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Is this sim worth buying the anwser is a very big yes its worth evey penny of your money.

18 Wheels Of Steel: Haulin is the latest game in the 18 Wheels Of Steel series. In this sim you are given a truck and must go around Canada and America searching for cargo to haul from A to B.

There isn't really a story in this sim. You start with a small truck that can't exceed the speed of 40mph whilst towing cargo, however completing deliveries gives you money and there is also an option to take out a loan. As soon as you get the right amount of money you are going to want to replace your truck for a better one. Fatigue is also simulated in this game. Your driver will start yawning from time to time, so either pull over and take a nap, or go to one of the many hotels spread across the gigantic map. All vehicles need fuel of course and there are much needed gas stations spread through Canada and America, and you can pick how much gas you want in your truck. You share the road with some not so intelligent AI cars. They will occasionally crash into each other which is always comical. A really annoying thing in this sim are the police. They seem to be omniscient in the game and always know if you are speeding, if you fail to stop at a red light or if you drive on the wrong side of the road. The police can be a real finance eater if you do not follow the code of the road thats just like real life if you think about it.Sometimes when you are driveing down the freeway it can turn into a car park in seconds and you have 1 very big traffic jam. Your truck also has all the gauges working like fuel gauges oil gauge air brake gauge engine temp gauge the list goes on and on

You can take loans out with the bank if you wish and the intrest rates are high like they are real life and the bank also refuses you loans to.   

The Graphics in this game are pretty good as they have always been. The game designer is not at fault though due to the game being aimed at a small audience and the game was made with a low budget. However the graphics are much improved since it's predecessor. There are a lot of cities in this game and the game does actually include real cities from Albuquerque to Winnipeg. A few landmarks have been thrown in like the Sphinx in Las Vegas and the Hollywood sign In LA.

The Sound in the game is also pretty good. No real changes since the previous versions. The soundtrack which is mainly guitar, is very well done and quite impressive. The sim also has a cd player built in to it. You will have to convert your mp3s or whatever format you use into ogg format though the other good thing about this sim has a cb so you can chat to the other drivers like ask for the weather and traffic. 

Overall the game is definitely worth getting if you've had the previous games. It's very user friendly, so newbies will be able to pick it up straight away.


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