3 Fellas Who’ve Rocked The Trilby Hat

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A style essential, the trilby makes you look cool and effortless. Here are 3 chaps who truly embraced the trilby hat…
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Elvis Costello

Costello's classic look - Buddy Holly glasses, trilby hat and drainpipe trousers - is a key new wave style.

The British singer-songwriter, born in London in 1954 and who also has close ties to Birkenhead on Merseyside, released his first album, the acclaimed My Aim is True, in the late '70s with his backing band the Attractions.

Wander round London's hipster areas and you will find plenty of Costello wannabes in their geek-geek glasses and too-tight trousers, but only the man himself can really pull of the look with aplomb. What's more, Costello's sartorial style has never been empty or fluffy: his fashion sense is as important and valid as his music.

A master of reinvention, one of his most recent projects saw him collaborate with Questlove from the Roots. The result, Wise Up Ghost, is a dreamy-dreamy fusion of hip-hop and rock n roll. 

Key album: My Aim is True (1977)

Great lyric:  'Alison, I know this world is killing you. Oh, Alison, my aim is true.'

Photo credit: Andy Kropa/AP/Press Association Images
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Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is what you might call a hat person. Beanies, berets, Native American headdresses – he’s worn them all at some point.

Rumour has it Depp’s hat collection took up two rooms of the Paris apartment he shared with Vanessa Paradis, who got so fed up with them she made him throw them out.
Depp has long been a fan of both the trilby hat and the fedora (to the untrained eye, there’s little difference between the two, but the fedora has a wider brim), and has been wearing both since his early Hollywood days, back in the late '80s.
These days he regularly sports a trilby on the red carpet, with a brown trilby hat one of his preferred colours. Although while promoting the Rum Diaries, he was often seen in a straw trilby.
Key film: Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Great quote: 'I don't pretend to be captain weird. I just do what I do.'

Photo credit: John Shearer/Invision/AP, File
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Leonard Cohen

The legendary singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen is another hat man, who over a 50-year career has been seen sporting berets, slouch caps and cowboy hats, as well as the black trilby hat that most recently became his trademark.
Cohen buys his hats at Hollywood Hatters, Los Angeles’ leading hat store, which also supplies headwear to the likes of Justin Timberlake and Ne-Yo. The particular hats Cohen favours are called Melodrama or Blues. 
But you can source your own black trilby hat easily enough. There’s no need to pay a lot of money, either. Opt for a vintage trilby hat and you're good to go.

Key album: Songs of Love and Hate (1971)

Great lyric: 'You say you've gone away from me, but I can feel you when you breathe.' 

Photo credit: PA Wire
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