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  1. Make sure that your item information exceeds your do's and don'ts. Whilst your long list of "rules" may in theory make your life easy, it will frustrate and irritate buyers. Give folks information about what you are selling and leave your "policy about non-payers" for your about me page. People who go to a butchers want to know what a sausage looks and tastes like not what will happen to them if they eat it on the premises without paying.

  2. When doing an item description follow a simple method when describing your item: what is it, where did it come from, what does it do, what size is it, what condition is it in, why is it good?

  3. Send items quickly. You will be amazed how much this helps and can get you out of trouble. People will forgive an awful lot if you post quick-sticks. Within 48 hours if paid by Paypal. Take a view on waiting for cheques to clear; especially of they are under £50.

  4. Please, please get to know how much you are spending on fees. Don't list items at £5.00 when £4.99 is 15p cheaper. If you buy something for £5 at a car boot sale and sell it for £15.00 on Ebay, your profit is not £10.00. If you thought it was then make sure you learn why it aint.

  5. Get your item descriptions right and use all the allotted space. Spelling is crucial for those who search using "search" and not categories. It is good practice to always use up all the letters, see if you can each time. Avoid words that folks don't search for like "rare" "look" L@@K" "amazing" "lovely" etc

  6. Gallery images work. The other bells and whistles are best left for items that have a high end price (ie over £250). I would spend more time on your item description, pictures and description than waste money on so-called enhancements.

  7. Good pictures rock. Bad pictures cost you money and no pictures are for fools. Taking pictures of your items outside on sunny days really pays dividends. Personally I like 3 pictures. Ebay makes a lot from images, if you sell a lot look into other providers.

  8. This may upset folks but .. it pays to be unprofessional. What I mean is: if you are not a large company then do not pretend to be one. You can be a great seller by being quick, honest and descriptive without trying to get all "corporate" on you buyers. Avoid the rules and regs, corporate speak, fancy avatars, huge html images and logos etc. If you are a sole trader with a shed and a table with a white sheet on it then... good - to the buyer that means bargains and honesty.

  9. Selling on Ebay is just selling. Yes you can make a living, yes it is great fun and yes you have to work harder than you probably do now, a lot harder. Treat selling as a profession and read Dale Carnegie's books. Sell the sizzle and not the sausage is the oldest but best sales cliche there will ever be. I must add however, that on Ebay, you have to take a good picture of the sausage, make sure you get it in the right category, list it on the right day at the best time, describe it properly, pack it well, send it quickly and then worry about where you can get more of the same sausage for less money..

  10. What price you buy the things that you sell on Ebay for is more important than what they sell for. If that sounds funny then read it again and again until it hits home.

    ps. The notepad that JK Rowling used to jot down her first ideas about Harry Potter will sell on Ebay with a crap picture, a bad description, in the wrong category, in the worst day and with a very high postage rate if folks know it is genuine...!

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