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  1. Graham & Green, Laura Ashley and our own mirrored furniture on ebay are all the same style EXCEPT WE PASS ON HUNDREDS OF POUNDS DISCOUNT TO YOU! Why pay £895 for a 50's style angled chest? Or £342 for a bedside table? You can get the same items for £345 and £125 respectively from us at Laura_Green_Ashley_Graham_mirrored_furniture on ebay.
  2. Professional antique dealers have been telling art-deco mirrored furniture fans to buy the modern range for years since it is better made than the originals of the Gatsby era and beyond which is why it has become so popular again.
  3. Look carefully at the drawers on High St furniture since not all Graham and Green and Laura Ashley mirrored furniture have slide runners in their drawers but 'box-fit' drawers which can cause 'chip' damage very easily to your mirrored furniture - ours only have 'slide-action' runners which are better quality AND we still charge less.
  4. Whilst the 50's style angled mirrored furniture sounds dated - it is probably the most stylish modernist mirrored furniture range around - Graham and Green will set you back over £2,700 for the low sideboard, chest and matching sidetables but we charge just a fiver over £1000 for the same range!
  5. The Laura Ashley Gatsby range of mirrored furniture is a reproduction of the style of mirrored furniture of the same period in the late 1920's which is where it gets its name from - this style of furniture truly exudes a class of it own in terms of luxury and elegance.
  6. The 50's style angled and gatsby mirrored furniture is tougher than you might think - the only thing you need to worry about are the handles on the Gatsby range - always ensure they are never screwed on to tightly - they may crack the glass otherwise.
  7. If you find a hairline scratch on your mirrored furniture try rubbing some white toothpaste over the scratch - it may help lessen the effect of it.
  8. Always wipe you mirrored furniture with soapy water - some other more 'chemical solutions' may cause tarnishing on your lovely mirror which you don't want even if the brand says it is for galss and mirror beware - washing up liquid rules!
  9. Place your mirrored furniture opposite a light reflection such as a window to bring more light into your room or to even enhance the size of the room.
  10. If you need more information on 50's style mirrored furniture and gatsby mirrored furniture don't hesitate to contact us via our ebay listings - laura_green_ashley_graham_mirrored_furniture where we will do our utmost to help you and will always respond to your query within a few hours if not less!


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