25 Ways to De-Stress Right Now

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Written by itsalovelylifeblog
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How do I know when I'm stressed? I clench my jaw! Do you deal with stress on a consistent basis? If so, I'm sharing tips that will help you de-stress right now! 

Take A Walk 
 Take a quick walk around the block or around the building if you're at work. Walking helps to clear your head and boost endorphins, which reduces stress hormones.  

Just Breathe 
A few deep breathes will do your body - and your mind - good! Web MD says “Breathing exercises can help you relax, because they make your body feel like it does when you are already relaxed." 

Learn to breathe deeply and relax at the same time by learning healthy breathing techniques  or by practicing yoga. 

Visualise yourself in your happy place and you'll automatically relax!  Picture a peaceful scene, a future vacation, or your favourite beach spot or memory.  

Take A Time Out 
Grab a healthy snack and get away from the computer while you eat it.  

Back Away From The Computer 
Continuous computer use has been associated with stress, loss of sleep and even depression. Take frequent breaks - even if it's just to walk out to get the post or for a coffee break.
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Stop and Smell the Flowers

Make sure that you have a beautiful house plant or happy bouquet of flowers in your office. Research has shown  that simply being around plants can induce your relaxation response! 

Push On A Pressure Point 
I learned this trick from a friend:  apply pressure to the space between your second and third knuckle (the joints at the base of your pointer and middle fingers) - it will help to create a sense of instant calm, and it works!  

If you're like me and carry stress in your jaw and neck, try the Lion's Yawn - yawn as widely as possible, like you're roaring like a lion. It automatically helps get rid of pain. 

Turn Off Your Phone 
Silence your phone and stop checking it. Get out of the habit of checking in continuously. Your body (and family) will appreciate it! 

Listen To Some Tunes 
Put on your Beats by Dre and let the music soothe your soul. 

Treat Yourself 
Give yourself a small treat break by having a few pieces of your favourite chocolate or a sweet treat.
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Chew Gum 
It helps you work your jaw and keeps you occupied while doing stressful tasks. 

Find a funny viral video or watch or listen to your favourite comedienne.  Laughter is good for your soul and it's a great stress reliever. Hint: I keep a folder in my email of funny videos, stories, etc that I can peek at whenever I need a perk up! 

Relax, One Limb At A Time 
Practice progressive muscle relaxation - start with your toes and work your way up! First, tighten your foot muscles as much as you can hold for a couple of seconds, and then relax. Keep going up to your head. I also do this when I am having a hard time falling asleep. 

Go See A Friend 
Nothing makes us feel better than seeing someone who loves us and who "gets" us.  

Do Something You Love 
Set your alarm clock for 15 minutes and read a book or paint a picture. Whatever it is that you love to do, do it!
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Do Some Yoga  
Specifically poses that help to reduce stress, like the eagle pose. 

Let the Sunshine In 
No time for a walk or is the weather not cooperating? Open a window (or the blinds or curtains!)  and watch the world outside. Being in nature, or looking at it, will automatically calm you down. 

Pucker Up (Or Hug It Out!) 
Kissing is an automatic stress reducer according to research, but if your significant other isn't nearby, try a hug from a friend. Physical connection is important. 

Give Yourself A Timeout 
It doesn't have to be a long one, just turn everything off...including your brain. Try meditation or thinking positive thoughts. Simply resting your forehead on your arms for a minute or two works wonders. 

Take out your aggression on a punching bag or lace up your favourite trainers and hit the pavement to relieve some of that stress.
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Find a friend or call your spouse and let it all out! Sometimes just acknowledging and talking about what's ailing you is enough for you to move past it. 

Hang Out With Your Kids 
Sometimes all you need is time with your kids to feel better. Take them out for a special treat or watch a movie together. Snuggle them and tell them how much you love them. 

Play A Video Game 
I'm serious! According to researchers at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, playing nonviolent video games can decrease stress and improve your mood. Now's the time to ask the kids to teach you how to play Minecraft. 

Eat Right 
Eliminate caffeine, alcohol, and refined sugars and you'll feel better in just a couple of days. Replace them all with clean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats helps regulate your hormone levels (including stress hormones.) 

Get Up And Dance 
Shake your booty and feel better! Dance and sing and just let it go. Think about it, you're listening to music, exercising, and you're away from your phone and computer. That's five stress reducers in one! 

I have lots of tips to save you time, money and sanity. These   guides and  collections will make your life easier a little less stressful.
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