10 Facial Masks to Fight Acne

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10 Facial Masks to Fight Acne

The skin complaint acne mostly affects those in puberty and surfaces in spots, which can be itchy. It is often seen on the face, and a build up of natural oils and bacteria on the skin can further inflame the condition.

Facial masks help ease the symptoms of acne. This is because they cleanse and help to get rid of surface bacteria on the skin.

This guide will take the reader through many aspects of facial masks, including:

  • The origins of facial masks
  • The features of facial masks
  • The 10 most popular facial masks on eBay
  • Details of facial masks
  • Ingredients in facial masks
  • Customising facial masks

This guide will also outline some of the main benefits and concerns people have when it comes to facial masks fighting acne. By the end, the reader will know how to buy facial masks on eBay and will be able to make a fully informed purchasing decision.

Origins of Facial Masks

Facial masks have been around for a while, although the exact date of their original inception is unclear. It is evident that people have used different concoctions of creams, natural oils and even mud to cleanse their skin in the past. For example, the mud found in the Dead Sea has been extracted and used in order to treat skin problems for centuries. This is because of its high mineral content.

In other cultures, people have applied face masks to their faces made out of yoghurt, fruits, herbs and oats amongst many other ingredients. In fact, facial masks are so popular that they are being sold in supermarkets. However, online bidding sites like eBay are becoming the leader in selling facial masks because of their vast choice, easy delivery and expert knowledge.

Features of Facial Masks

Facial masks can come as a gel, an ointment, an abrasive exfoliating liquid, a peel-off mask and even as edible substances like yoghurt and chocolate. There are also some facial masks on eBay designed to stop ageing as well as clear the skin from acne. There are also masks made using bee venom, thought to detoxify the skin completely.

Facial masks have many different features, depending on which mask the user decides to buy. The main features of facial masks are as follows:

Common feature



Recyclable tube containing facial mask / packet containing a peel-off mask

Easy to use

Pot of facial mask / packet containing a peel-off mask / tube of facial mask

Natural ingredients

Mud mask / herb-based extract mask / fruit-based mask

Different features between key types of facial masks on eBay include:-

Different features


How many times it can be used

A small packet of facial mask (one application) / large tub of facial mask (multiple applications).

The application process

Some kits mean that the user needs to add in their own ingredients such as eggs and oats, making the application process lengthy and involved.

The type of skin it works on

Honey and oat masks are recommended for those with oily skin, whereas some products can make skin worse if they are applied on the wrong skin type e.g. dry.

Facial masks are often used before applying make-up, as a cleansing step to smooth and calm the skin.

However, other facial masks can be more abrasive, and users may use them as a stand-alone product in their own right and leave the product on for a longer amount of time. In the case of combating acne, masks that penetrate the skin cells and rub off surface bacteria are commonly used. These include heavy moisturising creams and thick, glutinous gels that peel off when dry.

Facial masks on eBay differ from other cosmetic products in that they do not try and take on the role of make-up. They are not designed to conceal, embellish or add to cosmetics already on the face. Instead, they are created to tackle skin complaints and soothe the skin. As a result, most facial masks are based on mud or clay and stick to the skin in a thick layer so that they can absorb grime and take away dead skin cells, bacteria and natural oils that have been building up.

The 10 Most Popular Facial Masks to Fight Acne

10 of the most popular facial masks on eBay to fight acne include the following:

These 10 facial masks will be contextualised in the next section: Details of Facial Masks.

Details of Facial Masks

Most facial masks are based on natural ingredients such as mud, clay and fruit. Facial masks on eBay that tackle acne can be categorised into the following:

  • Full-face coverage
  • Partial coverage e.g. eyes
  • Wet masks
  • Masks that mould and set to the skin

Some examples of full-face masks that help fight acne include Proactive, Mudd, Good Things, Novaclear and Jovees. These masks normally come in tubes and can be used over a long period of time. These full-face masks often contain herbal essences and fruit extracts to cleanse the skin and tackle whiteheads and blackheads underneath the skin and visible on the skin.

Other masks on eBay include those made for partial coverage, for instance eye masks, while nasal strips are designed to fight acne on the nose. These come in triangular adhesive strips and are applied to the bridge of the nose and left to harden to the skin. After a while, these are removed and oils blocking skin glands and bacteria on the surface are pulled off with it. An example of an astringent mask that targets specific areas is Clearskin. Partial coverage masks are the best option for those with small areas of acne on the face.

More facial masks to fight acne include wet masks, for example, organic masks that are made out of fruit and vegetables such as cucumber, avocado and lemon. These penetrate the skin powerfully to reduce swelling caused by spots and eradicate as much dirt from the skin as possible. Body Shop on eBay is an effective and organic facial mask. Ziaja also produces some natural face masks. Organic masks on eBay are the best option for those with sensitive skin.

Other facial masks include masks that mould and set to the skin. These often come in small disposable packets, and come in a variety of natural flavours and ingredients, including chocolate and fruit. These are applied and left, typically for around ten minutes, to set and then peeled off much like a nasal strip mask. Some masks by Garnier do this.

Ingredients in Facial Masks

Facial masks that fight acne on eBay are created out of many different ingredients. Every mask will contain slight variations on common ingredients, but the main components in most masks include:

  • Astringents such as a citrus fruit or strong chemicals.
  • Soothing agent such as a natural yoghurt extract or cream.

· Colouring to brighten or dull the mixture, which can be natural or artificial.

· Preservatives to make the facial mask suitable for repetitive use.

Customising Facial Masks

Facial masks can be combined with natural ingredients. For example, many mud masks are based on Natural ingredients and once applied, work hard to penetrate skin cells and go deep in the skin to remove impurities. After a mud mask has been removed, it is effective to then apply a second, home-made solution to prolong the impact the mask has made over time. For example, there are various Organic products available to buy on eBay that help finish the impact of a good facial mask by soothing and calming down the skin that may have been deeply cleansed.

The unique selling point of facial masks is their versatility. The user need not be tied to one particular brand, but instead can buy different masks for different situations. For example, a simple Cleansing facial mask that simply wipes away dirt can be bought as a bargain on eBay and used in one sitting. By contrast, an investment facial mask that penetrates deeply into the skin can be bought in a large pot that can be used for months and months.

Benefits of Facial Masks

Used occasionally or frequently, facial masks on eBay have been proved to work both with other products and on their own to deeply cleanse the skin and fight the swelling caused by whiteheads and blackheads.

Other benefits of facial masks include:

  • Their affordability
  • Their longevity
  • Their versatility
  • Natural ingredients

· Specific target areas e.g. nasal strips / full-coverage masks

Concerns of Facial Masks

There are a few concerns when it comes to facial masks.

Some people have claimed that facial masks do not work effectively, and have said that they make skin conditions worse. However, the user needs to get the right kind of facial mask for their type of skin in order to effectively combat skin conditions. A user with oily skin, for instance, should invest in a clay or mud-based solution that will absorb natural oil build-up on the skin. By contrast, a user with very dry skin should avoid using a clay-based solution as this may aggravate their skin condition and make spots dry and cut the skin. This user should instead try fruit-based, lighter masks to fight acne. Therefore, there is an easy solution to the criticism that facial masks do not work, and that is to choose the right kind of mask for the user.

Other concerns centre on the ingredients used in some facial masks. For instance, some masks on eBay are made up of man-made and chemical ingredients that might be unsuitable for those with sensitive skin. Browsing the range of organic, sensitive creams will help to avoid any issue regarding harmful chemicals. Ingredients like Alpha Hydroxy acid and harsh exfoliates are best avoided for those with sensitive skin.

How to Buy Facial Masks to Fight Acne on eBay

Buying facial masks to fight acne is simple and straightforward. The first step the user needs to take is to enter eBay. Then, the user should click on the health and beauty category. Then click on the filter Skin Care. Then, the user should select the option Acne & Blemish Control. This will bring up lots of results including cleansing lotion, face wash and facial masks.

The user is encouraged to type in the phrase ‘Facial mask' into the search box, and explore the range of products that eBay has to offer within this search. There the user will find everything they need, from organic mud masks to the more unusual bee venom and snail collagen lotions.


It is clear that buying facial masks will help fight acne, and that there are different products for different skin, so it is important to be specific when searching for the right facial mask.

eBay offers up a vast amount of choice and expert opinion when it comes to Facial Masks. The user is able to choose from products that come from authorised sellers, giving them reassurance that the buying process will be safe and trustworthy. The user can also choose to buy products from local sellers which means that the delivery can be done locally and cash paid in hand – saving time for the buyer and the seller.

In addition, there are various bundles for the user to select and purchase. These include kits of different facial masks, mass quantities of specific facial masks and save the user money when it comes to buying. Some products are also advertised with free shipping – making the whole buying process that bit easier.

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