Channels

Display Type65k Colors LCD TFT Display
Resolutions480 x 272

Technical Features
FeaturesMP3 Player, Voice Recorder
Audible FeaturesVoice Navigation Instructions
Trip calculatorRoute Recalculation, Shortest distance, Shortest time
Included MapsIreland, United Kingdom
Included Software/MapsEurope Maps, Great Britain, Ireland

Battery Type and QuantityRechargeable Li-Ion Battery
Battery Life5 Hours

Weight0.2 Kg

Other Features
PC InterfaceBluetooth
Expansion Slot TypeMultiMediaCard (MMC) slot, SD (Secure Digital) Card Slot
Antenna TypeBuilt-in

eBay product ID: EPID64296419
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TomTom GO 520 Automotive GPS Receiver
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Created: 03/05/08
I payed for a Go 520 & received a Go 720 much better than the TomTom One, that said now for the review.
Although TomTom is the clear leader in the UK sat nav market, the firm isn't resting on its laurels. The new Go 720 isn't just bursting with features, but boasts some genuinely brilliant innovations which are sure to become the norm in the future.

As well as using the latest version of the excellent Navigator guidance software and including the latest maps of Western Europe on its internal memory, there's a bright 4.3in widescreen and integrated Bluetooth.

This means you can pair your phone with the 720 for "Plus" services such as weather and traffic. What's more, it can also be used for hands-free calling, while incoming text messages can be read aloud using the text-to-speech engine. You can even type text messages on the unit, call contacts from your phone book and copy the entire address book across to the device.

If you have a Bluetooth-enabled car stereo, audio can be routed through that, but for those who don't there's also a built-in FM transmitter to do the same job - all you have to do is tune your radio to the frequency you set in the 720's menu.

However, the killer feature that makes the Go 720 the king of sat navs is Map Share - the ability to make map corrections via the device itself. You can add new roads, block or unblock streets, change names, reverse traffic directions and add or remove motorway entrances and exits. You can also update Points of Interest, including safety camera locations.

The 720 comes with a USB dock, allowing you to connect it to the TomTom Home software on your PC to upload or download the latest changes. You can choose which updates to download, so you can opt only for TomTom-verified changes or - if you're more trusting - all updates submitted by other Go 520 or 720 users.

As the number of Map Share users increases, companies who make and update maps should start to worry - click here to find out why. Currently, though, Map Share is only available to users with the latest maps. That means you have to buy a map update from TomTom at least once a year - at a cost of 99 Euros for the Western Europe map - in order to carry on sharing changes. It means that Tele Atlas and Navteq won't be putting a Closed sign in their respective doors just yet.

Another useful inclusion is the 'Help me' menu button. This includes options to phone for help (phone numbers for emergency services, the AA, police stations and hospitals are preloaded) and buttons for drive to help, walk to help and a first aid guide provided by the Red Cross.

There's also a repair and maintenance guide which gives instructions for emergencies like changing a wheel.

Finally, there's an MP3 player and photo viewer crammed in - up to 2GB of photos and music can be loaded using the SD card slot underneath. Add the light sensor for auto brightness control, road names and numbers that are clearly read aloud, the ability to record your own voice - and then speech recognition for navigating to stored addresses - and the Go 720 is great value even at this lofty price.
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Free map updates and FM transmitter built in

Created: 21/01/08
This is the replacement for the old 510, improvements include a much slimmer design, a 2GB internal memory as well as an SD card for extra maps, built in FM transmitter so you can use your car speakers for sound and free safety camera locations.
The 4.3" wide screen means you can navigate with the touch of a finger or use voice recognition and you can store frequently visited places so you don't have to type in a location every time. Watch the screen or listen to the spoken instructions on where to go, couldn't be easier ! You can even select different voices, but I guarantee you'll go back to Jane in the end.
For me a huge bonus is the hands-free mobile phone calling via bluetooth. The unit even takes a copy of all your mobile numbers out of your phone automatically so you can dial people directly from your tomtom without picking up your phone! A remote control is sold separately also but your old 510 remote will not work with this unit.
This model comes with all the speed camera locations loaded onto it, which could save you the price of the tomtom in speeding fines. Similarly railway stations, shopping centres etc, also you can load in grouped items like Tesco sites, congestion charge zones or BP petrol stations plus hundreds of others if you connect it to your PC every now and again. (Many free web-sites)
New to this model is the map share function, if you or any other user correct the map then every time you connect to the Internet then it is corrected.
On the down side these are top of burglar Bill's Christmas list so never leave it in the car if you can help it, they might even see the window bracket or the mark it leaves on the window and break-in just to check the car for you. (Been there, done that!)also you will have to buy a case.
A sound investment if you do a lot of driving or can't find your way out of a paper bag, plus this unit saves you the price of a hands-free car kit for your phone. I could never go back to using maps again now, Get one you won't regret it !

Price at Comet 19-12-2007, £249.88 (With free traffic updates £279.88)

Tom Tom, Sat - Nav, Wide screen Models 510, 710 and 910
Tom Tom, Sat - Nav, Wide screen Models 520, 720 and 920
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Created: 14/03/08
This sat nav by tom tom is a great unit with a nice sized touch screen and packed with loads of features:

Easy to use & Future Proof

Stylish, slim, portable design

Easy to operate: large touchscreen and userfriendly software

Speech recognition: hands-free address input

Future Proof: new maps and free software upgrades via TomTom HOME. So you’ll never be outof-date

Plug & GO: works straight out of the box

Best Navigation

4.3” high-quality touchscreen with building footprints and live traffic info

Light sensor: automatic brightness control, day/night views

Fast and Accurate Positioning: high sensitivity GPS receiver and QuickGPSfix™ Service

Fast route (re-)calculation

Enhanced Points of Interest: wide range of pre-loaded Points of Interest.

These can hold extra information of your destination

Best Maps

Latest and most complete maps of United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland preinstalled

TomTom Map Share™ technology: add to, update and personalize your maps instantly, download other changes daily

Safe & Efficient Driving

Easy access traffic information: via Traffic Receiver (RDS-TMC, optional) or TomTom Traffic subscription

Pre-installed database of safety camera locations

High-quality hands-free Bluetooth® car kit

Text-to-speech: street names, sms’ and traffic messages announced by your device

‘Help me!’ menu: direct access to safety and info options (e.g. phone numbers/route to nearest road assistance/police station/hospital)

Clear visual and spoken instructions in your own language

Smart & Fun Extras

Music on the GO: MP3 player, earphones connector, up to 2 GB optional SD card memory

Built-in FM transmitter: play music wirelessly over your car stereo

Record your own navigation instructions

TomTom HOME software: free desktop software - share and exchange content, easy route planning, download POI’s and extra voices, maps and free software upgrades, and more

Online services: safety cameras, traffic, weather (additional charges apply)

And much more...

Highly Recomended
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Very good but a couple of glitches and gripes

Created: 16/07/08
Having had a Garmin I3 and Garmin C510 I was blown away by this in the shop, every 'does it do this?' question I asked, the answer was yes. (North up map, compass that points to destination, querty key layout, mp3 with FM transmitter, ability to run from 24 volt socket, and more)

Once getting the unit home my priority was to set up the pin number incase the unit ever got stolen. I discovered this required connecting the unit to the PC. Luckily I do have a pc, but I tried for a couple of hours to get the unit to talk to my computer (XP) and it would not recognise it. Website / software wasn't much help apart from prompting me to down download latest software, but it turned out to be the same (it didn't tell me that before I downloaded it) The next day, the unit was stolen. If ONLY i had been able to set up the pin without a computer then some thief woudln't be enjoying my new Tomtom, and a call to the service centre would have flagged the unit as being mine.

Back to the unit itself, which I enjoyed for a whole day. Speech recognition was surprisingly accurate when car not running, but car noise hindered it a lot and gave it false inputs, and it gives up after one or two asks. It's all very well having it full of features such as MP3 player with FM transmitter, but I like to have my music cranked up loud. When it gives directions it cuts the music and nearly blows my eardrums because although you can turn the music down in relation to the voice, you can't turn the voice down lower than the music it seems.

The speech recongnition sometimes goes mute and/or deaf, requiring a restart of the unit.

The music tracks sometimes don't change when you select the next track.

The slideshow did not work for me and crashed the unit whenever I tried to get it to show pics on my SD card.

Another thing it would do, even when fully charged, if it was not connected to external power, it would sometimes talk so loud it would crash itself and restart. This problem became a viscous circle for a while because when it restarted, it would shout that it couldn't find the mobile phone or something, before I had a chance to plunge into the menus and find the volume control, and the amount of effort it took it to say that phrase, crashed it again. Only plugging it into external power sorted the problem.

What I would have liked to have seen on this unit is some buttons on the side for things like volume/mute so they are always accessible.

However the unit was otherwise very user friendly and I didn't have to consult the user manual, which was lucky as this seems very insubstantial anyway. I actually got answers to my queries about mp3 formats etc by searching on the net .

Having a headphone socket is another nice touch, as I thought it would be cool to drop the unit in my pocket when I'm out of the car (as I will be doing for security reasons!) and use it as a personal stereo, (it's called PORTABLE after all) but the sensitive touch screen puts a stop to that, there is no 'lock' to prevent it doing all kinds of things when in your pocket.

The TOMTOM 520's good points outweigh its shortcomings.

I have decided to buy another one of these units tomorrow. As long as I restrict myself to quiet volume settings on the unit and on the car radio and remember not to leave it under the seat in the car, not to press the slideshow icon, and borrow a friends PC to set the pin number, I'm sure I will be otherwise very happy with it.
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Sweet Sat-Nav!

Created: 04/06/08
This little gadget looks good & does what you want it to. Text to voice is a great feature, some interesting interpretations from txt! Getting from A to B is fast & accurate, recalculate very fast. Has a very good range of tools ie. tuning into your stereo with music on the SD card, clear big screen, connected to mobile easily. Easy web update with some cool free extras to be had ie voices, pics etc.
Dislikes - very basic,(but adequate)suction cup, no case included.

Definitely recommend this sat-nav.
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