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sellers and buyers keep a watch on the new fad thats on ebay, the bidder uppers are here. ive been looking for a car for some time now so been taking a good hard look at some of these "0'S" they all have wierd names and only been on ebay for a week or so. between the 5 ive looked at there bids were around the £430k mark now work it out 5 bidders bidding on cars to the sum of £430,000 theres a right rabbit away somewhere so just do what i do look at the bids and have a look at the bidders with 0 feedback then click on the feedback, now copy the name click on advanced search, click on by bidders and include all items and read with wonder at what these bidders are bidding on. ive contacted ebay about it and not a thing has been done as per usual. its great for the seller as the price is bumped up thats untill they win and dont get paid (yes ive checked) but at the end of the day its the buyer who loses out as they have to pay more cash out. lets all contact ebay and get rid of these bidders maybes we might get the car at a normal price as ive now totally refused to bid where i see these 0's bidding as they may cost me another £500. hope this helps you out and if your a genuine 0 fear not as it'll only show up that your bidding on one car but not 40 or 50 cars at same time
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