10 steps for Beginner Sellers on Ebay

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I just wanted to write a guide in Layman's terms that might help afew people out there, when they decide to sell their first item.

I have afew essential points to make & i think if you used then as a guideline then you will be successful in Selling and keep a 100% record like mine.

  1. Be Honest-if there are any marks, scratches or anything you notice on the item you are selling- JUST MENTION IT as then the buyer is aware of it & can make up their own mind if its an issue
  2. Check competition-look at like items in the same catagory as yours to see whatthey are charging for postage etc.. so you are aware of what your bidding against
  3. Detail sGalore- describe as many details as you can so that they have all the information to decide upon the purchase
  4. Resonable Postage- dont aim too high as it puts buyers off and when browsing for items they will normally pick out lower postage to watch
  5. Dont sell anything you wouldnt buy- consider this when selling- is the item in good nik? would you buy it?
  6. Picture- always add pic (as first one is free) so buyers can see & enlarge item they might buy
  7. Communication- always moniter Ebay everyday when selling, as theres nothing worse when you have a question or problem & it doesnt get answerd straight away
  8. Discounts- do offer discounts for multiply purchases as it encourages people to look & but your items
  9. Feedback- wait to leave feedback once your item & has been recievd & they are happy as some people find faults for no reason & can leave neutral of neg feedback for the silliest of reason
  10. Be considerate-just remember to be patient & corteuos to buyers & treat them as you would like to be treated

This guide is to help & advise & to spare some of the bad experiences i have had Selling on Ebay.

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