007 James Bond Ultimate Collector's Set - 42 DVDs

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BEWARE .......      FAKE ALERT     !!!!!!!!!!



All Ultimate Edition sets should be 42 disc as the extra disc for each film contains the extra features and does not contain a sound track extra disc.............READ IT ALL!!!!!

This is what the ultimate Ed box set should be like, Look at the picture on the right below this is from the world is not enough. Compare this to the ones pictured above see the difference. If you want more details on this set then go to jamesbond.com for all the pictures you want.


I recently have tried to purchase this item (first picture from left top row)(06-01-08) as there appear to be a lot of bargains to be had as this box set appears to be at least 50 percent cheaper on Ebay as to some of the shops. The person i had purchased this item off had no idea that his account had been hi jacked by some unscrupulous chinese person who accepted my payment through paypal. All seamed ok as from the listing it was a person from the uk it was only when the confirmation of who the payment had gone to did i think that something was not right. Upon doing some checking the next day Ebay had cancelled the listing without telling me. I contacted paypal straight away and started the process to get my payment back. While iam still looking for a bargain on this boxset i notice that there is a lot of people selling this item who have not had any feedback or have had any account activity for over a year. This started to ring some alarm bells and prompted me to wite this. Please check with the seller that he/she has the item and confirm that they are in the uk and are the actual seller. I have passed my concerns on to ebay for them to investigate further. Please respond if you have found this helpful.... Thanks

Update 11-01-08 I have reported numerous people who i believe have had their accounts used by third partys and informed as many peopl who like me bid and paid for the collection. To date i have reported 18 accounts and had the items removed but unfortunately i think i have only helped 3 people and 1 review even though 17 people have read this.

Update 11-01-08 reported another 9 accounts and informed 2 buyers.

Update 11-01-08 reported yet another 1 account and informed  1 buyer.

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This one is for a silver boxed edition of the black boxed edition i have spoken about before. This version is not available in the shops as it is an foriegn imports version.Sometimes as just 21 disc's and others 42 bot have a free cd of tunes. I did manage to get one of the sellers to reply and they told me that they was not inposseion of this set, which lead me to believe that drop shipping is happening on this item. I would sugest that you confirm that the seller has this item or any of the ones i have listed above and below befor you buy.

13-01-08 - 4 more people informed and 10 sellers reported


This one has a picture of a dancing james bond girl on the front and all os a sudden there seams to be lts for sale


This one is a picture of the four individual boxes in one picture. This one was confirmed by the seller themseleves according to the listing the dvds just appeared.

14-01-08  Reported another 6 they also seam to sell other collections as well.

14-01-08 Reported another 2 this afternoon same MO as all the others

15-01-08 getting a bit wiser now the sellers are listing singular items instead of bulk. No replies as yet from emails sent. Still a lot of the siver boxset coming in.

16-01-08 Ok not getting wiser still listing boxsets as mentioned above. If the sellar as more than one i sugest that you contact them first as i have done this and numerous have said account has been hacked. 5 more reported this morning.

18-01-08 I am so happy i finally got the payment reversed by paypal. Even after several mails explaining that the whole thing was fraudulant both to ebay and paypal the process could not be made any faster. This i believe is unfair and both should be more active in make a decision sooner where cases like this are found to be true. Had the seller contacted them i would still be waiting

20-01-08 4 days have passed and i must have noticed 2 of the above listings so i do belive that the message has got through. I was speaking to another person who had purchased one of these sets who actually had his delivered but was very disapointed with the item. The quality of the box packing was poor and the discs were labled with some poor quality pics and chinese writting, the only way to tell what the film was by the picture it gave a little clue. The posh box should have been a giveaway as the list of films were all miss spelt? very strange the people who manufactured this did not check the spelling before producing this. They tried them straight away to see the quality, has they had not seen Casino Royal it was chosen first. Dissapointment was meet straight away has it was in deed a very poor copy, sound was in and out and film blured at times. the others were tried and were found to be the special ed not ultimate as was said in the listing. they like me believe that these are bootleg copys of high mass produced DVDs as we all know most things get copied these days and this collection is nothing different. Yet another person who was ripped off, they did say had they have read this guide before hand they would not have bid to buy this set. By the way the set was in a silver box with a 007 girl dancing on the front. I would be very concerned about the import  silver box version as from the dvd pics i have seen of the one mentioned above there does not appear to be a lot of difference between the 2

26-01-08 6 days have passed and only 1 has been noticed same M.O as all the others I notice that a lot of the silver box keeps poping up for sale say that its legit??? i would question this import as the original box set is multi language and i have not seen this on the official websites any where. Got contacted by a person who had brought one of these sets  and again seems to have been ripped off as the quality is just not there on casino royal. Please be careful if you must buy this set. I have decieded to get the ultimate set separately as this seems to be a cheaper way to get the set, just got one for £3.50 inc p&p will have to see how it goes from now on.

16-03-08 The silver set seems to be popular again. this set is not what it says it is the packaging is poor and so is the film quality for some of the films BEWARE OF THIS SET ITS POOR

15-09-08 Hi all who have read this or who are going to there still is a few listings of counterfiet copys of dubias origin and quality. the sellers keep puting the picture of the ultimate edtion on a listing for 21 single discs. I would be very careful about these listings and of some one who is selling other box sets as well. 4 reported again.

This will be my last entry to this listing as i think that out of the 1400 who have read this only 45 have commented just wonder if this has been worth it?

04-12-08 Hi well you guessed it i lied i could not help myself by adding just one more that i have found, can not get the picture in but for the looks of the box  is the same as the one with the 4 seperate innner boxes thats where the similarity ends, instead of having individual disc boxes they are a case with only 4 dvds in not the 8 it should have for this set. Yet agin another dissapointment for the true bond fan. This listing claimed tht the set was multi region? i do not know a set produced that was they were all set to a region and the seller listed location as HK United Kingdom????. Yet again another set from the east to rip us off and people still pay good money £65 (for single discs when this boxed set is double disc) at time of writing this i can not believe it. At Christmas we seem to loose or marbles and buy inferior items possibly for presents.....Do not do it..... for this price you can get the originals from HMV.

06-12-08 if you go to woolworths and look in the dvd section you can but bond get bon free and get an extra 10% off while stocks last.

Why would you want anything elses than an original region2 version with 2 dvds and except a single disc version that says its the ultimate edition is beyond me .

Save up or wait a while i am sure that there will be listings that are legit soon as the rip off merchants get the message.

I hope people are reading the guides before purchasing items like this??????

I hope all who have read this have found it helpfull, if you do please rate it.

Thanks for reading

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