12 Items to Pack for Your Easter Caravan Holiday

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12 Items to Pack for Your Easter Caravan Holiday

A caravan holiday can be enjoyable for the whole family or a group of friends, regardless of the time of year it is scheduled for. It is fun to just get away and enjoy the company of friends and family, as well as make new connections. With many people choosing to go away for the Easter holiday, spending time in a holiday caravan is a popular option.

The weather, however, can be unpredictable during this time of year, depending on the location. That means that planning for such a trip should include some items that may not be necessary for holidays during other times of the year. There are several items that should be included on any caravan holiday packing list, and a number that are key to include for one scheduled during Easter. Ensure that your Easter caravan holiday is everything that it should be by remembering to include these 12 items on your packing list.

Item 1. Extra Blankets

The weather during the Easter holiday season can be unpredictable in many locations. Even if all the evidence indicates good weather, it is best to prepare for all possible circumstances. This does mean packing more than for the usual holiday, but the comfort that extra blankets and warm clothing can provide makes the experience extra comfortable and enjoyable.

Item 2. Roof Box

Caravanning during this time of year requires all of the same items as during warm summer months, as well as many extras that are needed because of the chance of poor weather. Most people find it difficult to fit everything into the car boot without crowding up the passenger compartment. Travel is an important part of this kind of holiday, and the comfort of the travellers should be considered when packing.

A roof box is a great addition, especially in situations where much more luggage is needed than is usually required. This vehicle accessory fastens to the top of the car and provides a large amount of extra space. These are available for rent in many locations, but they are so handy that it may be worth it to purchase one, especially if there is a good bargain to be had.

Item 3. Portable Heater

The temperature in many areas is still rather chilly during the Easter season. Most static holiday caravans include a heat source, especially if they are available for hire during this season. Unfortunately, many are heated with a fireplace, either gas or wood burning. This is great for many people who enjoy the ambiance and curling up in front of the fire. However, many parents who bring their children along are concerned about the dangers that the fireplace may pose.

Also, while these caravans are generally heated, it is often just not adequate enough. Bringing along a portable heater can keep the unit comfortably warm throughout the entire holiday regardless of the weather outside. It also protects little ones from the dangers of the fireplace, which is a real concern for parents of children who have never been around one before.

Item 4. Rain Gear

The goal of any holiday is to enjoy the time away, regardless of the circumstances. It is likely that a good portion of an Easter holiday may be nice weather and hold plenty opportunities to get out and explore without worrying about getting wet. However, it is always wise to be prepared, and many of the activities that are done in warm weather can also be enjoyed when it is raining, provided that preparations have been made. Hiking, sight-seeing, and trips to the park are all just as much fun when the weather is damp as when it is nice, but many people enjoy them more with an umbrella, waterproof boots, and rain gear.

Item 5. Loo Roll

If the goal is to save a bit of money while enjoying the holiday, it is important to avoid purchasing anything besides keepsakes from the local shops. The prices there are likely to be much greater than at home, so consider shopping for all the groceries and necessities before leaving, provided there is room available.

In particular, be sure to bring plenty of toilet paper. Many caravans for hire include only one roll, which can go quickly. Sometimes there is none provided at all. After a long trip to get to the holiday location, it is too risky to assume that it will be there. Be a wise caravanner and come prepared.

Item 6. Bed Linens

While a hired caravan is typically furnished with virtually all other household items necessary for the stay, bed linens are one thing that many sites do not provide. Phone ahead or refer to the hiring agreement information to determine if linens are available. If not, be prepared to bring along enough for each individual travelling.

Item 7. Tin Opener

Most hired holiday caravans are equipped with everything necessary to create and serve a meal. Typically all the necessary pans, dishes, and cutlery, as well as basic kitchen utensils and gadgets are provided. It seems that one of the most common items to go missing, however, is the tin opener. Depending on what is on the menu, having a tin opener may be very necessary in order to create a meal, and a number of meals cannot easily be created without one. Ensure that this dilemma does not affect the holiday meals by tucking one of these small problem-savers in with the other gear.

Item 8. 4-way plug

The weather on an Easter holiday may keep everyone inside more than they do during those taken at other times of the year. All this time indoors is likely going to require electricity, as many families enjoy spending the time watching films, listening to music, or connecting on the Internet. Unfortunately, it is quite probable that there are not enough outlets at certain key places in the caravan for everyone to do what they want to. This is particularly the case near the television and in the kitchen when two or more appliances are needed. Bring along a fix in the way of a 4-way plug that can double the number of items that an outlet can ordinarily support.

Item 9. Games, Entertainment, Celebration Items

Electronics are great sometimes, but it is always fun to spend holiday time together around a great game. With travel space being a prime concern, be sure to choose games that are contained in small packages. One easy game to pack along that takes up almost no space is a simple pack of cards. Bring two packs for games that require them both. The one exception to this size rule would be family favourites that deserve the extra space.

As this is the Easter holiday, be sure to include all of the games, entertainment, and celebration items that make this holiday special. Every family has their Easter traditions, and many of them work just as well while caravanning, provided all of the supplies are available. A holiday away is also a great time to start some new traditions, so plan ahead and bring the necessary games and supplies.

Item 10. Reading Material

Holidays are meant for relaxing, and reading is an important part of that for many people. Be sure that there is enough reading material available for each person. This may particularly make travelling with young people much more enjoyable. Both books and magazines are a great idea, but they take up room. In an effort to save space, remember to bring along any eBook readers, which take up almost no space but can contain everyone's favourites. These handy devices are reasonably priced and great items to bring on holidays, so if it is in the budget, consider purchasing one for each family member.

Item 11. Guide to the Local Attractions

Going away on holiday is bound to be enjoyable regardless of how the time is spent, but planning for it in advance is one way to ensure that everything turns out truly memorable. Make planning easier by sending away for any guides that the local community may make available, reading books about the area, and doing Internet research. These are great ways to be informed of all the important sites that the family will not want to miss while in the area.

Item 12. Camera

Finally, do not forget to put the camera in the travel bag. More than one means more pictures to remember the holiday by. Remember not to pack it away in the luggage, though. Travelling is part of the holiday and many picture-ready shots happen along the way.

Where to Buy Easter Caravan Holiday Items

Holidays can be expensive, and the more money that can be saved when preparing for the trip, the more money that can go toward enjoying it. For this reason, the worst possible option is to buy necessities for stores or shops that are local to the caravan site. The prices may be much higher there than at home and even the most savvy shoppers have difficulty locating the bargains in unfamiliar territory. It is best to purchase most of it before hand, which also avoids the need to interrupt important holiday time for shopping.

One great time saver is to do the shopping online. It is easy to get the shopping done while fitting it into extra time during the day or evening instead of having to go running around town from store to store. Another real bonus is that it may be possible to have it shipped directly to the caravan site with no extra charge. What a great way to prepare to save stress and space while travelling.

Buying Easter Caravan Holiday Items on eBay

eBay is a great option for bargain caravan shoppers. Virtually anything that may be on any list is available on eBay and generally at a great price, which leaves holiday money in the wallet for when it is time for fun. The variety available there is unmatched.

When shopping for caravan holiday items on eBay, be sure to pay close attention to shipping speeds, especially if shopping close to the time of the trip. Communicate with the seller about when things are likely to ship and about shipping options that may make preparing for the holiday easier. Try to shop early and time things in a way that makes preparing a breeze.

When things begin to arrive, organise them right then and try to pack as many as possible into the appropriate luggage. Keep a list nearby to refer to. Doing so serves as a reminder of what is already packed and ready to go, and what still needs to be purchased. Keeping such a list updated and handy is invaluable when it comes to last minute preparations and shopping.


Many people consider caravanning a warm weather holiday option, but it can be just as enjoyable regardless of the season. In fact, in many locations, Easter may be the perfect time for a caravan holiday. Some attractions are better this time of year or may not even be available during other seasons. Crowds may be smaller and prices may even be lower, which means more money for enjoying the time together.

An Easter holiday does mean spending plenty of time together, so make sure to have all of the necessary items to ensure that the holiday is enjoyable and truly memorable for each traveller. In particular, remember to include things to keep everyone comfortable throughout travel, including warm blankets, wet weather gear, and all the entertainment items that keep everyone happy and engaged. By being planning ahead and being prepared, the holiday is sure to be one to remember for a lifetime.

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