10 Ways To Save Money On Gardening Equipment

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Gardening Equipment needs not to be expensive there are many household items that can be made use of in the garden. Here is a list of helpful tips that you can adopt :


1. Plastic Squash bottles with their bottoms cut off, act as minicloches for young plants like courgettes or lettuces. Push the bottle well into the ground to protect them from cutworms and slugs.  Later, unscrew the tops to acclimatise the plants to colder air.

2. Old stockings or tights are great for storing bulbs, the more laddered the better! Hang them in a cool, dry place. You can store a glut of onions in this way too!

3. Cut up old stockings or tights in strips to make useful ties for garden and greenhouse plants, because the stockings stretch they will not restrict growth.


4. Old Potato peelers make useful tools for removing weeds from your lawn.

5. Collect plastic screw top containers to store a winter supply of herbs. Gather Parsley, Mint, Rosemary, thyme when they are are the peak of their freshness. Put the herbs on a baking tray in a cool oven until they are dry enough to be broken up into small pieces by gentle rubbing. Musrooms can be dried in the same way.


6.  Plastic foold containers- youghurt, cheese tubs with drainage holes in the bottom are as good as shop bought plastic flower pots for cuttings.


7.  Construct a makeshift greenhouse for early planting, with heavy duty polythene attached to stout canes and places at an angle against a sheltered wall.


8. Dont buy supporting canes for young plants. Use lengths of twigs and brances, which will look less conspicuous as the plants grouw through them.


9.  to grow DIY bamboo canes you need a fair amount of garden space as the shrub like grasses will grow about 10 feet or 3 metres in height.  Thse are less expensive and not too difficult to grow and make attractive screens in not too exposed conditions. Harvest in the autum, store flat, or hang up in bunches with twine and keep in a cool place to ensure straight even growing.


10.  A pair of gardening gloves will give longer service if spar left hand ones are washed and turned inside out, the right handed one generally wears out first unless of course you are left handed.   When finished with rubber gardening glves can make tough elastic bands by cutting strips from the wrists and fingers.


Hope you enjoyed these tips,  see our seeds instore.

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