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The Hassidic movement which was started by the Ba'alShem Tov, circa 1700's, has inspired  millions of people with its insight into the human soul. The following are some inspirational thoughts which I'd like to share with my fellow Ebayer's. Found them informative, please vote now and please look at some of my other guides as well, thanks!

When the Rabbi Reb Zisha came as a student and follower of the great and holy Mezritcher Maggid (preacher), the Maggid taught him "To serve God and come close to Him you must teach yourself to learn three things from a baby and seven from a thief.

From a baby you must learn to:

1) Always be happy,

2) Never sit idle, and

3) you must cry for what you want and ask for.

From a thief you must learn:

1) to work by night,

2) if you don’t succeed the first night try again the second night,

3) camaraderie and kinship among each other,

4) he will exert himself and give his soul for even a small thing,

5) even though he exerted himself for that thing it is not worth much in his eyes and he would be willing to sell it for a trifle,

6) he is willing to suffer beatings and hardships to learn his trade and get what he needs and

7) he loves his job and would never exchange it for another.

These words are very deep as to how one can serve God and his fellow man.

(A similar teaching is found in the name of Rabbi Yitzhak of Vorki one must learn 3 things from a baby

1) if he is hungry he cries so too we must cry if we need parnasah,

2) he is never idle, so too we must never be idle, and

3) he never worries, so too we must not worry instead we should continuously serve God with joy!)


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