19th & 20th Century Birmingham Sterling Silver Makers

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List of some 19th/20thcentury Birmingham makers 

This list has been produced to assist in the identification of possible makers.  Once a name has been identified as a possibility then a search on the web may reveal a photograph of the marker's mark to compare to.

Please ignore the case of lower case letters - the lower case I have used is to denote they are smaller but they may well be small upper case letters.

Photographs will be added to this guide in the longer term from my  own collection. Additionally I know I have additions to make to this "first cut list" and this will be on a on-going basis.

Please ASQ me with any additions or corrections of typos or if you have any queries. 



A& over JZ - A & J Zimmerman Limited

aZ&J - as above

bros A ltd - Adie Brothers Limited

AC over MCo - Alexander Clark & Co Limited

AC co over ld - as above

AEJ - A. E. Jones


BC - Bernard Cuzner

BE over SCo - Baker Ellis Silver Company

B over GH over Ld - Birmingham Guild of Handicraft


C&B - Cocks & Bettridge

CJS - Cyril Siner

CT - Charles Thomas


D&F - Deakin & Francis Limited

D&H - Deakin & Harrison Limited

D&S - Deykin & Son


E&Co - Elkington & Co Limited

E& over Co - as above

EM & Co - Elkington Mason & Co Limited

ES - Edward Smith


FC - Francis Clark


GN over RH - Nathan & Hayes

GU - George Unite

GW - Gervase Wheeler


H&H - Hujin & Heath Ltd

H&T - Hilliard & Thomason


HM - H. Matthews


IB - John Bettridge

IS - John Shaw

IT - Joseph Taylor


JB - Joseph Bettridge

JBC & S - JB Chatterley & Sons

JBC over &S over Ld - as above

JBC over B - as above

JH & Co - John Hardman & Co

JL - John Lawrence & Co

JTH over JHM - Heath & Middleton

JW - Joseph Willmore


L&C - Lea & Clark

L&C - W.Lea & Co

L&Co - Ledsam & Vale

L&Co - Liberty & Co

LS & Co - L. Smith & Co

LV & W - Ledsam, Vale & Wheeler


M&W - Mappin & Webb

MB - Matthew Boulton

MB IF - Matthew Bouton and John Fothergill

MB over IF - as above

ML - Matthew Linwood


N&H - Nathan & Hayes

NM - Nathaniel Mills


R over RW - Robert Welch

R over W - as above

RW - as above


SGM - Stanley Morris

SP - Samuel Pemberton

SW - Silver Workshop


T&P - Taylor & Perry

TK&S - Toye Kenning and Spencer

TS - Thomas Shaw

TW - Thomas Willmore


VB over &S - Vale Brothers and Sermon


w over ss H ld over & - William Hutton & Sons


Y&W - Yapp & Woodward

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