100% positive feedback versus Detailed seller ratings

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How do you rate the new detailed seller ratings? Do you feel that perhaps it isn't all it should be? Personal experience and that of other ebayer sellers I know is that it is becoming a bit of a farce. Positive feedback is being counterset by downrating. If there is a problem why leave postive? Why has the buyer not contacted the seller. I know of a seller who checks his feedback and ratings on a regular basis and have caught buyers down rating them.
Fine for the buyers - it doesn't bear any reflection on their ebaying capabilities, however for a business it is a BIG deal. The way I understand it is that the new RATING system has been put in place to help to protect buyers from bad sellers. Therefore each and every rating received is a reflection on the way business has been handled by that seller. More buyers are using the ratings as a guide to customer service than they are the feedback system. So you may well have 100% pristine and shiny feedback but if your ratings are down, your sales could be too.


The new system has incorporated the old yes, no, maybe and not sure answers. Perhaps it is a psychological thing, human nature is to find at least one thing wrong (whether it is true or not). Therefore not everyone will tick good for all the sections. Although there are a few out there that will.
For each section they are asked to complete, there is a corresponding guide within Ebay help section.

Items on my listings are described concisely, precisely and fully and when listing second hand items I always ensure even the tiniest of faults is somewhere within the listing.

As far as communication is concerned I subscribe to the ebay selling manager pro and have an ebay shop (Extra cost to me not passed to buyer). These are both set up for automatic notification to the buyer for every step of the transaction. I answer all emails sent through the ebay system as soon as I receive them. So why would I be downrated on communication - especially if the buyer has not communicated any problems to me? On a couple of occasions the buyer has notified an error in their initial details fdor the personalisation and I have AT NO EXTRA CHARGE sent a replacement item to them as soon as I have been made aware. Also damaged goods in post I have replaced at my expense and not claimed from Royal Mail.

Despatch time - ALL my items are sent 1st class recorded delivery or special next day if requested. Royal Mail quote 1 - 3 working days for delivery. Unlike myself working from dawn til dusk and beyond, they only work selected hours. Delivery times are down to the courier used and not the seller and it's about time it was noted by ebay and buyers that this is a fact. Im sure if the boot were on the other foot so to speak then the situation would be different. All items are created and printed within 24 hours of sale but can only be despatched in line with the post office opening hours. OUR POST OFFICE DOES NOT OPEN SATURDAY AFTERNOON AND SUNDAYS OR BANK HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wjhen it comes down to the postage and packaging charges, ebay state that a seller may increase the postage and packaging charges to reflect the reasonable amount incurred by the seller for packaging, handling charges and insurance. I charge £1.50 for 1st class recorded delivery, the actual postage cost is £1.18 as it is a large letter, that then gives me an allowance of 32p to cover the 2 mile trip to the post office, handling charges and the cost of the envelope. What a great world it would be if we had a post office on every street corner and free stationery.

In a perfect world, the buyer would
  1. read the listing fully,
  2. check the terms and conditions of sale,
  3. look at the actual postage costs and think about the extras that we have had to pay for.
  4. Check the date of purchase and make sure that any delay in despatch was due to weekends and bank holidays.
  5. Check carefully which star they have clicked on before leaving final feedback, one of my friends said that he managed to find out who had downrated him and when he asked them why they said it was an accident as they had been in a rush and accidently clicked the worng one.
  6. Email through ebay any problems before leaving feedback.
all of the above actually have specific guides within the ebay help and community sections. So why does it happen?

I know its a DOG eat DOG world out there (or in ebay terms a buyer eat seller world - lol) but there seem to be a lot of buyer protection systems and not enough seller protection. There are many guides here on ebay regarding lost items automatically refunded by paypal, feedback scams, credit card chargebacks all of which are allowing the buyer to gain and the seller to lose out.

I hope you find my guide helpful and look forward to your rating this guide. Please also feel free to contact me if you have any query with anything I have written.

Thank you

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