10 mtr potable mast

Like if this guide is helpful

this mast is the biggest load of rubbish i have ever wasted my money on first time i put it up with NOTHING on the top it shot down I thought I must not have tightened the locking screws down enough and when it came down it broke a couple of the guides holders and it broke several of the locking screw holders which I paid for replacement

I eventualy got around to putting the new one on and guess what yes you have it right it came down again making the same mess as it did before still it had nothing on it NOW i have drilled holes through it and put bolts throught but I have decieded NOT to take it to Ireland with me as first planned as i am going to run a special event station what a pity a bit more thought on the makes part and this 10 meter mast would have been Ok as its light weight. Here's what the manafacture should have done he should have made the holders of thicker plastic and he should have drilled holes in the poles so the locking screws would have gone through the poles and it would not have come down

Just to note i saw some at the blackpool rally and same price and they were far better but i had not tried mine then

and also i do not hold rocket radio responseable in is the manafacture who made it

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