22k Solid Gold Stamped! Really?!

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Here goes!

This article is only intended for ebayers going for the "stamped" jewelry and getting it!

I produce jewels in India, and for certain I know that there is NOTHING like 22k jewelry on ebaY. How can you afford the goddamn making charges which leave so little profit margin? This happened only yesterday that a couple came to us to remould old gold jewelry claiming it to be 23k!! That's close to 95.83% of gold content! And it was bought from a close relative... Okay, so we melt this thing and a computerised report by the Bureau of Indian Standards says that purity is a little less! Only 76.6% Gold!

When buying gold, it is very easy to get f****d before u get kissed! To take a precaution, this is what you've got to do....

1. Ask if the jewelry has been certified by a standardising dept. of the country of origin.

2. Make a provision to the seller that if the computerised testing turns out to be dubious, the jewelry will be returned.

3. After the above, be prepared to pay a price much higher than that on Gold Bullion. Ebayers only want stuff at raw material's price! The seller is going to make you shell out for ebay charges, VAT, paypal charges, and profit all from that price. Only a smuggler would get gold at a price lesser than that on Gold Bullion. And he too, would be smart enough to  sell off the gold at market price, not getting into the trouble of making jewelry out of it!

Why this scam?

I know for sure that the customs people ask for complete paperwork (Gold Valuation Report by a govt. authorised valuer, Gold Purchase Certificate from your bank, etc.) But that's only once... They let go once you become routine, thus this scam.... There are still many who send jewelry to America of a lower purity, claiming it to be of a higher purity(But that's 20k/18k instead of 22k). And its gonna take a long time to know how much of this manipulated gold has made rounds in America.

These are the fake stamps which need to be checked:

1. 22c- The jewelry is 18k. Take my word for that!

2. 23c- Again, 18k.

3. 22k- Considerable, but still not a proof.

4. 22kGP- GP is going to be gold plated. Nothing else.

5. 24k- Heehee. Pure LOL if you've not purchased it! Durable jewelry cannot be made in 24k!

6. 916 You can still stamp 916 on an 18k/750 jewelry.


How to recognise?

22k will be reddish yellow and the gold cannot be mirror polished like 18k or 14k (the latter ones being hard enough to sustain a heavy polish) But despite this, it will have an unbeatable brilliance.

Diamonds cannot be set in 22k Jewelry prongs. It's probably something else.... 

There are many such characteristics which need to be considered before purchasing gold on ebaY. But, I hope this much is helpful enough!

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