1 How to spot fake Anya Hindmarch I'm NOT A Plastic Bag

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Extremely detailed guide on: How can I tell telling spot spotting recognise decide determine if is my anya hindmarch hindmarsh i'm im not a plastic bag is fake not real replica imitation inspired where can i buy an authentic genuine

*Please skip straight to section 2 if you just want THE EXTREMELY DETAILED GUIDE on how to spot a replica - The "I'm NOT A Plastic" Bible!

How to spot an I'm NOT an "I'm NOT A Plastic Bag
The Must-Read 4 Part Guide to Spotting a Fake! - PART 1

HISTORY - The Media, Mobs and Mayhem!
HOW TO SPOT A FAKE - Quickie guide

Section 2: ''I'M NOT A PLASTIC" BIBLE - Detailed guide on how to spot a NOT! - Part A

Section 3: "I'M NOT A PLASTIC" BIBLE - Detailed guide on how to spot a NOT! - Part B
HOW TO SPOT A FAKE SUMMARY - A quick refresher

Section 4: "I'M NOT A PLASTIC" BIBLE - My latest secrets revealed!

Section 1:


Okay, so the bag itself needs little introduction after what only can be described as mass hysteria over this limited edition designer accessory but, for those of you who have
been hiding in the woodwork for the past few months here's a brief history of the collectible tote before we get into the details of how to spot a fake.

HISTORY - The Media, Mobs and Mayhem

Back in April 2007 award winning designer Anya Hindmarch released the stylish "I'm NOT A Plastic Bag" canvas tote shopper in collaboration with 'We Are What We Do',
'The Global Social Change Movement', 'Antidote' and 'Sainsburys' with the aim being to use her influence to raise awareness of the environmental issues surrounding the use
of plastic bags and make it fashionable for us to opt for reusable alternatives. After the bag was made the 'official goody-bag at the Vanity-Fair Oscar night-party 2007' many
iconic celebs were snapped sporting one, soon making it one of the most highly sought after bags this year and fastest selling bag in history of bagdom!

With a bargain price tag of approximately £5 rather than the usual £500 mark for an authentic Anya Hindmarch creation and not to mention all the media hype, it wasn't long
before the frenzy commenced. Due to the unforeseen popularity and in an attempt to evenly distribute the bags, a 'one-per-person' rule was introduced meaning that women
dragging husbands, boyfriends, children and anyone else who was prepared to come along for the ride, queued for hours and some even days for the opportunity own one of these
exclusive designer totes. But alas, many were only to find disappointment at the rainbows end when discovering that the limited edition bags had sold out despite. To briefly give
you an example of the statistics; 20,000 were released in New York and sold out in a matter of a few manic minutes and the Hong-Kong launch was abandoned altogether due to
health and safety reasons!

So, another month passes us by and suddenly the hysteria hits Ebay where bags were selling for up to £300 each which of course is still considered a bargain in terms of usual
designer accessory prices and particularly as they are fast revolutionising the way we think about plastic bag use meaning that the original "I'm NOT A Plastic Bag" totes could
easily be worth thousands in the future. However, as you are all aware, where there's money to be made scammers often come hand in hand with the legitimate sellers as it doesn't
take long for professionals in the con-market to clue on to a trend and start producing cheap imitations, especially when circumstances give rise to media attention such as
this designer bag has had.

With having a few genuine bags for sale myself, I have been regularly scanning sites such as Ebay and can honestly say that I am shocked and rather disgusted at just how many
imitations are now available with some of the sellers even having the audacity to describe them as being authentic with tags/receipt and so on!

In early July, as expected, there were a few imitations selling at auction on Ebay although now the amount has now grown so extensively that it is becoming very hard to spot the
genuine article. For example, I checked 30 items earlier today and only 2 of which I would even be slightly convinced into believing were the real deal! Some of which, after picking
my chin up off the floor, have literally had me in hysterics due to the ridiculousness of the advert such as one which, although had some form of "I'm NOT A Plastic Bag" lettering
strewn across the front, was styled like an over the shoulder nap-sack and yet being advertised as authentic with tags! I'm not a plastic bag? Yeah, you're not an Anya Hindmarch
bag either me thinks! Examples such as this are really nothing to be concerned about as even a few brief moments of research could determine them as being fake but nevertheless,
there are also MANY EXTREMELY convincing imitations available for purchase.

With being generally irritated with how often innocent and definitely not necessarily gullible people are duped out of their hard earned cash with scams such as these and having
authentic bags to compare the fake listings with, I decided to share my knowledge in order that you may make a more educated decision as to whether the bag in your midst is
the genuine article BEFORE you buy!


1.) Always check the sellers feedback

If you are purchasing any item through Ebay then always check the seller’s feedback score. See if they have sold similar items recently and what
the feedback comments were relating to the product. If they have 0 feedback then I would highly recommend that you do not purchase expensive
items from them. Also, check how long they have been registered and if they are a private seller as many of the replica Anya bags are listed under
newly opened private selling accounts with a 0 feedback score although this is not always the case.

2.) If you have a question... Ask!

Never EVER hesitate to ask questions! If they are a genuine seller they should have no issues in answering ANY questions that you may have.
If you do not ask questions then it may result in you not being protected by Ebay's policies whereas if the seller has directly answered a question
via the Ebay messaging service which contains incorrect information then you are far more likely to have a better result from the dispute.

3.) Beware of buying from China and other foreign countries

Why? As with much of our designer gear, this is where the authentic bags were originally produced meaning it is much easier for them to reproduce
imitations of similar or the same materials and workmanship. Consequently, the likelihood of the item being fake is much higher if it is to be shipped
from China. Beware of Ebay sellers masking the item location by listing them under a British Ebay account when in fact the bag is being shipped from
abroad. If you are ever unsure of an item location - ask before you bid or buy!

4.) Select a suitable delivery option

With any expensive item, the seller should be offering 'recorded' or 'special' delivery although it may not be set as the default option in which case
I recommend that you select one of them at the checkout. As reliable as couriers may seem to be, items do go missing from time to time and the
last thing you want after going to the trouble of ensuring you have purchased a genuine bag is to find that it has gone missing in the post.
The normal 'First Class' service only insures items up to £34 whereas 'Special Delivery' insures up to £500 meaning that you will be protected up
to the full value. If neither 'recorded' or 'special' delivery is showing as an available option then I suggest that you email the seller querying if they
would be prepared to use one of these services even if they request additional payment.

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Please read the detailed information in Section 2, Section 3 and Section 4 to determine if a bag is authentic.
The below is just a summary to give you an idea of the points you will be looking out for or as a refresher
for those who have already read the intricacies in the following sections.

The bag you are looking is a fake if...

It is not one of the colours mentioned in this guide
It states on the advert that it is "I'm NOT A Plastic bag" or Anya Hindmarch 'inspired'
It has a zip, poppers or pockets e.g. for mobile phone
It does not have the Anya Hindmarch bow embroidered on the front or if this logo is inflated in size
Either of the printed slogans are missing from the inner lining or of an incorrect font and / or size
The handles are bound higher up, elongated, thinner, a different colour to that mentioned in this guide
The eye-holes that the handles loop through are not made from chrome
The "I'm NOT A Plastic bag" lettering on the front of the bag is printed or embroidered rather than stitched on
The apostrophe in "I'm" is oval or round rather than a long tear-drop shape
The "A" on the front has a rounded rather than flattened top
The "i" in "Plastic" has the dot joined to the "i" or "t" - it should be separate

* If you have purchased a bag that stated it was in it's original packaging and it arrived in any form of plastic, it was not the original packaging although it does
not necessarily mean that the bag is fake. Whether purchased directly from Anya Hindmarch or 'we are what we do', the bag will have been wrapped in a
white crate paper as it would be a somewhat contradictive for companies promoting plastic alternatives to then use any form of plastic to wrap the bag.


It is a common misconception, but not all genuine bags have tags attached. Tags are attached on bags that were originally purchased in an Anya
Hindmarch or Sainsbury's store in order to display information (such as price) to the consumer whereas if they were pre-ordered via the internet from
Anya Hindmarch
or 'We Are What We Do' then the price was already known by the consumer and hence, the tags were not required. Also, do not
be fooled into thinking that a bag is authentic just because it is listed as having tags or receipt as it would be far easier to produce imitation tags
and receipts than the actual bags themselves.

A Genuine USA Navy Edition with tags attached...

This 100% genuine USA Blue edition was pre-ordered directly from an Anya Hindmarch store rather than over the internet, so although the item
was delivered rather than personally collected, it arrived with tags still attached where they had previously been displaying information to consumers.

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I've recently been informed by a genuine Ebay user who has just purchased one of my bags that there are now even fake guides available!
I really cannot believe the cheek of these sellers! Soon there will be no bags being sold because each person will have a different idea of
what a fake is!

All I can say is that everything in these guides is 100% correct and has been checked and double checked. All of the pictures used in the
comparisons stating 'genuine' are absolutely guaranteed to be genuine as they were taken from my actual authentic bags and have not been
copied from any other seller ! Absolutely authentic, no doubts whatsoever!
I can guarantee that the only pictures copied were those of the fake bags, for comparison purposes only, and all of which clearly state under
them that they are an example of a fake bag. (See more about this in section 4)

Continue to Section 2: The "I'm NOT A Plastic" Bible for an extremely detailed guide on how to spot a fake...

Your LAST chance for an RARE opportunity to own a 100% GENUINE Anya Hindmarch “I’m NOT A Plastic Bag” is here!
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I originally purchased two asian grey bags (plus 9-5 books) from 'we are what we do' and was planning to keep one myself
but have decided to sell it to one VERY lucky Ebayer!

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