10 tips to Improve your French Pronunciation

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There are a number of ways to practise French pronunciation in order to become a fluent speaker. Depending on your avaibility, bring your new language into as many aspects of your life as possible, and vary your speaking exercises so as to expand your vocabulary.

Here are some practical ideas for speaking French.

Read aloud

Grab a small piece of French text from a course, magazine or newspaper, and read it aloud. This drill helps you not only with your French pronunciation, but it also familiarises you with the intonation patterns.

 Sing a song

Go on Youtube and get your favourite French song. Make sure you choose a video that has the lyrics as a sing along, and sing with it. It is a fun way to learn to speak French.

Questions and Answers
Get some French flash cards with simple questions on them. Ask each question aloud and then, answer it. Make sure you answered correctly by looking at the answer cards.
Listen and repeat
Get a sequence of words or phrases. Listen to them and repeat. It is a useful exercise to help you get your tongue around new sounds.
Describe your daily routine
Outline your actions. There are good reasons why talking to yourself prepares you to speak to others. You can repeat words or sentences several times, and it builds up your confidence.
ie: I am brushing my teeth
(je me brosse les dents)
 The more often you do it, the more fluent it will sound.
Learn by heart
Take a poem or a short story and rehearse it until you know it by heart. This training helps you to concentrate on different elements of the text, such as words you find difficult to pronounce, or unfamiliar grammar patterns.
Converse with someone
Hold a conversation with French Language students or native speakers. This is a more challenging exercise, as it sometimes forces you to use different tenses or grammatical structures.
Phonetic Practice
Separate words into syllables and underneath each one, write its phonetic. Then say the words phonetically. This exercise is helpful for words which are particularly difficult to pronounce.
Listen to the French language
News readers are ideal to listen to, because they usually speak well and without any noticeable accent.
They also talk about international events, which are easy to follow.
Watch your favourite movies
Put your favourite movie on, switch on the French subtitles and read along with them. It is not easy at first because the actors tend to speak faster than you. But, as it is probably a movie that you have seen several times, there is not much unfamiliarity to it.
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