10% final value fees will kill off young eBay shops

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COMPLAINT - New Fee Structure

In my opinion the proposed 10% final value fee on lowest value items is quite unreasonable.  I believe that this arrangement will penalise new shops, charity shops and shops with low value items and low margins.  This bombshell - in addition to the proposal to reduce visibilty for shop listings, and give priority to Featured and Anchor shops over small shops, will seriously affect the viability of new shops starting up.

The proposed fee system is counter intuitive, new shops and low value items must be encouraged on ebay to attract more buyers.  This 10% will be passed on to these buyers, however it is 'dressed up'. 

10% will devastate clothing, accessories, cosmetics, stationary, craft and hobby shops for which most items are under £5, and margins are so tight.  eBay as a responsible organisation should take a leaf from the tax system which offers the reverse - a gentle tiered approach, aimed at making it easier for those struggling to start out in life.

It would be far more sensible for eBay to give a 'fee break' to lower value items - start the final value fee at a lower level, and bring it up for higher value items - in this way eBay will remain competitive as a marketplace for everyday items, and multiple shop sales will increase.

Honest small shop sellers - young mums stuck at home, pensioners, those with limited mobility, and strapped for cash students will be the ones to suffer here. eBay should do more to support new young traders who are trying to attract their first customers with a small eBay shop.

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