11 Ways to Vamp Up Your Citroen

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11 Ways to Vamp Up Your Citroen

You may be happy with your Citroen for a while after driving it off the sales lot but can come to regret not purchasing upgrade options when you had the opportunity. Or, the absence of certain features may prevent you from purchasing a used Citroen that is otherwise a great deal. A missing feature need not be a source of lament, though. There are numerous ways to vamp up your Citroen to account for the shortcomings you perceive about it.

Performance, look, and interior are the three areas to pay attention to if you are considering enhancements. You can make your Citroen more fun to drive, better looking, and more entertaining when you vamp up these aspects of it. Enhancing your Citroen requires the right parts and accessories, which you can buy from conventional sources of auto parts or from an online source such as eBay. Read on to learn about the many ways that you can vamp up your Citroen and discover the parts and accessories you need for these enhancements.

Ways to Vamp Up Your Citroen's Performance

You may want your Citroen to look good, but it is performance that really counts. You can make your Citroen even more fun to drive by modifying the engine, upgrading the intake and exhaust, changing the tyres, and tuning the suspension.

1. Modify the Engine

Many smaller Citroen models are prime candidates for engine upgrade. Compact Citroen cars often have small engines that can see big benefits from a turbocharger. This accessory compresses air before delivering it to the engine, enabling the engine to squeeze more air into it. When the engine takes more air, it also takes more fuel to keep the air-to-fuel ratio balanced. More air combining with more fuel results in powerful combustion. This energy boost increases the pace of a Citroen's acceleration and its top speed.

If you want even more power and decide to supercharge the Citroen's engine, bigger fuel injectors and a more powerful fuel pump need to be installed in order to keep up with the increased demand for fuel that results from supercharging.

2. Upgrade the Intake and Exhaust

Upgrading the intake and the exhaust also enhances the engine's management of air. A cold air intake may employ one of a handful of features, such as a shorter overall unit, to deliver cooler air to the engine. The higher density of cold air delivers more oxygen to the engine, thereby prompting the engine to request more fuel for combustion.

Fitting the right-size exhaust to an engine ensures peak performance. The exhaust removes fumes from the engine after combustion, enabling the engine to take in fresh air for a new combustion cycle. The diameter of the exhaust helps determine the volume of dirty air it can clear from the engine. A Citroen with a 1.6-litre engine should have a tailpipe with a diameter of 3.75 to 5 cm. If the diameter is larger than that, the exhaust cannot clear fumes as effectively at low revolutions per minute.

3. Change the Tyres

Many drivers take tyres for granted when it comes to parts that affect a car's performance. However, a Citroen's handling can be improved considerably by replacing its tyres. Britain's oft-damp weather forces drivers to contend with wet roads. Tyres specially designed for these conditions may have patterned grooves to displace water and a high rubber or silica content to increase grip. The European Union also has rating regulations that score tyres on a scale from A to G, with A representing tyres that have the shortest braking distance on wet roads.

4. Tune the Suspension

The smoothness of a Citroen's ride largely depends on its suspension. One can tune various suspension parts to ensure that the Citroen does not bounce too much when it hits bumps in the road or roll too far around corners. Adjusting the damper helps the user find he preferred balance of bound and rebound. The former action is the rate at which the damper absorbs shock, and the latter the rate at which it releases shock. Tightening bound and rebound makes the ride a bit stiffer, but helps a Citroen's wheels stabilise more quickly on the road after hitting a bump.

The springs also help determine how the Citroen deals with bumps. Stiff springs result in more bounce over bumps, while soft springs result in greater lean around corners. Slightly softer springs on the front of the Citroen can help its front grip more strongly on corners, though the rear swings out a bit more widely.

Ways to Vamp Up Your Citroen's Look

Unless people are actually riding in a Citroen, it is the look of the car that they are likely to pay more attention to. A Citroen's appearance can be vamped up by changing the wheels, adding a spoiler, replacing bumpers and sideskirts, and adding decals and accoutrements.

5. Change the Wheels

Many people overlook a car's wheels if they have the factory set on them, but a new set of rims can quickly make the wheels one of the more noticeable aspects of a Citroen. Many aftermarket rims have eye-catching designs. You also may be able to fit larger wheels on a Citroen. Alloy wheels can have the added benefit of cooling the brakes by offering improved heat conduction.

6. Add a Spoiler

A spoiler also alters a Citroen's look, although improving performance is the intended benefit. Spoilers reduce wind resistance on a car, improving fuel efficiency. This horizontal tail bar also makes a Citroen appear sportier. One can fit a spoiler to the top of a hatchback so that it sits near the roof or above the boot of a sedan. Spoilers also come in a variety of sizes, so that a Citroen owner can decide how prominently a spoiler should feature on the car.

7. Replace the Bumpers and Side Skirts

Replacing the bumpers and sideskirts can drastically change a Citroen's look. The table below lists these parts and provides their brief descriptions.



Front Bumper

Designed to reduce impact in case of an accident; can go wider and lower than original bumper; can also feature grills to alter look of Citroen

Rear Bumper

Also designed to reduce impact in case of an accident; can be wider and lower than original bumper; may feature multiple openings for tailpipes

Side Skirts

Designed for cosmetics; also improve airflow around Citroen; usually make Citroen appear closer to the ground

Many aftermarket bumpers and side skirts make a Citroen look lower to the ground. Consumers can buy these parts separately or together as a body kit.

8. Decals and Accoutrements

Adding decals and other accoutrements, such as a bonnet bra , changes a Citroen's look, but without the commitment of swapping out car parts. Adding these accessories makes a Citroen more noticeable, but one can easily remove them should tastes change.

Ways to Vamp Up Your Citroen's Interior

Since you spend more time inside your Citroen than outside looking at it, you may want to enhance the pleasure of sitting inside of the car. You can vamp up the Citroen's interior by upgrading the stereo system, adding a navigation system, and installing mood lighting.

9. Upgrade the Stereo System

The stereo system may be the first place to look if you want to vamp up a Citroen's interior. Replacing the stereo and speakers and installing an amplifier can improve sound. You can also add a subwoofer for deeper, more powerful bass. The stereo may also feature an MP3 player, enabling you to play media that you were unable to initially with the original stereo in the car.

10. Add a Navigation System

Installing a navigation system in a Citroen can help the owner easily find destinations and roadside conveniences when needed. Basic navigation systems generally have smaller screens and mount to the Citroen's dashboard or windshield. You can also buy a navigation system with a large screen that stows inside of the car's dash and emerges when you want to use it. Unless you are particularly handy with cars, you should hire a professional service to install this type of navigation system. /

11. Install Mood Lighting

All sorts of fixtures are available to help you set mood lighting inside a Citroen. Many of these are small light-emitting diode, or LED, bulbs that remain cool and safe to touch. They also come in different colours, enabling you to set the kind of interior ambience you prefer. Furthermore, you can choose where to place lighting, such as along the ceiling or under the dashboard.

How to Use eBay to Vamp Up Your Citroen

You may purchase the parts and accessories you need to vamp up a Citroen from local and online auto parts stores. You can also buy these items on eBay. It is easy to search the site for the parts and accessories you want on the website, where you can also find local sellers to purchase them from.

Searching for Parts and Accessories

Begin your search for Citroen parts from any eBay page that has the search bar on it. Enter a term, such as " turbocharger ", and choose the category related to vehicle parts and accessories to ensure that the listings are relevant to your search. You can then choose the make and model of your Citroen to filter for parts that are compatible with your car.

Finding Local Sellers

Buying from local sellers can reduce shipping costs. You find these sellers by specifying the distance from your postcode within which they should be located. eBay can then filter the results to leave only those sellers located close to you.


One does not necessarily need to run out and buy a whole new car if one's Citroen is missing a desired feature. Consumers can vamp up a Citroen by modifying its performance, look, and interior. Adding a turbocharger and upgrading the intake and exhaust can enhance engine performance, while changing the tyres and tuning the suspension improves handling. One can change a Citroen's look by replacing the wheels, adding a spoiler, changing the bumpers and side skirts, and placing decals and accoutrements on the car. A Citroen owner can also upgrade the interior by altering the stereo system, adding a navigation system, and installing mood lighting.

You can find everything you need to vamp up your Citroen on eBay. Learning how to search the site helps you hone in on the parts and accessories needed, and buying from local sellers saves you money. You can give your Citroen a whole new look and upgraded performance as long as you have a plan and a reliable source for the items you need.

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