2 Spotting a fake Anya Hindmarch I'm NOT A Plastic Bag

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Extremely detailed guide on: How can I tell telling spot spotting recognise decide determine if is my anya hindmarch hindmarsh i'm im not a plastic bag is fake not real replica imitation inspired where can I buy an authentic genuine

How to spot an I'm NOT an "I'm NOT A Plastic Bag"
The Must-Read 4 Part Guide to Spotting a Fake - PART 2!

Section 1:
HISTORY - The Media, Mobs and Mayhem!

Section 2:
''I'M NOT A PLASTIC" BIBLE - Detailed guide on how to spot a NOT! - Part A

Section 3:
"I'M NOT A PLASTIC" BIBLE - Detailed guide on how to spot a NOT! - Part B
HOW TO SPOT A FAKE SUMMARY - A quick refresher

Section 4:
"I'M NOT A PLASTIC" BIBLE - My latest secrets revealed!

Section 2:

THE "I'M NOT A PLASTIC" BIBLE - How to spot a NOT! - Part A

Beware! Sites such as Ebay are now absolutely flooded with imitations and they are becoming more and more difficult to recognise.
As it were, it is now more of a case of spotting the authentic bag rather than the fake so read the following carefully; with your
utmost attention and matchsticks in your eyes - no blinking!

1.) Firstly, there were ONLY ever 5 limited edition colours produced which are as follows:

UK Brown - Medium shade (could be described as earthy or pale chocolate)
USA Blue
- Navy
Asia Grey
- Charcoal
Japanese Green
- Dark green
Breast Cancer Awareness Special Edition
(Lavender Trust) - Pastel pink/mauve

(Only 200 pink ones were produced so it is not likely that you will get your hands on one unless you are willing to pay a very steep price.

Any other colours or shades of the above ARE imitations so avoid like the plague!

2.) If the advert states that the bag is "I'm NOT A Plastic bag" or Anya Hindmarch 'Inspired' then it is
NOT an authentic bag.

3.) A genuine "I'm NOT A Plastic Bag" has no pockets e.g. for mobile phone and is open top with no
zips, poppers or fasteners of any kind whatsoever.

4.) Your bag should look / be described as the following...

As the item is handmade the measurements (cm) given below are approximations although your item should not noticeably variate.
Please pay very close attention to detail as you may need to rely on ONLY ONE of the following signs to determine if a well produced
imitation is just that.

a.) Handmade from high quality cream cotton canvas with large "I'm NOT A Plastic bag" stitched lettering across the front in one of the colours from
above and trimmed in a matching shade.
(See Section 3 and Section 4 for a detailed analysis of the stitched lettering although I would advise reading through this section first).

b.) The Anya Hindmarch London designer logo (bow with A and H in each loop) should be approximately 2cm wide and 1cm tall.
The logo should be stitched approx 1 inch from the top of the bag to the center of the bow (or 2cm from trim to top of the bow and set centrally
between the handle eye-holes.

...From a genuine grey version
WATCH HERE for a chance to buy the actual genuine grey bag in these images!

Many of the first imitations to hit Ebay had an inflated bow logo appearing to be approx 2-3 times the size of that on the originals.
Once you have seen the comparison it is easy to recognise an inflated bow even from poor quality pictures...

The above is a fake bag determined by the enlarged Anya Hindmarch logo.

c.) The sides, back and bottom of the bag should show only plain cream canvas apart from the visible colour trim and the silver eyes on the back
where the handles loop through. The bottom is lined with a form of strong card or plastic and covered in canvas.

d.) VERY IMPORTANT - The inner lining should display the following two printed slogans exactly as described in detail below.
The replica bags are now look so similar to the originals that just one of the points highlighted in these guides may be your
way to tell if the bag is genuine.

Genuine bags (as shown left in grey) will always display both the slogans

Initially it was only authentic bags that had these markings but is seems that most of the replicas are now displaying them too
although not necessarily as described here so pay VERY close attention to detail.

ANYA HINDMARCH (on reverse of bag front) just over 2cm from the bag top, in capitals and centrally set between the eye-holes as shown below.

Want to buy this actual bag? WATCH HERE!
Genuine grey bag           Close-up

Opposite this (on the reverse of the bag back) there should be the “we are what we do” slogan in lower case, all on the same line of text, approx
3cm from the top of the bag and again, centrally set between the eye-holes. The slogan MUST be correct if the bag is genuine as demonstrated
in the following pictures...

Genuine brown                   Genuine grey close-up

This is the official logo of the organisation “we are what we do” and can be downloaded from their website so the slogan MUST be of this same font.
Some replicas use a completely different font such as in the right-hand picture below, and consequently it is easy to differentiate between these
and the genuine article. However, some use a very similar font making it far more difficult to 'spot the difference', but with an eagle-eye it is still
possible to recognise the fakes.

In some cases the letter “d” stands too tall and with yet even more similar fonts it is still possible to tell if the letters “a” are missing small tails.

Both of the below are fakes although the first looks rather convincing until you take a second look...

Notice the capital “w” and, although not shown here, sometimes the “d” is slightly too tall in comparison with the genuine versions.

You may be wondering if it is possible that the manufacturers may have used a different font or that there may be slight variations affecting the
“d” or “a”, however, this is the official "we are what we do" logo and, as they have guidelines as to how their artwork may be used stating that it
must not be altered, it means that this is not up to interpretation. Variations to this logo unfortunately deem it a definite fake.

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I've recently been informed by a genuine Ebay user who has just purchased one of my bags that there are now even fake guides available!
I really cannot believe the cheek of these sellers! Soon there will be no bags being sold because each person will have a different idea of
what a fake is!

All I can say is that everything in these guides is 100% correct and has been checked and double checked. All of the pictures used in the
comparisons stating 'genuine' are absolutely guaranteed to be genuine as they were taken from my actual authentic bags and have not been
copied from any other seller ! Absolutely authentic, no doubts whatsoever!
I can guarantee that the only pictures copied were those of the fake bags, for comparison purposes only, and all of which clearly state under
them that they are an example of a fake bag.

Continue to Section 3: "I'M NOT A PLASTIC" BIBLE - Part B

Your LAST chance for an RARE opportunity to own a 100% GENUINE Anya Hindmarch “I’m NOT A Plastic Bag” is here!

I originally purchased two asian grey bags (plus 9-5 books) from 'we are what we do' and was planning to keep one myself
but have decided to sell it to one VERY lucky Ebayer!

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