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What is involved in a DIY project?

Dunster House products are designed for competent DIY assembly by two or more adults. Please remember to allow time to understand and check the instructions, parts and nature of the materials that you will be using. This may take hours to days depending on the size of the project that you are undertaking.


The assembly process will vary according to individual abilities and complexity of the project. Any indication given as to time required to assemble a product must be deemed as approximate as wood is a natural product and may require manipulation prior to assembly.


Alternatively, we have invested a lot of time and knowledge into training our in house installation teams to ensure a smooth installation of our Garden Buildings. For more information on this service, please see individual product details.

How should I prepare for my installation?Do you offer an installation service?

We offer an installation service for most of our products, please check the individual product to confirm it. The service is carried out by our own teams of installers who are specially trained in the installation of our products.


The Installation Service does not include treating your gardening building, as we don't know how you would like your finished product to look, or providing base work. The exception to this is where PremiumPlus RapidPads are purchased with the Installation Service.


We do not install third party or customer provided electrics during the installation. 

The most important thing you must do is check if the area is free of rubbish, clutter and debris. Also, there must be adequate space surrounding where your garden building will be for the installers to work in. 


You must also make sure that any base you have is ready for our installers. It must be clear and level for the installers to start building on it. It is advisable that if you are planning on laying a concrete base, you have this completed days before the install. This gives it time to dry and settle.

Do I need to comply with Building Regulations?

Building regulations can be complicated but are normally defined by use, so depending upon what you want to use your garden building for, you may not need to worry about them.


What is the best way to prepare a base for my Garden Building?What does my warranty cover and how long does it last?

All pressure treated wooden components carry a 10 year guarantee against damage by insects and fungal decay, including our pressure treated bearers which are featured in all of our garden buildings. This does not include other parts such as nuts, bolts, screws, door locks, mechanisms and Climbing Frame accessories, which are covered for 1 year against manufacturing faults.


Our guarantee is subject to proper installation and normal domestic use. No guarantee is offered on products subjected to abuse, negligence, improper use, modifications or attachment to equipment other than our own. Dunster House reserves the right to examine photographs of items claimed to be defective. Products returned to our factory for examination or recovery must be sent freight prepaid, unless a Goods Returned Note is issued.


Please remember that all of our play systems are designed for residential use only. Non-residential use is prohibited and will void the guarantee. Also, timber is a natural product that will change and adapt to various weather conditions and therefore these natural changes are not covered by the guarantee. 

We have a unique range of foundations available for your garden building. The Premium RapidGrids and the PremiumPlus Rapidpads are environmentally friendly foundation systems to give you an alternative to concrete. These foundation systems are also quicker and easier to put into place, as well as more cost effective than a concrete base.

What tools do I need to build my Garden Building?How do I look after my product?

Wood is a natural product and all trees are different with different properties. These properties can include colour differences, warping, twisting, shakes, splits, knots, knot holes and varying surface finishes and are part of the natural properties of this type of material. These properties are normal for externally used timber, are allowed for in the integrity of our designs, and cannot be guaranteed against. Sometimes deep and wide shakes and cracks can appear unsightly but we have calculated for these in our designs. Minor adjustments may have to be undertaken on site due to the nature of timber.


Some of our products are supplied untreated, please ensure you have read the specification of your product carefully. A variety of treatments are available to purchase from us, which will help protect your product from the elements and will also give it an attractive finish.



The tools we recommend you use when erecting your garden building are:

Spirit Level
Tape Measure
A ball of string, to check the diagonals

How do I ensure my Climbing Frame is on a stable and safe surface?

All climbing frames and swing sets should be positioned on a level surface, which will provide a soft landing when falling or jumping. We advise that when planning where to place your climbing frame you measure the area carefully and allow enough room for swinging space. We recommend keeping your climbing frame 2m away from any structures.


Where ground anchors are supplied they should be used for safety reasons. The ground anchors provided do not usually need concreting into the ground, however if you find that they move when your children are playing on the equipment then we advise you to use concrete to secure them into the ground. 

What safety standards do your Climbing Frames comply with?

Children come in all shapes and sizes, luckily so do our climbing frames and play houses! We want to make sure that your children play safely, that's why our entire range is put through rigorous, independent, European safety tests (EN71) and are CE rated.


The meticulous testing ensures that our range minimises risks to your children as they play on the equipment. Whether this is to prevent heads, limbs and fingers being trapped in gaps, or clothing and toggles. We look to give your children the best possible equipment to act out their wildest adventures on!



Are your Climbing Frames treated?

Our climbing frames are made with non toxic, Copper Chrome Arsenic free, pressure treated timber. The pressure treatment comes with a 10 year warranty, protecting against damage from rot, fungus and insect infestation, resulting in a safe and long lasting product.


Our playhouses come partly pressure treated. We offer a range of colourful treatments to help protect and personalise your playhouse. 

What tools do I need to assemble my Climbing Frame?

All of our climbing frames and play houses are designed to be built by competent DIYers with a basic set of tools and ideally a power screwdriver. They come complete with all the fixtures and fittings you need to build them and a full set of comprehensive, easy to follow instructions. All of the holes for parts, bolts and screws are pre-drilled so you don't need to worry about getting those wrong.


The tools we recommend you use when erecting your climbing frame are:


  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Screwdrivers, preferably electric
  • Spirit Level
  • Socket set
  • Adjustable spanner
  • Spade
Are there age restrictions on your climbing frames?

Yes, there are recommended age restrictions on our climbing frames. All of our products are designed for children of 3 years and older, however the maximum age varies depending on the product. Please read the product specification to see what ages the climbing frame is suitable for. 

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