1p Timeshare for Sale! Or is it?

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If you have been searching for timeshares to buy on eBay you may have noticed some weeks priced at £10 or even less. It is no secret that the timeshare market has seen better days, but how do some resellers get away with selling their timeshares for such a low price?

Whilst it is true that some people looking for the quickest sale are willing to sell as cheap as possible in order to get a buyer quickly, but the upfront cost on a timeshare isn’t always the only expenditure involved. There is often the expectation that you can pick up a week for next to nothing and that is the end of the financial considerations. Of course as appealing as this may sound this is often not the case, the reseller needs to add-in the cost of legal checks, transference of paperwork and potential unpaid maintenance fees to the equation. 

When looking to buy timeshare on eBay the process is made clearer as the listing price has to include all the various costs and fees linked to the initial sale of the timeshare, meaning that you cannot be stung by huge sums of money after you have clicked “buy now” expecting a bargain.

Still you see companies on eBay selling timeshares for next to nothing, what is going on here?  Most people looking to buy are going to want the best price as long as the deal seems good. Although it really must be stressed that with anything which has long term commitments like owning a timeshare, you should probably do a little bit of research before clicking “buy now” for that 1p week in the sun.

Of course some resellers have special deals with the resorts which own the timeshares. In some cases the resort won’t let those owners give back the timeshare when they no longer wish to pay the associated fees. In the event that the resort won’t accept the timeshare back, they can set up special arrangements with resales companies where legal fees or transfer costs are absorbed by either the seller or subsidised by the resort itself to the resales company. The long and the short of it is that this type of sale is often rare.

These deals are all well and good when they can be found, although it is not always a true representation of the value of the timeshare for sale. Premiere locations can still be picked up cheaply, although it is extremely rare to find a quality week for next to nothing. Having mentioned earlier that eBay requires the fees to be expressed within the price of the listing, some sellers (private or otherwise) do not always conform to this and state the added costs within the item description – so buyer beware.

If you are ever unsure about the details of a timeshare for sale on eBay, get in contact with the resort first and try and get as much detail about the sale as possible.

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