2009 guitar fakes , up date the facts

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Photograhpic example of fake 7VWH , against a genuine one enclosed

edited to keep to facts here

1:  look for item listed as a copy or reproduction , replica etc
2:  fully read the description
3:  look out for revisions to item listing , and nothing added , thats a hint ebay may have blocked the advert once due to trade mark problems
4:  dont expect all fakes to come from china , ive seen them being sold from , finland , ireland , england and usa < crazy enough
5:  if a hard shell case is shown , check it against legit models also on sale for correct colour interior , and exterior makings looking tatty an vague
6:  a certificate of authenticity is not offered
7: sellers saying was bought off of ebay , and think it is unknown number of years old . Thats is based on a fake serial number on the guitar , not the truth
8:  i have found 7 fakes here today , and done what we all must do , if u dont want to end up with a fake , costing you potentially 100s or 1000s of pounds
9:  someone selling an listing as a fake or not , but saying was a gift , or an item they were ripped off for , on ebay sold to them as real , etc etc
10:  any high end collector will know the history of his guitars intimately as i do mine , so if a sale is not forth coming with the specific info needed for an accurate identification , then DO NOT BUY IT
11:  its all common sense really but heres the reality , I was sold one last yr after i did all i could to make sure was real , i even wrote to the man writing ebay reviews about fakes , and i still managed to get one , lucky for me i only lost 360 pounds , but a loss is a loss  .
12:  im here to help , i have a list to identify any fake guitar , clarinet , saxaphone , accordian etc etc etc made by the chinese , i have spoken to ebay , but things r slow to happen there , so i have come here , as i found 7 here in last 24hrs fender , gibson and gretsch .
13: Dont be fooled if an advertised as gibson guitar , has 2 truss rod cover screws , that dosnt mean anything , as most of the fakes have only 2 screws , just like an original .
14: if looking at a Jem-7VWH IBNZ , then look on the back of the neck to see if the top nut lock bolts  penetrate thru to the back of the neck , a genuine one does.

  I will try too add the rear view of a fake ibanez 7vwh , as an indication visually of what im saying with this specific fake . Here you can see no bolts thru the top of neck ^^^^. Another pointer for a fake ibanez , is that the serial number is not paralelle with the rear of the machine heads , its slanted , or a large distance from the machine heads , like near to the outside edge of the head stock farthest away from the machine heads . all the ibanez i own now and have owned have paralelle serial number under machine heads .

and here also is the ORIGINAL with the bolts showing>>> . through the neck

15:  when considering purchasing or bidding , click file at top left of your page , select  "new tab " , a new blank page will open , into that paste in , the items identification , and click search , you will find lists of sites offering information , and comparable prices as a guide , on what you are considering bidding on . Get all the information offered by this source  , photo guides , and comparable average prices for what ever it is your searching . The more info you have , the better you can make a decision .

16: im now seeing power sellers also selling guitars listed as replicas , but badged with a false logo transfer or inlay , so dont think bid with confidence ; Bid with caution , this is the last thing id have expected to see would be a power seller risking his credit selling fakes !! but its out there in february 2009 right now .

17: The zakk wylde seems to have been copied a few times , with varying finishes << all fake , "cream front black back" ," white binding white guitar , bare maple neck ZW serial", cream binding white guitar and neck  gold siganture on back of head stocks  90s serial number " all fakes , but incredibly close lookalikes . The chinese ZW fakes centre is a hard wood , the caps are a moulded plastic , ( not maple as original ) .Ive seen 3 types of fake machine heads fitted to these guitars bell and button grover fakes in both gold and silver , and with both gold and natural mop head stock inlays . A picture thru the back plates will reveal , horrendous wireing , blobby solder , and no professional shrouding on the wires , not that i guess youll get offered a look in there .

18: china may have produced some blatant fakes in the past , ply wood and mdf , but they learned fast , these are not ply wood , dont be thinking , this is hard wood with a maple cap , so it must be real , NO ITS NOT , these new fakes id say are incredibly close on a quick look . they are real wood< quality unknown   , they are fake everything else , and thats the point , everything is fake , these are going to be a night mare if they are not stopped , the serial numbers check out on the data base even !! , but i spose thats not brain surgery to work out is it ?? just like every manufacturer , they have a serial number that relates to year , some times where made , the number that guitar was off the line that year etc etc etc , so is dead easy to make fake numbers if you think about it , I dont really think there can be that many out there now , but i do see them keep popping on every day .

  to be honest , apart from what i have said here , the other threads on fakes listed here cover anything i havnt said . Whats happening now , is the ppl that bought them , want rid of them , i dont think many set out to decieve anyone , as they r also listed in the adds as not genuine , but heres the clincher


  And yes it happens to anyone , as happened to me

  bid carefully an wisely , and if you dont know , then make sure you ask some one that does .

   I edited a big chunk of this , to make sure i dont annoy ebay , and this gets read , the more you bid , the more you learn , i am self taught by mistakes mostly , and as i remember more tips to pass on to you , ill add them here . I cant post examples of every thing out there . I truely hope that 7v pic goes through as i saw 2 being sold last year on ebay , i even have a full list for prs , so please dont think this only applies to les pauls and fender strats , its right through every brand out there .

   happy bidding people :-)

 if ebay would allow me to post all the know fakes too see here , there would be no mistakes and no fakes then on ebay , but i dont think the manufacturers would allow it

19: These fakes are so close to originals visually , i now wont buy a gibson from ebay , im actually not a gibson man at all , but i wanted one to see what all the hype is about , now i wont risk it  , i dont buy new guitars , so a second hand potentially fake , scares the hell out of me .  . I saw a jem 7vwh sell on ebay last yr for 400 , i warned the seller was a fake , but i couldnt message the buyer , private sale , the seller didnt get bk to me , and i didnt know at that time , things like this can be reported to ebay , truth is i saw 2 sell , so if u see a ibanez 7v for sale an laying on its belly showing no bolts thru the neck , thank the stars you read this , and didnt buy it .

20: i could theoretically keep going for hrs here , the tunomatic bridges on chinese gibson models i feel are a little indication of a fake , you couldnt tell by a specific design fake flaw , as they used many different styles of tunomatic bridges , with the intonation screws both facing top nut and stop tail on differing bridges . The one thing ive noticed is the angle difference on the chinese bridges does not match an original gibson , also the top E intonation saddle is screwed as far bk towards the stop tail as the tunomatic screw and stop will allow . Its little info i know , but itll make you look harder . Im sticking with discussing gibson fakes as have yet to see anything other than fender , gretsch , gibson and ibanez , seeing 2 ibanez fakes 1 gretsch and loads of cheapo badged as fender fakes , but so many gibson fakes its alarming me .

21: heres the worrying part , i have a photo list of maybe 200-400 fake guitars not yet entered the market  , but they do exist , and if you think so far you are struggling with the fakes , the ill show a few now that will make you open eyes and think . below are just 3 fakes of hundreds not yet seen on ebay

  this needs addressed on a huge scale , this fakes ahvnt even entered the western wrld as far as i know , but they are already made . so ther u have a fake prs a fake sax of unknown copy name << dosnt know sax's and a top range gibson fake , none of these have yet shown here , and guys there are potentially 1000s .
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