10 Ways to Change the Body of Your BMW

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10 Ways to Change the Body of Your BMW

Switching up the look of a BMW offers the owner a way of altering the vehicle's style while creating a one-of-a-kind design. The special touch of character sets the owner's BMW apart from others and adds a statement to the ownership, while also providing other more tangible benefits.

There are different ways to alter the body of a BMW. Body kits may come as a set, with multiple add-on pieces, or there is the option to buy alterations one piece at a time. While some changes are dramatic, others are more minor. From fender flares to headlights, aftermarket accessory options can help change the look of a vehicle. Some also have the added bonus of enhancing the vehicle's performance. These parts can be added on professionally or mounted at home with a bit of guidance. There are several options to choose from when it comes to changing the body of your BMW. The decision on the sort of modifications to add to a vehicle should be based on intended design as well as potential benefits of the design.

1. Fender Flares

Fender flares are overreaching flares added to the side wall of a vehicle, above the tyre. They offer an easy option for changing the look of a BMW, and most can bolt onto pre-existing mounts with little effort. Fender flares are one of the few types of vehicle modifications that also offer a real benefit besides the aesthetics. Not only do they alter the vehicle's exterior appearance, but they also protect the body from rock and debris by blocking them on the roadways. When flares are added, the stance of the vehicle appears wider. To play up this change of appearance, it is a common European trend to add aftermarket wheels large enough to sit evenly with the new broader stance.

2. Headlights

It goes without saying that headlights are extremely important. They light up the road ahead, making night driving safe. It is illegal in most areas to drive with the headlights off during heavy rain or in the dark. Even when not lighting the road ahead, the design and shape of headlights create a special look. Adding new custom headlights to a BMW creates a subtle but highly effective transition. Headlights are a great add-on feature for individuals hoping to make only slight alterations capable of strong impact. Although switching factory headlights for a more effective design is not a difficult task, the end result is a highly altered look. In addition to choosing headlights featuring a unique design or structure, consumers can also go for headlights that offer a special shade of lighting.


Exterior headlight changes as well as bulb replacements are capable of delivering a major change to the exterior of a BMW. There are several common options for replacement bulbs. Each has its own unique look, and some have other special features.

Type of Bulb




Bright incandescent light with a small amount of halogen

Small size makes it great for compact spaces


Bright incandescent light featuring xenon gas

Xenon has much brighter lighting and a longer life


Highly efficient; Light-emitting Diode

Require very little power to run

Halogen, xenon, and LED lights are the common headlight bulb types for modern vehicles. As can be seen from the chart, each has its own benefits and setbacks, and a BMW owner must be mindful of this when making a selection.

3. Hood Scoops

Hood scoops are a common modification that have been around since the late 1950s. Located on the top of the hood, these open-air vents may be made of fibreglass, steel, or carbon fibre. They are a type of performance-oriented accessory commonly placed directly above the air intake. In the early days of manufacturing, this helped usher a boost of cool air into the engine at high speeds, in turn creating additional power. Most modern hood scoops are purely decorative, though some still improve performance.

4. Lambo Doors

There are different names for car doors that open vertically, rather than out to the side. Many people know them as Lambo or scissor doors. The obvious reason for installing lambo doors is that they completely change the look of a vehicle when open. Instead of opening out to the side, they open vertically. This unique change also has an unexpected functional benefit. Although many people never think about it, it possible to open the doors with ease in tight, crowded situations. This can be a great advantage for drivers planning to attend events in crowded areas or with limited parking.

5. Mirrors

The importance of mirrors cannot be overstated. The more mirrors installed on a vehicle, the less blind spots and better the range of vision for the driver. Mirrors not only provide visibility and safety, but they can also greatly affect the overall look of a BMW. Adding uniquely-shaped side and rearview mirrors can greatly alter the total package appearance of a vehicle. Some also offer special features such as blinker displays, heated glass, and more.

6. Rear Bumper

The addition of a unique, aftermarket rear bumper adds personality and typically attaches rather easily to the original bumper mounts. It is often easy to find unique rear bumpers for BMW models. Installation is simple. After installation, the bumper can be professionally painted to match the rest of the car or left as is, depending on the desired look.

7. Side Skirts

Sides skirts fit along the sides of vehicles. They were designed to make the vehicle look closer to the ground and are a very common addition to a body kit. The downside to side skirts is that they reduce clearance, making some driving conditions more difficult. For example, unexpected speeds bumps, potholes, and curbs can cause quite a lot of damage to side skirts. However, there are also some functional benefits to having side skirts. Many vehicle owners believe the right set of side skirts can create better airflow and, like many modifications, may potentially help with control and mileage.

8. Spoilers

Spoilers are a common addition to vehicles. They are the tall wings sprouting out from the rear of a vehicle. There are different type of spoilers that can be purchased online or from brick-and-mortar retailers. Regardless of where the spoiler is purchased, it is typically a good idea to have it installed by a professional. Unlike pieces that mount to the car, spoilers often require specialised welding for proper, safe adhesion. Spoilers are extremely popular for a reason. They not only create a fun new look, but some also develop favourable aerodynamics capable of improving stability at high speeds and provide better fuel mileage.

9. Trunk Hatch

Lightweight trunk hatches are a common addition to sports cars. They are typically made of lightweight, fibreglass material. Replacing a conventional trunk with this flexible, light material sheds weight from the car, making it easier to manoeuvre at high speeds using little fuel. Both of these are huge benefits to the BMW owner craving a speedy and economical ride.

10. Front Bumpers

Front bumpers are one of the more commonly changed pieces in the European sports car body. The bumper is one of the most distinct and noticeable parts of the body. It is the first thing one sees when looking at a car head on, and switching the bumper opens up a whole new world of stylistic changes. There are multiple types of front bumper available for the BMW, and adding a unique front bumper can even offer benefits. For example, some types of lightweight, fibreglass front bumpers may reduce weight, increasing speed and decreasing resistance.

Buying Body Kits and Parts for Your BMW on eBay

eBay offers an excellent outlet for seeking body kits and parts to alter the appearance of a BMW. To find the tools necessary to change the body of a BMW, enter related keywords in the eBay search engine. For best results, seek terms specific to your need. For example, " BMW body kit " or "BMW parts". Some keywords bring about a greater volume of listing results than others. To narrow these listings to a more manageable degree, try using the refinement options provided by eBay.

As shipping and insurance for large parts or body kits can be exorbitant, local sellers are a great option when ordering these parts. This can help you get the parts without incurring the cost of shipping. Before committing to a purchase on eBay, be sure to evaluate the cost of shipping and insurance. If this information is not provided in the listing, then be sure to take the time to contact the seller and get clarifications regarding shipping cost, insurance, or any other questions that you may need. It is also a good idea to review the seller's rating on eBay so that you only work with a seller who has maintained a good reputation.


Customising a BMW is a good way of adding a personal touch to an already excellent ride. There are many modifications available to the do-it-yourselfer as well as to the consumer who wishes to have a professional body shop do the work. While some shoppers choose to only make slight changes here and there, others go full force, purchasing highly stylistic, full aftermarket body kits to completely modify the appearance of their vehicles.

Of course, drastic changes are not always necessary. Making only slight changes to a BMW's body can greatly help to set it apart from other vehicles of the same make and model. Take time to browse the available options carefully before selecting the right modifications to add to the BMW. At the end, consumers who modify their vehicles to suit their tastes and personal needs can be very satisfied for the long term. Even slight changes provide a sense of ownership and adoration for one's vehicle.

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