125cc Chinese

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Thx a million eddie very nice review i am seriously considering buying a skyjet 125cc soon. id like to add me thoughts, i bought a 50cc skyjet2 stroke moped last year good points i definatly dont regret buying it overall good price and seemed a bit faster them other 50mopeds on the highway. some miner bad point the batery was terible it realy live of a mains charger and needed charging religiously even after geting new spark plugs and a new battery from machanic, that is why i sold it and bought my freinds vrx 400cc which i find very heavy. and the loopexuast looks nasty once its fully rusted! i am hater of 50cc now. even it is nececery to get 50cc for first licence in ireland but their not even safe anyway as ther to slow, stupid rules!!  i cant wait to get 125. i think 125 is magic number for bikes anyway as the reves and effiecincy go way down after that i dont like to go any more then 130km anyways i think 125cc would be just right. i think once you go Skyjet you wont look back i am big fan!

i read reviews and aprecate them hugly

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