18th Century Badges & Shako Plates

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I am appalled at some of the items claiming to be from the 18th century, when they were clearly made yesterday.

I have put quite a few reproduction badges from Napoleonic times on ebay, and they sit on a list next to ones claiming to be origional and going for $1,500 I would trust nothing on ebay from that period.

There is almost nothing left from this time that isnt sitting in a museum or worth very serious money from a military auction.


I know people who make a living out of re creating badges and head gear to fool the public into parting in cash. I know serious collectors who are so desperate to believe an item is the real thing they con themselves. Dont be fooled into parting with serious money for something that was made in India or a workshop near me.


Please be careful. I woulld be happy to look at any thing on ebay and give an opinion just write to me from any of my items on sale louisc741

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