24 season 1

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24 Is an action-packed thriller which was broadcast from 2001 to date, with the sixth season showing now. Season 1 was the first series which made 24 (Twenty-four) such a huge hit.

Season 1 starts from midnight and as the title suggests, last '24 hours', lasting 24 episodes, ending again at midnight the next day. Events in 24 occur in real time, but because it is shown on tv only last 40 minutes, because of TV advert breaks. But the breaks last 5 minutes, so the time in 24 also changes accordingly, as do events.

Kiefer Sutherland plays the role as 'Jack Bauer', the main character in 24, who we follow around. He appears in all the series of 24, as without him the show wouldnt be as it is today! He suits the part perfectly and is supported by other fantastic actors, including Elisha Cuthbert, who plays 'Kim Bauer', his daughter and Carlos Bernard, playing 'Tony Almeida', a fellow CTU agent

CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) is where Jack works in the first Series. Facing a crisis with the presidents life under threat, Jack must work out the perpetrators to the assassination attempts, as well as dealing with other crisis', including the kidnapping of his family along with the possibilty of an insider at CTU. As Jack says at the start of every episode, 'This is the longest day of my life'.

24 is a fantastic program and the first series got me hooked and i'm sure you will love it too.

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