0113_halliday talking more rubbish.

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Hi again i am writing to worn people about this women 0113_halliday she is sayin all these people are sellin fake uggs ect but how would she know by reading a listing she talks rusbbish. Since my last guide I wrote to help she has sent me many angry messages of abuse and threats sayin her husband is a police man ect and hes coming to arrest me haha what a joke!

The reason I think halliday is taken the time to write these reviews is I see she is a new user but I think she is also selling Fake uggs under a different name and using the halliday name to write rubbish reviews and get a few people kicked off ebay ect. Some people use ebay as a  main source of income so it ain't fair, I think for ebay to allow her to post peoples names sayin they are selling fakes when she clearly doesnt have a clue about. I have reported her guides and urge you to aswell, there are many honest people on ebay me being one of them tryin to make a living and her lies may hurt some people.

Thanks for taking the time to read my guide again and please watch out for her she ain't trying to help but steel other peoples buisness.



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