10 Ways to Naturally Stop Hair Loss and Thicken Hair

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Many people talk about ways to stop hair loss naturally but there are hundreds if not thousands of all kinds of methods which people say seemingly work, but which ones really work? and most commonly working for people everyday? 

This article is written to help those people looking to naturally stop hair loss, and possibly regrow hair that they have lost. 

1. Scalp Massage

This is one of the most under-rated thing in western society - that scalp massage helps hair growth and stops hair loss. This is one of the most powerful and natural methods out there, but most people don't do it right, and consistently. You must do it everyday for at least 30 minutes a day - this means dedicating time and energy aside just to do your scalp massages everyday - ideally before bed as there is nobody around, but you can do this even at a lunch break if you are happy doing it. 

What this does is push out toxins that block the vessels (that easily get blocked) and increases blood circulation which then allows hair follicle regeneration - so even lost hair can be recovered to some extent if you stay loyal to hair scalp massage. 

2. Use the Taoist soap

This is a powerful detox soap that is SLS free and 100% organic - and the only soap that is able to penetrate many layers of the skin to work on inflammation and stopping hair loss from progressing further - this also replaces any use for hair loss shampoos or anything else. 

3. Stop excessive sexual activity (especially for men, but applies to women as well)

Sexual activity makes the body lose way too much energy as sperm requires a lot of energy to be produced - and if someone is indulging in any form of sexual release, they are asking for their hair and skin to get worse, as they are losing vital life force of the body - balance is key. 

4. Eat Right

Eating fried foods, sugar foods and too much carbs only work directly against your hair growth, especially when you are already having hair loss problems. Eating green vegetables and red meat can greatly help if you are not a vegetarian, otherwise, aim to eat no sugars in your diet so to at least stop the heavy resistance preventing hair growth. 

5. Exercise for 30 minutes a day

Do exercises that can make you run out of breath for at least 30 minutes a day - this not only pushes blood to all the extreme ends of your body, but also detoxifies your body and resets the natural hormone system again by doing so - this is not talked about much as very few people are aware of this - but long term of this will greatly help you look amazing, and keep your youthful looks for a long time, including your hair not to mentioning keeping it dark rather than grey. 

6. Use a SLS free shampoo 

Although we already mentioned the Taoist soap - the soap is directly for stopping hair loss and growing thicker hair - but you also need something for your hair itself - not the scalp area, but hair (just to be clear). An emu oil based shampoo will be great if it does not have SLS - and its not as expensive either. 

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Video on Getting Thicker Hair
Video explains the outline of what we discussed here in this article. Thought it was a friendly way to communicate the points so adding it to this. 
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